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This is chapter 4 (sorry if you read this as chapter 1 before I decided to make it chapter 4)


"Don't call me that"

"Who was that shameless hussy you were talking to?"

"I don't know, she just talked to me...I don't know her" Yuuri said as hewas running away from an angry Wolfram 'I wonder who she was but any way it's all her fault if I burn to death but I have to admit she was really pretty'

"Oh really now? I don't believe you, you cheater" was all Wolfram could say after noticing that Yuuri was deep in thought "Who are you thinking of now?"

"Myself" cried Yuuri

"Oh your majesty who was that girl outside in the garden?" asked Günter

"I don't know" said Yuuri impatiently while searching for a place to hide

"Oh your majesty!" said the stranger "Why did you run away from me?"

All Yuuri could do was at her with a horrified look in his face

"Because he is my fiancé" bragged Wolfram with a whole lot of pride n his face "And who are you supposed to be?"

"Oh I forgot my manners. I am Teresa Fielder, daughter of Markus Fielder, the town's best blacksmith. I was permitted to enter because I will work here as a maid for his majesty. And you are?"

As she said those last three words and you are Wolfram's eyes seemed like they were shoooting daggers at her then answered with pride "I am Wolfram von Bielefeld, third son of the previous maou and the fiancé of this wimp"

"Well from what I can see and from rumors i've heard...you're just a sefish brat who does nothing else but follow King Yuuri" said Teresa

"Teresa! What happenend to yor manners? Pardon her manners King Yuuri, Lord Wolfram, and Lord Günter."

"Who is she, Doria? asked Conrart

"Oh Lord Weller. This is Teresa Fielder, the daughter of a famous blacksmith in town. She went here to work for your mother...umm...please excuse us" said Doria

"But she said..." said Yuuri but before he could finish Wolfram grabbed him by his ear draging him inside th castle while saying "wimp"

Well that's chapter 4

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