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"The Lambs"

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, et all are property of JK Rowling, and Bloomsbury, and Warner Bros and all those other nifty people that make it so we can read and watch the Potterverse whenever we feel like it.

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Summary: FG/HP A society of werewolves hasn't got a lot to be afraid of, expect perhaps The Lambs, a collection of elemental-magic-wielding werewolf hunters. If that wasn't important enough to worry about, the werewolf Alpha, Fenrir, has to figure out how to kidnap the Lambs' Heir, Harry. Harry just happens to be Fenrir's mate, who doesn't believe in the existence of werewolves, because his parents decided 'if he didn't know about it, it can't kidnap and mate with him'. AU non-magic.

Warnings: Slash. FG/HP AU. Character Death. Violence. Language. Werewolf. Non-magic.

Rating: R/NC-17 SLASH!!

A/N: This is my first Fenrir fiction, unless you count Wolf Cubs, so I hope I'll do a good job. There are three main branches of society in my world. Humans, who are normal, run of the mill; Elemental Mages (Dark or Light) that have magic bred into them. Occasionally a Human will develop the power to control the elements (like a Muggleborn). Then there are the Werewolves, either born from a wolf, or turned by one. They could have been Human when they turned, or an Elemental. Veelas, Vampires, and such exist as well, but there aren't enough of them to be powerful. Just to clear that up.


Words: 3,790

Chapter 1

In The Beginning

There are only three types of beings with any power in this world. The humans rule by numbers. There are more humans on this planet than any other creature. Then there are the Elementals. It was said, that many years ago, Elementals used to be Witches that they were able to wield wands and cast charms and spell, but it is not so today. Elementals are a bred race. If your mother is an Elemental you are sure to be, the same as if your father was an Elemental. However if an Elemental male and a human female were to procreate, the likely result is that any boy of the union would be human.

The Elementals are able to wield and focus the natural magic of the planet, the magic of the water and fire, air, earth and lightening, and rarely the power of darkness and moonlight. There were a few who could even channel all the elements at once, and convert that power into the power to heal. Healers were rare, and revered. While there are Veela, and Vampires, they are not plentiful so they have no real power behind their names. However, the Werewolves were once like them.

Many years ago, an Elemental named Tom Marvolo Riddle was born from a union between an Elemental female who died during the birthing process her human rapist. He was an Elemental, strong and powerful. He may ever have been stronger than the Royal Elemental. The Royals are the family who reign over all of the others. During Tom's lifetime, it was a man named Albus Dumbledore. Albus could have no children, so he adopted a young man named Alfred Potter. Alfred was the son of two Pureblooded Elementals who had died young. Alfred went on to become Dumbledore's successor.

Tom grew up quickly, like most bitter and cynical children did. And as he grew he came to realize how truly powerful he was. He gathered followers; his followers split the Elementals into groups of Light and Dark. The Dark followed Tom's ideals, while the Lights opposed him and paid him no mind. It wasn't until the Alpha Werewolf at that point got hold of Tom.

His followers searched for him, but when they found him, he was no longer the Tom Riddle they knew. Now, he was Lord Voldemort, and he was the Alpha of the largest Werewolf pack in the land. Many of his followers feared him now, and some turned back to the Light, but none of this deterred Voldemort. He blamed his father for his fate. If his father had not raped his mother, his mother would not have died and left him with Dumbledore. He would not have been turned into a creature. He did not take into account the slight fact that if his mother were not raped, he would not have existed. But, rage is never logical.

And so, Lord Voldemort went on a rampage, and he killed many and he was feared.

Until Albus Dumbledore rose against him, and sacrificing his own life for the greater good, Albus defeated that evil Werewolf, Lord Voldemort. No one chose to remember that Tom Riddle had been an Elemental long before Voldemort became a Werewolf.

Alfred Potter took the throne, and he had a son, who had a son, who had a son, and so forth. Until eventually James Potter was born. James had a son as well, but we'll get to that in a moment.

After the defeat of Voldemort, many of his followers were killed, but there were some, like Amantis Malfoy who claimed to have been forced to do what he did for fear that his young son would be bitten. It was too late for the Lestranges, for they had already been turned. Everyone knew that the Prince family were filled with spies, so no one questioned their involvement, but it was another matter for the Parkinson family. They were cursed, and banished for their involvement in the war. Any boy of their name would be cast out from the Elemental society and forced to live as a human, any girl, however, could be left in the care of another Elemental family. Such was the case with Pansy.

In the aftermath, Alfred set up The Lambs. He had smirked as he explained its purpose. The Lambs would rise up against the Wolves and defeat them; they would wipe them entirely out of existence and protect the humans. Humans were important, despite their weaknesses, for every few years or so a handful of humans discovered the power to control the elements and that provided fresh breeding genes for their society.

The Lambs still exist as James Potter descended the throne. With his wife, Lily by his side, they held their only son up to be crowned. Harry Potter was a miracle, but I'll get to that in one moment.

As mentioned before, if the mother was a human it is likely that any boy would be human also. This happened to Molly Prewitt, who was a human married to Elemental Arthur Weasley. They had seven children in total, though they only told people they had six. The first, second, fourth, fifth and seventh children had been magical, though only the seventh was female. The third and sixth children, Percy and Ron, were human though their parents were not ashamed of them. It was the second child, Charlie, who was an utter embarrassment to their name. One day, they had woken up to the sobbing and screaming of their second son, and when they had rushed to check on him, that night during the full moon, he was writhing and shaking in his bed, changing right in front of them. He became a Werewolf. He was immediately cast from their home.

Everyone lived inside of a large wall. The wall enclosed all of their homes, most of which were modest but some, like the Malfoys were rather large and excessive. On a small hill, at the very heart of their village, was the Royal Palace where the Potters lived with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. There were towns outside of the wall of course, but one had to travel through a forest filled with werewolves to get there. Most people drove, and as it was a dangerous journey, many people chose to wait a few days before returning.

Remus Lupin was the only werewolf allowed to live among them. He had been a friend of James' since they were four, and his parents had been found murdered just outside of the wall. They had all been human, and Remus was the only one to survive. His parents had travelled to the wall, because their son had developed Elemental powers. A werewolf had also bitten him, but Henry Potter tried to keep that hidden as long as possible. Instead, they told people Remus had been bitten when he was twelve, protecting James. It endeared people to him more.

Sirius had been born from human parents as well. All of the Black family were human, but they were rich and influential for humans. He had three female cousins. While Sirius became an Elemental, Bellatrix was bitten and turned by Rudolphus Lestrange who she then mated to. Narcissa bore a son for Lucius Malfoy, who fortunately was an Elemental as well, though she chose to live among humans. Andromeda married another human and had a daughter named Nymphandora. Draco had never met her, though his mother did come to visit on occasion.

James was also friends with Peter Pettigrew. His father had been a Werewolf, but fortunately his mother had been an Elemental, and he had escaped the wolf gene. Pansy Parkinson lived with Lucius and Draco Malfoy, under their care as per the conditions of the Parkinson curse. She was a good girl though, and Lucius was considering engaging her to Draco when they came of age. But that is a long time from now.

Lily Potter had once been an Evans, and while her parents were dead she still had a living human sister. Her sister's name was Petunia and Petunia hated anything to do with magic out of pure jealousy. Petunia married a man named Vernon and, one month ago, gave birth to a son, Dudley. None of them were magical.

Harry Potter was being introduced to the world. It was James' coronation, as Henry, his father, had recently passed away. Lily held their son tightly to her chest and prayed for a good result. This was the time when all first-born Heirs were tested. When their father ascended to head of their family, they must be magical.

An elderly man approached the stage, he climbed up the steps and stopped beside the throne in which Lily sat. He took Harry from his mother's arms and carried the year old babe to a table that was standing centre stage. He lay Harry down and pulled back the blanket that covered him.

Harry was naked underneath, and the elderly man checked each of Harry's hands and feet first. "No deformities," he called and Lily rolled her eyes. After a year with the child wouldn't it be obvious if Harry were missing fingers or toes?

The crowd cheered lightly, as Sirius and Remus whooped with joy as their godson was examined. The elderly man runs his fingers over the boys face and head, his own eyes sliding shut. With a nod he raised his hands to the sky and curled his fingers inwards. Clouds gathered above his head and the rain began to pour, but it fell only on the child. When the rain stopped, Harry was soaked to the bone, but he did not shiver. Instead Harry giggled lightly, and waved his arms above his head copying the older male. The clouds come back, but instead of rain, lightening flashes above their heads. Once bolt fell suddenly, and struck Harry dead on the forehead. The boy stopped moving, and the clouds dispersed.

"He is Elemental." The old man said softly. Lily ran forward, disregarding the rules of the ceremony and picked her child up. She shook him gently in her arms until he stirred. As an Elemental, their element had no power to harm them, but he had still been struck by lightening and she was his mother. She had a right to worry. Harry wailed as he opened his eyes and Lily ran her fingers over the cut on his forehead. She closed her eyes, willing the power of the earth to flow up through her feet and into her fingers. With a smile, she opened her eyes in time to watch the skin knit itself up, closing the wound and leaving only a lightening bolt shaped scar. She lay him back down on the table.

Harry continued to wail. As he cried thunder rumbled and the light began to fade. Out of nowhere the moon appeared, bright and full and it blotted out the sun. Those who were gathered to watch the ceremony screamed as rain began to pelt them, followed by hailstones. It was pitch black and while they ran around screaming, the elderly man only laughed. "Oh, he is powerful," he cried to the full moon, "he will do great things."

The darkness began to seep away as the full moon began to set, allowing the sun to continue to shine. Those who had been screaming stopped and looked up in shock at their future ruler. They all laughed and smiled and thanked the gods that this boy was on their side and not the Werewolves.

The elderly man frowned when Harry rolled onto his stomach. The boy kicked his legs and flung his arms forward, trying to raise his body up. Finally, he was on his hands and knees and he began to crawl, but the old man's hands on Harry's narrow hips didn't allow the year-old-boy to get far.

"No," he whispered. Lily and James were at his side in a heartbeat.

"Aberforth," they said quietly together. "What is the matter?" James added.

Everyone surged forward, needing to know what was the matter with their Heir. They all held their breath, Sirius and Remus were as worried as the boy's parents were. Harry was their future, he needed to have magic and he needed to be healthy because Lily was unable to have more children. If Harry could not ascend the throne, James would have to remarry, or Draco Malfoy would have to be Heir. The Malfoy family had been a member of The Lambs since the day it was set up.

Lucius squeezed his wife's hand, while it was an honour to be in charge of them all, neither particularly wanted their son to be pitted against Fenrir Greyback. He was the Alpha now, and he was almost more vicious than Lord Voldemort had been. He was their only child as well, and Narcissa could have no other. Lucius and Narcissa were not in love, nor did they live together. But she was beautiful and Lucius had fallen for her at a human party he attended a few years ago. They had met, and they had continued to meet and attend to each other's needs. Until Narcissa had informed him of her pregnancy, and Lucius had informed her that he would be taking the boy. Since Draco turned out to be magical, and Narcissa was not, she had agreed. She had attended the gathering, because she knew what Harry's failure would mean for Draco.

Aberforth ran his fingers over the marking. On the back of Harry's neck, hidden until Harry had rolled over was a birthmark. But it was unlike any other birthmark he had seen. He had only heard about these types. They were mate marks. Only those destined to mate with a creature had them, and it seemed Harry was one of those.

It was not so much that Harry had a destined mate, but more, who or what that mate was. For on the back of Harry's neck there was a full moon, it was a milky white, paler than Harry's own skin, and in the centre of the moon there was a cream letter 'F'. It was almost impossible to see, and if Harry's parents had been the one to notice it they would have brushed it off as an ordinary round birthmark. But Aberforth noticed the 'F' and he knew it was his duty to inform them what it meant.

He leant in close to the elder Potters and whispered, "He is the destined mate of a Werewolf who name begins with 'F'." The word 'werewolf' was he end of the sentence as far as James was concerned.

He threw himself from the stage, straight at Remus. "You bastard!" He screamed and punched Remus in the face. Sirius tried to pry his king off of their friend, but James kicked out and him and continued to howl at Remus, all the while smashing his head off the floor. "I'll kill you, you traitor! You fucking bastard how dare you?" He stood, and fisted his hand into Remus' hair.

James pulled Remus through the crowd by his hair and to the nearest door in the wall. He opened the door and threw Remus out. "How dare you. I know you had something to do with it. You're the only Werewolf here, and somehow Harry ends up mated to a Werewolf." He screamed, face red. Remus flinched back from his friend, utterly devastated by James' attack. His face was swollen and his lips and nose were bleeding. "Well, you can tell Werewolf 'F' that he won't be coming anywhere near my son!" And James slammed the door on his one time friend. Sirius was behind him, a hand fell to James' shoulder and the black haired king threw himself to the ground and cried.

Upon the stage still, Lily had taken Harry into her arms and was crying softly against his neck. Aberforth frowned sadly. He had nothing particular against Werewolves. Were it not for those like Voldemort and Greyback, they would have been just like humans in most people's opinions. But not everyone could live peacefully side-by-side.

"Harry is the crown Prince," Aberforth called and a few people muttered in protest. "A mating is no reason to de-crown the Prince. He may never meet the Werewolf." The old man tried to reason.

"He won't." James said softly as he came to stand beside his wife. "He will never be told of The Lambs, nor will he learn of Werewolves. When he is 21, and past the age of mating, he will learn the truth. In the meantime, he will be prepared to succeed the throne from every other matter of consideration. But no Werewolves!" Everyone gave a small bow as James finished speaking. He grabbed Harry off of Lily and wrapped the giggling boy back into his blanket. "It's for your own good, kiddo." He whispered.

There was only a limited time period for a creature to bond to their mate. If the mate were beyond the age of 21 their magic would be too mature to accept the creature's magic attempting to meld with it. It would reject the connecting magic that results from a bonding of body and soul, and it would therefore reject the creature. If they could keep Harry safe till he was 21 then everything would be ok. After all, if Harry didn't know about Werewolves, he couldn't mate with one could he?


Outside the wall, a lone man stood hidden by the shadows. It was all he could do not to howl as the full moon came out and he was bathed with darkness and rain. He fought the change; it was not a true moon so he was not compelled to turn into his wolf form. He heard shouting and screaming come from within the wall, but he could not get inside, nor touch the wall. He had attempted to climb up over it, just to have a peak at his future mate but his hands had sizzled and burned when he even got close to the wall. He did not want to risk actually touching it.

The door beside him had opened and a figure was thrown forward, outside, beyond the wall. The man watched in silence, unseen even though the sun had come out once more.

"How dare you. I know you had something to do with it. You're the only Werewolf here, and somehow Harry ends up mated to a Werewolf." A man screamed. The person on the floor flinched back. His face was swollen and his lips and nose were bleeding. "Well, you can tell Werewolf 'F' that he won't be coming anywhere near my son!" The standing man continued to scream before he slammed the door.

He was hungry, he was very hungry, but as he stepped out of the darkness the man on the floor spoke, "Fenrir Greyback, what are you doing here?"

Fenrir growled, the man before him was a fellow wolf. He was not on the menu. Fenrir sniffed. "Lupin?" He asked, only partly sure. Remus had not been in wolf circles ever. Fenrir had only heard of him because he was the only wolf to ever live within the wall. Even those whose families were in there were thrown out if they were bitten. "What did you do?" Fenrir smirked, his eyes were fixed on the door though, begging it to open and let him try and see his mate.

"You'll never get him. James will never let you." Remus whispered. They listened, silently, as James announced his plan. It was fuzzy, the magic surrounding the wall attempting to stop intruders listening in, but Werewolves had brilliant hearing, and Remus was still keyed to the wards. He knew better than to return uninvited though. Remus heard everything; Fenrir only heard the part about keeping them apart until Harry was past mating age.

"He wouldn't dare." The Alpha growled. His hair was silver and it hung down to his shoulders, loose and untamed. He was tall and thin, with muscled arms and legs. He wore a pair of jeans cut off at the knees and stained with blood. Shirtless he narrowed his eyes at Remus' robes. "You'll never fit in dressed like that."

"What?" The amber-eyed man frowned in confusion.

Fenrir's silver eyes glittered in amusement. "I'm hardly going to leave the godfather of my mate out here to starve to death alone. You'll return to the pack with me, and when I have Harry, you can tell him how good I've been to you, and how he should mate with me."

"And why should I do that?" Remus stood, accepting the hand Fenrir held out to him.

He didn't seem as bad as everyone said he was. He seemed fairly kind enough, sure he was probably a murderous monster on the full moon, but most of them were. "Because he is mine, just as I am his." Fenrir smirked, "and he won't find anyone better than me inside of those walls." Remus snorted, they got the part about him being arrogant right though.

They left together, walking back into the forest that was right outside the right side of the wall. Remus looked back twice, hoping that the door was open and James was calling him back inside. But both times he looked, the door was closed and James was nowhere in sight.

Apparently he really had been left out in the cold. He was sad, he would never see Harry grow, and he was disappointed that James could be so quick to jump to conclusions, and his face hurt and he felt betrayed that Sirius had not spoken up in his defence. He was also very confused as to why Peter had smirked so widely as he had been dragged through the crowd. But as they approached the pack of werewolves, one of the many packs Remus had helped to hunt down and eliminate, those thoughts left his head. Now, he was terrified, because he had no idea how he was supposed to survive this.

"Bellatrix," A woman with long black hair, who looked a bit like Narcissa Malfoy, came forward. "This is my beta, Bellatrix Lestrange. You, Remus Lupin, are to be my other Beta. I trust you will not make me disappoint my mate?" Remus knew that was a threat against his life. So he nodded.

As Harry was tucked into his crib, three guards standing in various positions throughout the room, Remus lay down on the floor and curled up. Both of their lives would be forever changed, but both would survive it.


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