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Chapter One

Seto Kaiba was sitting in his Office one night and as he sat there memories came flooding back from a time long ago, a time when he was younger and a lot stubborner then he was today. It was a time when he was just out of College and had returned to Domino to take over being the CEO of Kaiba Corp.

It was a time in his life when he still believed that he was smarter then anyone else and that he didn't need anyone at all to complete his life. It was a time when he let the most beautiful young lady walk out of his life and if you asked him today he'd say "I was a stupid fool for letting the one thing in my life get away and that I wish that I could turn back time and then I'd never be lonely ever again...

Seto had just turned nineteen when he had returned to Domino after attending four years at Oxford College in England and as he walked off the plane and saw Roland and his brother Mokuba there waiting for him tears filled his eyes but he refused himself from showing that kind of emotions because it was a sign of weakness or so he thought.

When they got back to the Manor and Seto walked inside it was like he never left everything was the same as the day he left four long years ago. The first person he saw was Helga, Roland's wife and as she engulfed him in her loving arms he couldn't stop the tears from running down his cheeks and as he stood up and she saw them he wiped them away and Helga said "Seto it is alright to let your family see how much you missed them."

Seto blushed as he listened to what she said and he softly said "It's hard to break the hold that bastard had on my life, but I'll try."

Helga kissed his cheek and as they walked into the kitchen he smelled her favorite dessert drifting from the oven, she was making her favorite Peach Cobbler and he closed his eyes and remembered the first time he ever smelled that aroma, it was right after Gozaburo's death and the Courts gave Roland and Helga legal guardianship over Seto and Mokuba and they had come home to celebrate and that's what they had for dessert that evening.

That evening at dinner, it was a joyous affair and Seto tried to show how much happy he was to be home, but the memory of that bastard was still so strong that he was afraid to allow himself to open up. Roland knew what was bothering him and after they had eaten he asked Seto "Could I speak to you in private please?"

They left the kitchen and went to the den, and as Roland closed the door he said "Son he's gone and will never be coming back so you can stop being afraid that he'll walk into the room and see you having fun."

Seto walked to the window and as he looked outside he said "I know, but for all those years that he controlled my life well it's kind of hard not to be afraid, but I'll try."

Roland went over to him and he put his strong arms around Seto and he said "You're safe now and so is Mokuba, I'll never let anyone hurt either of you ever again."

Seto wrapped his arms around Roland and he fell apart and started crying and it hurt Roland to listen to him but he knew that this was the healing process and he just let him cry.

That night after dinner, Mokuba walked over to his brother and he said "I love you and its great having you home again."

Seto took Mokie into his arms and as they held each other the walls came tumbling down around them and for the first time in what seemed like years Seto was able to allow himself to feel emotion and it felt so great to be able to show the ones he loved how he really felt. They sat there for a little while and then Seto said "I'm tired and I think I'll go up to my room and get some sleep."

Mokuba kissed Seto on the cheek and he said "I'll see you in the morning, I still have some homework to do."

As Mokuba watched his brother walk up the stairs he prayed that soon he'd be able to have fun really have fun.

When Seto went into his room and closed the door he just let go and fell to the floor on his knees and then he let go with the most horrifying scream and as it echoed through out the Manor, Roland said "I think that our son has finally come home to us."

Helga held out her arms to Mokuba who ran into the kitchen because it scared the hell out of him and she whispered to him and she held him in her arms "Your brother is going to be alright now, he's finally going to be able to be our Seto again."

When Seto got up off the floor he walked to the bathroom and took a shower and crawled into bed and as he turned off the light beside the bed he whispered "God, please help me forget what that monster did to me and let me be happy again. Amen." Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The next morning when he woke up Seto looked around his old room and he smiled as he thought "today is going to be the first day of the rest of my life and I can hardly wait to go out there and live it to the fullest."

He then got up and changed into some causal clothes and went downstairs to the kitchen and thats where he found his family and as he sat down at the table he smiled really smiled for the first time in years and they all ate breakfast and when they were done he said "Can we do something as a family?"

Roland reached out and Seto put his hand in his and Roland said "How about if we just go to the Park and enjoy the wonderful weather we're having. Mom can make a picnic lunch and we can go have fun what do you say?"

Everyone at the table including Seto cheered and so that's exactly what they did, and Seto knew that today would be really special but he couldn't say exactly why he felt that way.

When they got to the Park and found a good table and as Roland was helping Helga set up everything and Seto and Mokuba were tossing a Frisbee around and it was so beautiful to hear their laughter fill the air and as they enjoyed themselves.

Mokuba threw the Frisbee a little to hard and it flew over Seto's head and as he chased it, it landed at the feet of this beautiful young lady and as their eyes met something happened and for a split second neither of them knew what to do or say and then Seto bend down and picked up the Frisbee and he said "Hello, I hope that this didn't hit you."

Ishizu blushed a little and then she told him "No, but it did give me a scare not knowing what in the world was flying towards me."

They both laughed and then the moment was broken when they heard "Seto, is the lady alright?" It was Mokie.

Ishizu smiled at the young boy and she said "I'm fine."

Then Seto said "I guess we'd better be getting back, by the way what's your name mine is Seto."

She smiled at him and then she said "My name is Ishizu and we just moved here from Egypt and it was nice meeting you both."

Then she turned around and walked over to a group of people and Seto and Mokie went back to where their parents were.

Seto was going to find out more about this beautiful young lady and someday they might even get to know each other better.

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