The Intendant

The Intendant


„Welcome to Deep Space Nine, Commander."

Chief of Security Odo spoke flatly, unsure of what exactly to feel for the new Commander. He had been preparing himself for this encounter ever since Gul Dukat had left his office after receiving his last report. Before that, he had been much too busy with all the preparations of the Cardassian troops that were abandoning the station. Crime came by easily in such situations, and he had been determined not to let anything bypass him. His strong sense of justice was the only inheritance his species had left him…whoever they were, he was certain they were very just people.

Odo looked humanoid at the moment. As humanoid as he could've, to be precise, because his shape-shifting abilities had never been able to master a proper face. He could cease to be humanoid any second, though, transforming into a bird, a dog, a rat, a bucket, anything surrounding him. This was a gift, any objective eye would have grasped that right away. However, sometimes, Odo bore it like a curse. Each and every time he used it, each and every time he changed shape, images of his past would come to him, images of himself being used as a circus attraction in a laboratory, taking 'change requests'.

One thing that mostly not disturbed, but annoyed him, was the fact he was going to have to, doubtless after a long, surprised, shocked look from Commander Sisko, explain the story of his past, his heritage, how he had been found floating in the Denorios Belt, in his liquid state, and how he'd lived in a laboratory until choosing to move to Terok Nor…this station back then. He had not had any function until Gul Dukat had chosen to employ him as his Chief of Security.

Then Sisko would most certainly ask how could he have collaborated, working for Cardassians. Odo would shoot back readily that he was merely ensuring that Bajorans got at least some justice. The last line was true, on the one hand. They had gotten justice, but Cardassian justice. Sometimes, sometimes only, Odo would have managed to persuade the Prefect into softening the charges, or at least giving Odo a chance to investigate further. However, each and every solved case resulted with the death of at least one Bajoran.

It was possible that Commander Sisko knew of him, however. He sincerely hoped for that.

Seven years ago, just as he had come to Terok Nor, the Federation had decided to enter negotiations with Cardassia concerning Bajor. Naturally, the Cardassians had not been willing to retreat, so they had reached a compromise. Starfleet sent an official to the station, with the rank of Intendant, whose fucntion was to make sure the Bajorans were treated justly. The Intendant was second in command on the station, but only had any power at all on the station. The Cardassians would never have agreed to giving anything more to a human. They had been reluctant as it had been.

Isabel Kellis had been an…interesting Intendant, to say the least.

Odo had never had enthusiastic leanings towards that idea. He was certain that the Bajorans would be treated just the same way as before, that in spite of the Intendant's efforts, the Cardassians were not going to change a thing. In his eyes, he had helped much more than this Intendant was going to be able to.

However, there were still things that could surprise him.

Nothing had changed, alright. But Isabel Kellis had not attempted to change it either.

She had appeared more interested in mantaining good relations with Cardassia than in helping the Bajorans. She was quite responsible for his attittude towards the Federation…he considered it highly hippocrytical. When their envoy had taken more pleasure in dining with Cardassians than easing the sufferings of the Bajoran workers--

But just as he had, as unwilling as he was to admit it, grown to somewhat like Gul Dukat during his years here, he'd also developed a slight affection for the Intendant. So he found now that he really could not blame her for he attitude. Especially when he knew WHY.

The two were, when you gave it a better look, quite simillar. Both had that touch of arrogance, superiority…they gave commands with ease…Only the Intendant was much more impulsive. Or at least had been, by his memory.

There was another simillarity-both of them had entrusted Odo with a secret.

And as he stared into the eyes of Commander Sisko, the back of the Constable's mind unconsciously sank into the recallings of Isabel Kellis…and her painful enigma.