The Story so far.
Sam fell through the floor of an old house and broke his back. He and Dean are devastated that neither the Doctors nor their Supernatural links can help him walk again.
With the help of several OC's they manage to muddle through the chaos of their lives, surviving possession, The Trickster, Mobsters and rehab. Now they find that Dean's DNA has held the link all along. Only thing is, they need a human donor to extract it from...Dean's now embarking on fatherhood with the ever willing Bonnie. When is life ever that simple though?
Now, as Bonnie is snatched by a shapeshifter, Dean lies bleeding in Sam's arms...gasp!


Brooke let Sam lie back on her. He was exhausted and still covered in his brother's dried blood. They were sat on a sofa awaiting news of Dean. Sam had been silent since she had gotten there and she didn't want to try to find out what had happened. With Dean anything was possible and she didn't want to push the matter.
Bonnie had also refused comfort and sat silently opposite them. She had gotten up a few times, going to the restroom or to get coffee. She was also waiting anxiously but was remarkably impassive.

Brooke watched her silently as she caught her glance at the wall clock again. Bobby and Han were talking to the police about what had happened as Sam didn't feel up to it. They had been there for hours and they were all tired and desperate for news.

"I'm going for a walk." Bonnie announced without waiting for an answer. She wandered aimlessly off down the corridor. Brooke would have made a move to follow but Sam was resting heavily against her shoulder and she didn't have the heart to move him.
"Does she seem a little weird to you?" She asked him quietly.

Sam huffed, "The father of her baby just got stabbed, how d'ya want her to act?"

She frowned down at him unperturbed by his harsh tone, what did she expect? "It's not just that...when I got your call"


"We were sleeping, I thought I'd keep her company...I woke up to answer the call and she was..."

"What?" he asked again.

She was embarassed. "She was...touching me"

Sam had to laugh slightly. "She probably thought you were Dean."

"Believe me, if she touches him like that...she doesn't know much about the human anatomy"

Sam shrugged. "No one knows what she's going to do next, this has been hard on her"

"I suppose." Brooke considered the amount of meds that were pumping through Bonnie's system that could explain her erratic behaviour but this was something new and she couldn't shake the feeling she had.

A Doctor they knew vaguely came towards them and Brooke pushed Sam into a sitting position. He'd been hit hard by what had happened. He'd been panic stricken and not being able to go in the ambulance with Dean hadn't helped. In the end Bobby had gone with him and Han had managed to get them a lift with one of the bar staff from the place where they'd been drinking.

"How is he?" Sam asked without waiting for introductions.

"Looking at his file I have to say, he's a very lucky young man. He's not vulnerable to much but internal injuries. He's lost a lot of blood and a sizeable chunk of liver but he'll pull through"

Sam sighed in relief as Bonnie came back. "He's going to be fine." He told her with a smile. Her face looked oddly blank, he guessed it was shock. He'd have to make sure she took care of herself.

The surgeon continued. "We're going to keep him in an induced coma for a while, his body will do the rest"

"Can we see him?" Brooke asked.

He considered this for a second. "Ok, but only one of you"

Brooke looked at Sam. His jaw clenched slightly. "Bonnie, you should go." He conceded. Bonnie said nothing but smiled slightly as the Doctor led her away by the arm.

Brooke frowned again, she was sure there was something wrong and couldn't put her finger on it. Sam slumped back onto her and she wrapped her arm around his shoulders kissing the top of his head. "See?" She said distractedly. "This is Dean...nothing to worry about."


Bonnie had all but given up trying to release her wrists. She was shivering badly now with the cold and her hands had swollen up. She was glad in a way because it numbed her from anything else. She also knew it wouldn't do her blood pressure any good and tried to keep herself awake by singing some of her favourite tunes. It had been hours, or at least it felt like it.

Why hadn't anyone realised she was missing? The guys must be back from their night out. What about Brooke? Someone must know that she was gone, surely. She tried not to get any more anxious, concentrating instead on listening to her body.
She was thirsty and her stomach growled causing it to clench uncomfortably. She pulled her knees up to her chest to try to relieve the ache. She tried to focus on the tiny cluster of cells inside her and slapped herself mentally.

The longer she waited, the more that the doubt crept in. She knew that she'd been acting strangely but did that mean that they wouldn't know that she'd been body snatched? Oh God, she thought, they probably didn't realize. She cursed her hormones, if she hadn't been acting so out of character lately they would have noticed by now. She closed her eyes and tried to think of her happy place, pretty much anywhere Dean was.

As she heard the scratching of tiny rodent paws across the concrete floor, she tried to keep the fear at bay.


"It can look scary with all the monitors and the tubes, but he's not in any pain"

Bonnie looked at the Doctor. "Can he hear me?"

The Doctor shrugged with a smile. "Some people think so. Sure, why not? It could comfort him to hear the sound of your voice."

"Can I have a moment alone with him?"

He nodded at the nurse. "Ok, not too long though"

She smiled at them both as they left the room closing the door behind them. She went to it and turned the lock, pausing for a second.

The shapeshifter turned slowly to contemplate the sleeping form in the bed in front of her. She thought she'd struck gold tracking him down to Baltimore but finding him lying helpless like this was a dream come true.

She moved slowly towards the bed, her heart thumping wildly. Greed was what shifters were all about, but whilst some of her kind sought money, power or pain, her goal was the pursuit of beauty. She looked down at him breathing quietly and watched the rise and fall of his chest. The body she was in felt good, but there was something missing. She rested a light hand on her abdomen and felt the empty pit inside her. She could take Bonnie's face but she couldn't have it all. Well, that was a problem she would soon resolve.

She extended her hand and touched a finger to his face. "I've waited a long time for this Dean."
She traced the outline of his jaw and let the finger travel slowly down his neck and along his chest. She paused a second to lay a hand on his heart, she could feel the strength of him beneath her palm and it resounded through her own veins.
Bending down she brought her face to his, contemplating the soft plumpness of his lips. Closing her eyes she moved her mouth over his and it felt better than she could have imagined. She almost felt sorry he was unresponsive, she would have loved to have felt his arms around her.
After a second she straightened and continued her silent exploration of his body. Her breath caught as her hand reached the sheet.

"Your brother's a thing of legend, let's see how you match up shall we?" She gently lifted the sheet and pulled it back. Damn scrubs!
Using both hands now she reached over and started to undo the cord on the baggy blue scrubs. She watched his face half expecting him to wake up, then smiled when she realised anew that he was her slave. She had never felt so aroused in her life as she gently unknotted the cord and leaned closer to have a look.

"Bullseye." She smiled at Dean's impassive face.


Brooke sat stroking Sam's hair, she could feel the muscles in his shoulders relax and tried to remember that he hadn't taken his medication. He would need it soon, but she didn't want to disturb him.

Her thoughts travelled from his shaking limbs back to Bonnie and the secret of her illness. After all this, they were still going to have to break the news to Sam and Dean that she had a heart condition. She couldn't bear to think about it but knew that it would become obvious soon enough, she was already looking ill enough for it to be obvious to Ling, it wouldn't be long.

She frowned to herself. Something suddenly clicked in her mind as she replayed the events of the evening. "Sam? When you're possessed, it cures you right? Like when you could walk?" She said trying to sound casual.

"I guess. Why"

"How do you know if someone's possessed?"

"You don't, demons are good at hiding it. What's this about?"

Brooke didn't answer as she shot out of her seat letting Sam drop back onto the couch.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"Dean's in trouble." She answered as she jogged down the corridor towards where the Doctor had led Bonnie.

It was the early hours of morning and there were few people working. The corridor was deserted as she ran down it checking doors. She had no idea which one Dean was in. She threw three open, not bothering to close them when she didn't see Bonnie. If she was wrong about this she'd look a fool but she didn't care, the risk was too great.

She finally got to a door that was locked. She stopped in her tracks and glanced through the small wire latticed window above the knob. Oh God!
Brooke glanced back but Sam hadn't followed. It would take him time to get to her. "Sam!" She half shouted, and half whispered. She took a step back and threw her shoulder into the door. It wouldn't give and now Bonnie knew she was onto her.

She didn't have time to lose. The corridor was still deserted as Brooke looked around her. She ran down the hall and dislodged a fire extinguisher from it's post. Running back she took it in two hands as Sam rounded the corner.

"What the hell?" He said to her.

She ignored him as she threw the heavy metal object onto the door handle. The sound was deafening but she didn't flinch, all that mattered was making sure Dean was safe. Sam came to a halt, he couldn't see in the window but trusted she knew what she was doing. "Go in at a forty five degree angle, it'll take the screws off at the source." he told her.
She did as he said and felt the door give. She hit the lock this time and the door flew open.

Bonnie was straddling Dean on the bed with her skirt hitched up, she paused mid stride and turned to them with fire in her eyes.


Dean awoke in confusion. He held a hand to his head trying to shake some life into it. He didn't remember anything that had happened. He sat up and tried to think of the last memory he had. He remembered fighting. He was in a bar and Sam was there...he could recall laughing and feeling on top of the world and then everything went blank.

He looked around him, everything was dark and he squinted his eyes trying to make out shapes in the shadows. He stood slowly and his ears pricked up when he heard a sound. He shuddered...rats. Someone had gotten the drop on him and he felt angry that he had allowed it to happen. He wasn't tied up, but he was sure he was underground somewhere, he sniffed and caught the unmistakeable scent of a sewer. Oh, this can't be good, he thought to himself.

He put a hand out in front of him and tried to feel for something. His hand found a damp wall and he edged slowly forward feeling his way along it. He paused when he heard another sound. It was coming from up ahead. Every muscle in his body tensed as he concentrated his mind on that one sound. He frowned as he realized it was someone wheezing. He wasn't alone.

He carried on going trying to ignore the sloshing sound his bare feet made in the rank water. Whoever had taken him had also gotten most of his clothes which pissed him off even more. He longed for his zippo and hated the feeling of being blind. He used his sense of touch to guide his way. His hand came to something alien to the environment and he flinched. Calming himself, he let his hand wander back to it. It was soft and gelatanous, he already had a sense of what it may be but raised his fingers to his nose to confirm his suspicions.

He exhaled. Goddamn shifters. When were they ever going to leave him alone?

Dean was all business, he could hear the noise again. There was a sound of pain followed by more wheezing. It sounded like the shifter could be there. If Dean caught it mid change, he may be able to take it down. He'd worry about finding something silver later, it wasn't like he had much choice. With fresh resolve, he moved forward quickly trying to limit his movements and keep the water underfoot as still as possible. After a few seconds he could make out a dim light and he tensed, moving towards it slowly, sticking to the shadows. Dean had expected to see a lot that might sicken him but the reality was much worse.

"Bonnie!" He shouted as he ran towards her. She didn't respond and he barely dare touch her. She was in a bad way and he couldn't understand what had happened. The Shifter had somehow managed to get both of them?

"Bonnie? It's me." She still didn't respond, her breath coming in sharp rasps.
Dean looked at her in fear, her lips had a blue tint to them and her eyes were drooping. He raised a hand to her and watched in horror as it passed straight through her. Dean's eyes widened as he turned his palm over to examine it. His mind was racing as he tried to take all this in.

Bonnie was ebbing away in front of his eyes, he couldn't remember anything and now it looked like he was dead.

Holy shit! This was one hell of a hangover!


Sam quickly made his way to the bed and twisted round to Brooke who instinctively threw him the fire extinguisher. He grabbed it and hit Bonnie with full force, knocking her off his brother.

She fell to the floor on the opposite side of the bed and he paused. "Close the door, and try to find something silver!" He yelled over his shoulder. Brooke didn't argue, she knew there was no time. She tried to close the broken door but only managed to wedge it in place.

She looked around the room, there were medical instruments, none of which were sharp and all were stainless steel. "There isn't anything"

Sam ignored her as he wheeled round to the other side of the bed. The Shifter was lying in a heap on the floor. As he raised the extinguisher above his head she opened her eyes and flew at him. The force of it knocked him to the ground and he struggled to keep a hold of her.

Brooke grabbed Bonnie by the neck and tried to wrench her free of Sam. She managed it but now he was left on the floor unable to help her without a weapon.
"Brooke, let go! She's too strong"

Brooke found that out for herself when she took an elbow to the gut and the Shifter broke free. She took another hit to the face and was knocked to the ground with a thud. The Shifter cast Dean one last mournful look and made a run for it.

Brooke took a second to catch her breath. "What the hell was that? Is that a demon?"

"No, a time to explain. We have to find it before it changes again" Sam grunted as he tried to extricate himself from the upturned chair.

Brooke came to her senses and got up. Sam was lying on his back with his limbs tangled in the metal. She went to help him up which was no small effort.

"Is Dean ok?" He asked as she got him righted.

She moved to the bed and checked the equipment. She averted her gaze as she readjusted his pants and pulled the sheet back over him. "His catheter's seen better days but he's ok...Christ, even asleep they can't help themselves!"

"Yeah, story of my life...we need to find Bobby, quickly. You stay with Dean and I'll go see if I can find this thing."

She blocked his exit. "No way. You're not going alone. We find Bobby then you go hunting."

"I'm not arguining with you." He shunted her.

She grabbed his wheels in both hands and stared into his eyes. "And what's to stop it from becoming you huh? C'mon, I saw that with my own eyes. Think Sam"
He took a breath, she was right. They couldn't afford to get separated or they'd be dust, besides that was only half the battle, once she realized the rest then they were all done for.


Dean tried to catch his breath and calm down. As always, he forgot his own predicament as he watched someone close to him in trouble.
He looked behind Bonnie and saw her tied and bloody wrists. He felt an anger build in him and knew he could use it. He'd had his fair share of out of body experiences and whilst he knew he could channel the anger he wasn't strong enough to free her.

He looked back at her face, it was grey and she was fighting for breath. What was wrong with her? This wasn't a panic attack, he'd seen those before, this was something more. Her lids were heavy and she was losing consciousness.
He had to do something. "Bonnie? Can you hear me? C'mon...don't fall asleep, you have to breathe."

It was no good, she couldn't hear him and he felt powerless as he watched the fight leave her. He closed his eyes and tried to focus his mind. He felt the anger in the pit of his stomach grow like a fireball. It spread in his belly and travelled through his chest, before he knew what was happening his arm shot out and his palm made contact with her cheek. Her head flew to her right and he winced.

He waited and watched as she caught a breath. She began to cough and it pained him to watch but at least she was conscious.

"Oh God, Dean where are you?" She whispered as tears ran down her cheeks.

"I'm right here. I'm not leaving ok? I'll find a way to help you, don't worry."


Bobby took in the broken door frame and looked at Sam and Brooke. "What the hell happened here?"
As always, Bobby had turned up just when they needed him most bringing Han with him.

Sam looked at him. "You're not gonna believe me if I tell you."

The old man groaned. "What now? Jesus!"


"You're kiddin' me? Christ it's like you boys got an arrow and a sign on your backs saying bend over and aim here!"

Sam huffed. "Tell me about it. Look, we haven't got much time so we have to find it. Right now it's Bonnie, but who knows how fast it can shift."

"What do you mean?" Brooke asked.

Sam knew he would have to explain something. "A Shifter can change into anyone, it also takes on their mind and characteristics. Only problem has to get rid of the original." He took a deep breath.

"You don't mean Bonnie's...?"

"Not necessarily." Bobby jumped in. "He might have just taken her. Did you leave Bonnie alone at all last night?"

Brooke thought for a second. "She took a bath, she was in there a long time, I was worried. What you think that thing snatched her? Oh god."

"It's likely." Sam said. "I'm betting it's got her holed up somewhere. This isn't good. We have to get her back before Dean wakes up or he'll freak."

Brooke had gone pale and took a seat on the edge of Dean's bed. "We have a bigger problem than that"

Sam raised his eyebrows. "Bigger than a sociopathic rapist that can transform into anyone in this place, and a kidnapped pregnant woman?"

"How about a kidnapped pregnant woman who could die if she doesn't get her heart medication?" They all looked at her. "Bonnie has a heart condition which we only just found out about, if she's been gone since last night and she's stressed then she could only have hours left. We have to find her."

"What? Since when is Bonnie ill?"

"About two weeks." She muttered. "She didn't want me to tell you"

"And you listened to her?!" Sam exploded.

"Look, I didn't want to but she was being well looked after, we were going to tell you"

Sam stared at her. "I can't believe on top of everything, we have to deal with telling Dean this."

"Calm down son. We'll worry about that later. We have to get a plan of action together." Bobby had seniority but everyone looked at Sam. Sam took a moment to clear his mind. He glanced at Dean and wished he was awake.

"OK, here's what we do. Bobby, you go get weapons from the Impala and beg, borrow or steal the plans for the sewer system, that's always the best shot. We'll track the Shifter in the hospital and take it down. Brooke, you stay with Dean, you have medical training. We're gonna have to get my brother out of here, it's not safe, we won't know who's a doctor or not." She nodded at him.

He looked at Han, "I hate to ask but I can't get into the sewer and Dean's no good to anyone so..."

"Say no more." Han replied. "I can have Dylan here in an hour, Johnny's not far. Let the new Triad take care of Bonnie."


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