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"He's crazy like the fool, what about Daddy Cool..." Dean sang to the little boy in his arms as he stepped from the shower.


"Daddy, Daddy..."

"Cool!" He shouted happily as Dean grabbed a towel laughing as he dried him off. It had been their daily ritual for a year now and Dean would hate the day when it would come to an end.

Dean placed his son on the counter by the sink and put the towel round him so he looked like ET. Turning he wrapped a larger towel around his own waist as his son watched. There was no way in hell Hope would sit still long enough to do anything like this but his boy could watch Dean for hours and loved the morning routine almost as much as he did.

"Cole, pass daddy his toothbrush." he said towel drying his hair.

A fat fist handed the item to him and Dean held it out as the tiny fingers squeezed a ridiculously large amount of paste onto it. "Whoah dude, c'mon...too much."

He figured it was a legacy of his mothers but Cole picked everything up so fast, much faster than Hope and was proving to be an incredible mimic. If you showed him something he would always give it a go and was like Dean's shadow as a result.

Leaning forwards Dean spat into the sink and rinsed out his mouth grabbing the little boy and planting a kiss on him. "All fresh. Ok, now razor. Gotta look extra hot today, huh?" Dean smirked at him as the razor clanked into the sink. "Hands."

Small hands shot out and Dean squirted the foam into them and closed his eyes as Cole smeared it all over his face and into his ears. Dean winced as he stood straight and wiped it from his lips and tried to get it out of his ear canal. "Not got hair in there yet, not like Grandpa eh?"

Cole giggled and kicked his legs as Dean started to shave and he watched him intently with the same big green eyes as his sister. Dean cocked a brow and looked at him sideways. "Here." He wiped off some of the excess foam and put it on the chubby chin. He looked around the bathroom and found a small comb which he handed to the boy. "You try."

Cole struggled to grip the teeth but managed it as he started to copy Dean's movements without prompt. Dean worshipped both of his kids but watching Cole was proving to be an amazing process as he turned into a mini-Dean. It wasn't just him but now he was toddling he would trail around after Sam too and Bobby when he was in town. He found wonder in everything whereas Hope seemed to have seen it all before and was almost nonchalant in her way of viewing things.

Dean went back to his shaving and thought about his daughter. Already at just fourteen months old she was stunning and had everyone wrapped round her podgy little finger. She could only manage a couple of words but more than made up for it with lung capacity. Dean knew she'd cause him more problems than most demons but adored her all the more for her fearlessness. As if on cue he heard her yells and raised his eyebrows as Cole muttered "oh-oh."

"Oh-oh's right." Dean said with a smile as he washed his face and his son's. "Shall we go rescue mommy?"


"And there she goes. Like clockwork." Sam said with a wry smile as he heard the screams.

Brooke groaned as she considered the amount of patience Bonnie and Dean had with their daughter. She was already the undisputed head of the household and although they all loved her they still considered the future with fear at the thought of Dean's arrogance, strength and temper in a young woman's body.

She rolled over the bed onto Sam. "Wanna make out?"

"I'd love to but I better go help them."

She looked at him in concern. "Big day huh?"

"Yeah." he said trying not to look sad.

Dean had been holding back his wedding for months as they all silently waited for Sam's miracle. When it didn't happen Sam had told him to go ahead anyway. As much as he would have loved to stand by his brothers side on the day he married he knew that the kids would start asking questions about why their mom had a different name, he didn't want to hold them up any longer.

It had been over two years since Sam's accident and she could see his hope fade with each passing day, making his neice's name almost a taboo amongst them. He still hunted, still worked out and they still had an awesome sex life but until something happened or he came to terms that nothing would, then their life as a couple was inert. Brooke knew he wanted to get married and have kids but he couldn't bring himself to even find out if it was a possibility due to fear of another knockback.

They had stayed in the same house all together which had been fine at first but as the kids got older it was getting more cramped and more painful for Sam. Brooke would sometimes catch him watching Dean running around with the children and she could almost read his thoughts. Now they were walking, he would no longer watch them on his own either, terrified something might happen to them that he couldn't prevent.

She rested her head on his shoulder and felt his arms go around her. "I love you." She whispered.

"I know."


Dean went into their room and saw Bonnie in her robe struggling to get the writhing Hope dressed. "NO!" came a little yell. It was no surprise to anyone that it had been her first word.

"Here, take Cole. I got this." He said to her noting that she looked tired.

Bonnie sighed and took the quiet little boy as Dean grabbed his daughters ankle pulling her towards him on the bed as she made a bid for freedom. "Hey." He said lying on the crumpled bedsheets throwing her up into the air and catching her as she squealed. "Why you always so damn noisy all the time eh?"

She smiled as he held her hands letting her walk up his chest. She started to bounce on his stomach and winded him. "Christ!" She giggled at the look on his face as he pretended he was dying. He probably shouldn't encourage her but ironically he enjoyed rough housing with her rather than her brother who was more of a talker. She was so little but had such a massive personality already and he was the only one she ever seemed to calm down for.

For all her wild ways though she was amazingly considerate and empathetic. If Sam dropped something she would always try and pick it up, if Bonnie was tired she would always hug her first and if Dean was hurt she hollared for all her life was worth.

He looked into her eyes and he swore that she always knew what he was thinking, like they had some special link no one else shared. He loved that about her and knew without a doubt she had awesome instincts.

"C'mon, give your old man a hug." He pulled her to him and she put her little arms around him as he kissed the top of her head. "Ya know this is an important day. You gotta go easy on your mom." He was shocked when he felt her nod her little head. He could have asked her to do anything and she'd have refused but when it came to someone's feelings she just got it.

Dean got up pulling her with him and laid her on the bed where she stayed quietly. "Ok, let's get you dressed." He looked for the clothes Bonnie had laid out and held up the white frilly dress. "This why you were screamin'?" He looked at it then at her as she stuck out her tongue holding onto her feet. "Can't say I blame you." He knew Bonnie would probably kill him but he'd do anything for the quiet life.

Grabbing some tiny jeans and a tee shirt she made no objection as he dressed her. He sat her up and licking his hand tried to smooth her unruly wavy brown hair. "One little girly thing ok?" He pointed a finger at her as she grimaced and shook her head when he grabbed a pink hairclip off the nightstand and popped it into her fringe. "Beautiful." He smiled at her and she gave him a toothy grin in return grabbing his ears. "Ow."


Brooke was in the shower and Sam was still lounging in bed when he heard the door creak open and Hope waddled in on tiny bare feet. She stopped by the side of the bed and looked at him silently raising her arms. He smiled and leaned over to pick her up. "Shouldn't you be wearing a dress?" He said as she cuddled him making him frown, she was normally only this affectionate with Dean. He held her to him and felt comforted by the unconditional attention.

Looking up she grabbed his nose. "Ouch. And I thought you were going to be nice to me."

She started to bounce and he pulled her to her feet so she could walk all over him like she did to all the men in the house literally and figuratively. She wasn't laughing though as he watched her get her momentum, she was a strange little one he thought, so loud and boistrous and sometimes so wise looking.

His thoughts screeched to a halt as she jumped up and landed on his scrotum. The breath left Sam's body and he groaned. "Shit."

Hope fell to her knees and rolled off him onto the bed as he clenched his balls in his hands. When he looked at her again, she was watching him quietly with an almost knowing smile as he suddenly realised what had happened.

"Brooke!" Sam yelled. He couldn't tear his eyes from Hope as she crawled backwards off the bed and padded to the door like her job there was done. "Brooke!"

She raced in wearing a towel and stared at him as Hope passed her. "What?!"

"She just kicked me in the nads."

Brooke frowned. "And?"

"And I felt it." He said in shock.

Brooke paused for a second and shut the door moving over to the bed. "Really?"

Goosebumps appeared on his arms as he nodded slightly wide eyed.

"Oh my god, this is major. Ok, let's not get too excited." She said taking a breath as she sat down feeling slightly dizzy.

Sam was shaking by now as he sat up. "You think this is the start?"

She felt tears in her eyes as she looked at him. "It could be." She put her arms around him and they held each other as they both silently prayed that it really was the beginning of a new life for both of them.

"Shall we say something?" Brooke asked pulling away.

"Not exactly good breakfast conversation." He answered but couldn't help smiling.

"This is Dean we're talking about, he would love you to discuss your balls over the breakfast counter."

"I don't know...I think we should wait, he'd be devastated if nothing more happened."

She stroked a hand over his face "Well, at least it made you smile, I missed it recently." She kissed him. "Now, more importantly...can I cop a feel? I mean, in a professional capacity obviously."

She screamed as he flipped her over and whipped off the towel.


Dean sidled up behind Bonnie and grabbed her around the waist kissing her neck. "Hey Mrs Winchester."

He could feel her smile as she made the kids breakfast. "Don't tempt fate Dean, let's just try to get through the morning without a kidnapping or exorcism and then we'll start getting cocky about it."

"Hey." He turned her around and looked at her. "Nothing's stopping this from happening."

"I wish I could believe you. I don't know...we're not allowed to be so happy."

He frowned. "We got everything we need, right here in this house. Nothing's changing."

"Oh, to have your faith."

Because of everything that had happened surrounding the children and also because of Sam's feelings they'd decided not to tell anyone about the wedding. They were going to do it simply and with no fuss figuring that the less people knew the easier it would be to avoid catastrophe.

"Everything's gonna be fine." He said holding her to him.

She put her arms around him and they paused a second to enjoy some peace when he felt Bonnie freeze. "Oh my God. Dean." She whispered.

He turned as she pulled away from him and his heart almost stopped.

"Bang bang." Cole was holding Dean's beretta clumsily in his small hands as Hope tried to wrench it from him.

"No!" Hope shouted.

Dean struggled to control his breathing as he tried to remember if the gun was loaded. "Cole...buddy..." He moved Bonnie behind him as she instinctively went to rush in. "Give daddy the gun." He didn't know how his son managed with such a small grip but when Dean heard the safety go off he almost threw up.

Moving slowly into a crouch Dean started advancing on the children on his hands and knees so he was at their height. "C'mon Cole, you know that's not a toy...give it to Daddy."

Bonnie started to sob and closed her eyes, she couldn't watch.

"It's ok, everyone's cool." He soothed.

"Cool." the little boy shouted as Dean got closer.

Hope had let go and started to wail oblivious to the danger but sensing her fathers fear.

Sam appeared in the doorway and took in the scene immediately. "Oh god." he whispered.

"It's ok Sammy." Dean said with a tight smile. Not wanting to scare the little boy. In one sudden movement Dean grabbed Hope and threw her five foot across the room to his brother who caught her as she screamed. "Take her out of here." Dean said softly, his voice almost drowned out by her yells.

Bonnie slid down the counter onto the floor crying quietly as she watched Dean with the barrel in his face. It wasn't Cole's fault that he wanted to be just like his father but they knew what his gift was and should have been more careful about the things he saw.

Dean watched his little boy and knew that he didn't want to scar him for life by acting violently in any way. In some perverse part of his mind he also wanted his son to be able to handle weapons and not be afraid of them. He sat down very slowly. "You want me to show you how to use it?" He asked him as Cole nodded. "Ok. But you have to give it to me first." He held out a shaky hand. His eyes closed as Cole turned it so the barrel was facing him and handed it to Dean butt first in the correct way. Dean flicked the safety back on and put it on the floor behind him as he held his son to him with a sob. "Oh god..."

Bonnie got up and grabbed the gun, running out of the room.

Dean put Cole back on his feet and gripped his shoulders. "You are never ever to do that again. You hear me?" He shouted hearing his father's voice come out of his mouth. He tried to calm himself as Cole began to cry. "Guns aren't toys, do you understand? Your sister could have been killed." He held him again not knowing if a child his age would have any concept of right or wrong. "It's ok...it's all my fault." he said rocking him gently as he tried to get his heart beating again.


Dean walked into the quiet bedroom and saw Bonnie lying on the bed curled around Hope who was playing with a book chewing the edge of the pages. She seemed no worse for the experience, he wished he could say the same for Bonnie.

"I can't go through with it Dean."

His heart fell and he sighed. "He didn't mean it. It was my fault."

"I know he didn't mean it, but it's just another averted disaster in our lives. Hope could have died."

He sat on the edge of the bed. "I know, I'll be more careful, keep everything locked in the car."

"It's not that, we're just not meant to get married. That's it."

"You don't believe in signs."

"Why tempt fate? Let's leave things as they are, it was never meant to be...everyone said it."

"This isn't about what just happened is it?"

She sighed as she ran a hand through Hope's hair. "We chose this Dean, they didn't. It's not fair...I was so naive to think this could work. That we even stood a chance."

He took a deep breath but couldn't look at her. "Are you leavin' me?"

She couldn't answer as she started to cry and Hope turned and ran a hand over her mother's hair. Dean got up and left the room silently.


Sam came in to see Bonnie a little while later. Brooke was feeding the children and Dean was listening to music in the car with a beer.

"Hey, mind if I come in?"

She smiled at him. Her face was swollen and red. "No, it's fine." She sat up against the pillows. "Look at this, the room's a tip...I haven't even made the bed and my son just tried to shoot his sister. Hell of a housekeeper aren't I?"

Sam knew a thing or two about angst and moved to the bed popping his brakes and leaning forwards. "You're scared, I get that. Two kids...a husband. It's a lot to deal with even without the guns and demons."

She sniffed and pulled her knees up to her chest. "I'm dying Sam."

It took a full minute before he could speak. He hoped he hadn't heard her right as he looked at her, she was barely twenty six and had come through so much already. He tried to keep his calm. "What's happened?"

"I went for my check up and the new heart's failing."

"Can they give you another transplant?"

"I don't know, they have to give them to people who have a good chance of pulling through. I had my second chance already."

He ran a hand over his face, he knew she needed some reassurance but he was so shocked he didn't know what to say. "How long?"

She shrugged. "Depends, could be a couple of years, maybe less."

He hardly dare ask but already guessed the answer. "Does he know?"

She shook her head crying again. "Everything was all arranged I didn't have the heart to tell him." She laughed at the irony in her words and looked into his eyes. "I'm so scared Sam, I don't want to go. I don't want to leave them."

Finally he reached over grabbing her under the arms and pulled her to him quickly as he saw her start to lose it. She settled onto his lap and cried for all she was worth as he held her.

He felt her calm eventually as she hiccuped slightly. He kept a tight hold of her and spoke softly. "The first thing you're going to do is clean up that pretty face of yours, it's your wedding day." He felt her start to object. "Listen to me. You're going to get into your wedding dress and go speak to my brother because he's listening to Johnny Cash and that's never a good sign." That got a slight giggle and a snort. "One thing I know about Dean is he's not going to let you go anywhere even if he has to go to the ends of the Earth to save you."

"He can't do everything."

"Really? Everyone said I wouldn't walk again but this morning I felt my balls. Actually you're kind of sitting on them right now."

Bonnie looked up at him and laughed out loud. "Really? Kinda gross imagery there Sam but that's great. I think."

"I thought so." He kissed her on the cheek, suddenly serious. "It must have been a shock and Dean'll be scared and upset but trust me, you need him and you know that."

"Yeah..." She said grudgingly.

"So no more talk of leaving...time's on our side, you'll be fine."


Dean was sat in the drivers seat of the Impala which was parked on the drive. The door was open as he listened to Bonnie Tyler singing It's a Heartache. The car had white ribbon on the hood and he had a beer in his hand. He watched the front door open and saw Bonnie emerge making him smile.

She stood in the doorway and did a twirl for him. "What do you think?"

They had said they would keep things simple but she was amazing and looked just the same as the first day they'd met. She was wearing a denim skirt, only this time the flip flops were white and so was the teeshirt. Her long hair was loose and she was wearing flowers in it.

She smiled at him through the windshield and opened the passenger door sliding in. He handed her the beer and she took a sip.

"You look unbelievable." He said.

"Thank you, I kinda figured why not just be ourselves instead of some image that means nothing."

"So I get to wear jeans?"

She leaned over to kiss him. "Wear whatever you want, the kids too. I want to marry you Dean not some GQ poster."

"You're great."

"Hold that thought." She reached into the glove compartment and took out his hip flask and shook it. "Whiskey or holy water?"

"Whiskey, the good stuff."

She undid the top and took a sip grimacing. "Here, I think you'll need it. Great song by the way."

"It's depressing." He said going to change it. She took his hand to stop him.

"I went to see Dr Fielding."

Dean paused and then sat back drinking the whiskey in two large gulps. "Do I want to hear this?"

"I could tell you tomorrow but it won't change anything, we'll still have to face facts."

He leaned toward her with a sigh resting his head on her chest. She kissed the top of it stroking his hair gently.

"Whatever it is...we'll deal. You're not goin' anywhere I can't follow." he told her.

"Sam can feel his balls."

"Huh? I'm tryin' to be all heroic and noble and you're talking about my little brothers' nads?"

"I thought you might like some good news...soften the blow a little."

"You're crazy...Can he really though?"

"You've achieved the impossible before Dean, maybe you still have one miracle left in you for me."


Brooke and Sam sat with the kids on their knees and amazingly even Hope was sitting still as they stood in the informal room at city hall watching Dean and Bonnie getting married. They were all dressed in their regular clothes deciding that it didn't take a spectacular wedding to make a successful marriage.

"I believe you've written your own vows?" The official asked.

Bonnie nodded and knew she was first. She cleared her throat and looked into Dean's eyes trying not to laugh, knowing how awkward he must be feeling. "When I was a little girl sitting in smoky clubs listening to my mother singing Bonnie I knew she never believed those words she sang. She gave up on heroes a long time ago, but I had faith someone would come along one day and rock my world." She smiled at him. "You're the whole package Dean...perfect hunter, father, brother and friend. Oh and you're a hot piece of ass too. Sorry," she said to the registrar who shrugged. "You've given me two amazing kids and saved my life more times than I can count. However many hearts I have they'll all be beating for you." She took his fathers ring and placed it on the ring finger of his left hand leaving a white mark on the right, the last testament to his single life.

"Dean, would you like to say your vows?"

He took a deep breath and looked at her in all seriousness. "I'm not much good at this kind of stuff but with you it's easy. I never thought this would ever happen to me, I never thought anyone but my geeky brother would accept me for who and what I am. Sorry dude." It was Sam's turn to shrug. "You have faith in me and when I was at my lowest you kept me strong. You gave me the greatest gift I could imagine, not just our daughter but the chance for Sam to get feeling back in his nut sack. That's awesome by the way man." He told him as Sam groaned and went red. "I'm going to love you, protect you and hold on to you so tight no reaper stands a chance. Oh and I'll do that thing with my tongue at least once a week."

She laughed as he slipped the white gold band onto her finger.

The registrar shook his head for a second and came to his senses. "With my role as Official Resgistrar for the State of Massachussetts, I pronounce you husband and wife. I think you know the rest."

"Oh yeah." Dean grinned as he put his arms around her. "Everything'll work out, I promise." He whispered as he moved his mouth to hers and they had their first kiss as husband and wife.


After the wedding, they all went straight back to the house not wanting anything more than to simply be together. Brooke and Bonnie left the guys to enjoy beers in the back garden for a while, knowing it had been a big day for them both and they would want to catch up.

"I'm really sorry Dean...about Bonnie."

"We both know there are no guarantees in life Sammy, but I'm gonna do everythin' I can to keep her going. We did it once, we can do it again."

"I know."

"I don't wanna talk about death, it's my wedding day man...let's talk about your balls instead."


"Nah c'mon...this is huge and I don't mean that in a gross way. Can you feel anythin' else?"

"I dunno, sometimes I think I do but I have phantom pains all the time, it's nothing new."

"There's only one way to find out." Dean put his beer down and stood up.


"Let's see if you can stand up. It's ok, I won't let you fall on your ass."

"Dean I can't!"

"Dude I just got married and I have two kids, I think we're already in the Twilight Zone, we may as well go for broke." He clapped his hands.

Sam glanced at the house nervously.

"It's just us man." Dean told him seriously squatting in front of him. "Look at me...I won't let you fall, never have, never will." He leaned down and put the footrests up. "Ready?"

Sam nodded and put his arms around his brothers shoulders taking a deep breath as Dean grabbed him round the waist and stood up bringing Sam with him.

Because of the difference in height it was strange and he still couldn't feel the soles of his feet as he loosened his grip slightly.

"Ok, it's cool...I got hold of you." Dean told him.

Sam let go with one arm and had no idea whether it was working or not as he daren't look down. His right arm was still looped over Dean's shoulders but not in a heavy way. "Well?"

Dean grinned at him. "Look Sammy, no hands!" He held up his palms and wiggled his fingers. "My baby's standing up all on his own." He laughed in his brothers face.

"You're kidding?"

"Uh-uh. Oh my god Sam, you did it." He said almost in shock as it hit him. Dean's arms went around him again in a hug this time and the laughter stopped as he realised just how far they had both come to get to this point. "I'm so proud of you."

Sam hugged him back as he suddenly saw a future for himself free of constraint and helplessness. "I still have to walk Dean."

"And you will." He said as Sam's legs gave way and he helped him sit down.

"Oh my god...this is gonna happen."

"I know right?"

Sam was a little breathless as he thought for a second. "I'm kinda scared. I mean, my identity's tied up in all this so much now. I don't know who I am anymore."

Dean smirked, brimming with his trademark confidence. "You're Sammy, chubby twelve year old, computer geek, awesome hunter and my best friend. We've been through a lot and it's ok to be scared but as long as I'm here, you'll do fine."

Sam felt himself start to well up as he looked at the man who'd been everything to him all his life. "You're not gonna get all embarrassed if I tell you love you are you?"

"That guy's dead and buried. I'm the new, improved but still Badass Dean. I got you to thank for that."

"This is a real Hallmark moment."

"What the fuck have we become Sam?"

"Adults? Brothers?"

"I'm no adult, but I'll always be your brother."



As they walked down the corridor side by side Dean tried to remember the feelings he'd had the last time he was there. When he looked up at Sam though all he could feel was pride.

The kids were almost two, Bonnie was still in good health and Dean couldn't ever remember being happier. It wasn't his habit to revisit the past but this time he would make an exception, it would be closure for both of them as they moved on with their lives.

Hope squirmed in his arms. "What did I tell you honey?"

"Behave." She said in her little voice.

Both his children were amazingly smart and he found that with each day that passed he was loving being a father more and more. He looked at Cole in Sam's arms, the little boy was turning into a regular tough guy. Definately the strong silent type he grew more and more like Dean each day showing strength beyond his size and an overwhelming protective streak towards his sister. His art of mimicry was as astounding as Hope's fearlessness and Dean couldn't wait to see that grow as they got older. After much discussion they had doctored a birth certificate for Cole stating he was Hope's twin. Although his son would know the truth one day he didn't want anyone to call him a bastard and Bonnie would always be his mother.

They rounded a corner and stopped at the reception desk as they saw the back of someone familiar.

Dean winked at Sam who smiled. "Anyone order a strippogram?"

Althea turned slowly at the sound of the deep voice and when she saw them she started screaming like her name had been called on The Price is Right.

"Sam?" She started screaming again as Dean looked at his brother in amused shock.

She ran around the counter and threw her hefty arms around Sam. "Oh my god! You're so tall!!"

"Yeah, I get that a lot these days." Sam laughed as he put an arm around her back and Cole looked at her in confusion.

"You're walkin'!!" She exclaimed.

"You always were quick on the uptake Althea." Dean said with a smirk.

She turned and placed her hands on her hips trying to look angry and failing miserably. "I always knew you liked 'em young Dean but this is a record." She chucked Hope under the chin and she smiled. "Oh, she's beautiful, she can't be yours?"

"'Fraid so, I contributed to the gene pool. Twice." He gestured at Cole.

"That accounts for the fact he's dressed like a Hell's Angel. And who's the poor misguided soul who let you do this to her?"

"That would be me." Bonnie smiled, appearing at Dean's side. "I've heard a lot about you Althea, I'm Bonnie, Dean's wife." She shook her hand. "Dean's even mentioned you in bed." She grinned as he slapped her on the ass.

"Figures, he always was a pervert." She said with a frown like she was possessed by Mammy out of Gone With The Wind.

"Hey, I'm a reformed man."

"And what about you Sam?"

Sam turned around. "This is my fiancee Brooke. And we're still working on the babies."

Althea sighed and turned to a nurse. "Paige Dr Kendall and tell her to get her ass down here, Debbie too." She leaned on the counter and crossed her arms over her ample chest. "Well I never thought I'd see the day." She tutted.

They both showed her the watches on their left wrists as though they were the doublemint twins. "We never forgot. I've got a lot to thank you guys for." Sam told her.

Althea sniffed and took a tissue from her sleeve. "Every time Sam. I don't know how, but you just get to me every single freakin' time!"

Dean rolled his eyes. "So I already spoke to Trevor, he says your shift's over in an hour so what d'ya say I take you all for a drink, to old friends and new?"

"Where you taking me Dean?" She said already guessing.

"Where else? Hooters!"


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