This was originally inspired by a kink meme request: "I want some Lavi/Vamp!Kanda action with lots of blood play and virgin Lavi!! Lavi may be virgin but he's still VERY horny" but I went way out of control (this is NOT a drabble), so I figured it deserved to be posted elsewhere.

Title: Crimson Regret

Pairing: Kanda/Lavi, some Allen/Lenalee

Rating: M (for yaoi and shameless smut)

Warnings: Yaoi, over-descriptiveness, vampire AU, mild blood play

Summary: Kanda Yu has found his newest mate, but this Vampiric smooth-talker has finally found more than he can handle in a small town man with bright red hair and a fiery personality to match.

Disclaimer: I own nothing affiliated with D. Gray-Man.

He glances up towards the stars, eyes flicking to the nearly full moon, a small satisfied smirk quirking pale lips, before locking onto the figure in the distance. A speck of spiky dark red encircled by a black and green headband, the scent of old tomes and a distinct underlying hint of individuality mixed with the generic, unmistakable male.

The oblivious 18 year old makes his way through the thickening trees, sidestepping a fresh molehill as he crunches through the late autumn decay. He had run one last errand for the Old Panda, keeping him out until after dark. Damn old man, making me walk home in the dark…and the cold. He fists his hands in his pockets and huddles in his jacket just a little more, fighting the whisper of icy wind tickling his neck. He can't wait to get to his cabin and start a huge fire, have a nice hot dinner, and pass out for the next 10 hours. He makes a low impatient sound and walks a little faster.

Lavi's eye widens when he hears a soft crack behind him. He swivels around, scouring the dark trees and dying vegetation for the source of the sound. The moon shines through the stark branches, casting dark lines and needle-like shadows everywhere, but with Lavi's training and expert vision, the chaotic patterns become easily identifiable. When he sees nothing suspicious after a considerable amount of time, he continues on his way, no less paranoid but even more eager to get home.

He has heard stories about things in these woods. Things that looked like people but were stronger, faster, and hungrier. Lavi is just as courageous as the next guy, in fact it would be safe to assume he is braver than most of the people he knows, but that doesn't mean he has any less of a survival instinct. 

He always keeps his eye open and his ears attuned. It has saved him from robbers, bandits, and wild animals quite a few times in his life, so if he is paranoid, it is justifiably so.

He sighs when his small, neat cabin greets his sight as he steps out of the margin of the woods surrounding his home. He pulls out his key and goes inside. Removing his jacket, gloves, and scarf, he makes a beeline for his fireplace, and starts making dinner over the cheery fire. After he eats an incredibly satisfying meal, Lavi adds a log to the smoldering coals and plunks down on his bed. He looks at his boots for a moment, feeling far too lazy to go through the trouble of removing them. Eventually, he heaves a sigh and just kicks them off, pulling his shirt over his head and his headband along with it. It feels like he hasn't slept in days, so when he lays his head on his pillow, he becomes dead to the world in seconds.


Kanda Yuu has always chosen his prey in a very meticulous way. Feeding is not just taking blood from a human victim for him, it is a seduction. Kanda always takes the time to get to know his chosen before offering to show them a piece of his world, and depending on how much they want, he will show them the pleasure his body can give, or perhaps just his fangs. Depending on the endorphins he chooses to share, he can make his prey anywhere from happily compliant to delightfully euphoric.

The first time he saw Lavi was in the library, intently studying some large, dusty volume with a handsome, relaxed look that might have made Kanda's breath catch, if he had any to begin with. Kanda had watched Lavi for quite a while, making sure it was this individual whom he sensed a primal, implicit kinship from. The smell, the alluring beat of his pulse, the physical attractiveness, and his reading material of choice all qualified him as a perfect quarry.

And so he had decided to follow him home.

Kanda soundlessly slips through the window, dark eyes trained on the young man peacefully dreaming about foreign places he has read about. He approaches the bed and examines the features he will come to know over the next few days, or perhaps weeks. A black eye patch covers the right eye, and the left is closed, but Kanda knows they are a vibrant emerald green, outlined by long black eyelashes and sharp, slanted eyebrows. His hair, usually the color of ripe strawberries, is now closer to that of plum in the near-darkness of the room. His pale skin is complimented by the colorful wash framing his beautifully shaped face. His full lips are slightly parted, condensation making a nearly unnoticeable sheen of wetness on his lower lip. Kanda's mouth starts to water.

Lavi hums a little in appreciation of the tower of Pisa, his breath whispering across Kanda's face. Lavi's scent is rich, his skin radiates heat, and his blood is a lyrical rush to Kanda's senses. His eyes glaze over as it becomes difficult for him to hold himself back. His mouth is inches from the column of Lavi's throat. His lips part and his eyes close; he can't stop himself from wanting this so much it almost hurts. It has been far too long since he has fed.

Kanda's long, dark hair brushes Lavi's naked chest, a hand depresses the mattress on either side of him, and a strange earthy smell makes itself known, but Lavi continues to dream. Kanda's lips graze hot skin just above the pulse point and Lavi makes another quiet hum. Kanda clenches his hands in the sheets and furrows his brows, fighting for control. He's so close, but if he ruins it now, he will regret it, so he backs off. Slowly at first, and with a last longing look at his most potent desire, he trails his eyes from neck back to face.

Kanda leans in, lightly resting his forehead against Lavi's, closes his eyes and concentrates.

Lavi stands on the highest precipice of Mount Olympus, looking out over Greece as it was centuries ago. The scene is almost perfectly detailed, although there are some things missing, things only those who have actually been there, as Kanda has, would notice. Lavi's hair waves in the breeze, fiery torchlight with the setting sun. He turns to Kanda with a lazy smile and a dreamy look in his eyes and doesn't seem to mind the intrusion. Kanda steps closer, locking his eyes onto deep green, and silently wills their shared dream to turn to dusk. Lavi doesn't seem to mind its absence. Kanda never liked the sun, even in dreams.

"I've never seen you here before," Lavi's smooth tenor breaks the silence.

"I've never been here before." Dark eyes flash with something Lavi has only read about. It takes him a moment to recognize it as desire, and when he does he wants to simultaneously take a step back and one forward. His eye widens and his smile morphs into a more surprised shape, but he realizes it is not disgust or fear that makes his pulse race, but exhilaration. He has never been the object of such a gaze, and it sends a shiver down his spine.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Kanda. I am a vampire."

"A Vampire? What the hell is that, like a blood-sucking fiend?"

Kanda's melody of seduction misses a beat at that. Fiend!? Where did that come from? "Make no mistake, I am no fiend, but yes, I do gain sustenance from human blood."



"So then…what are you doing here? Don't you have to go find some virgin maiden in a white gown and woo her with mysterious words and…hypnotizing…" Eyes. Kanda's eyes have regained their otherworldly light and he has decreased the distance between them without Lavi noticing. Kanda is an arm's length away, a tiny smirk curving one corner of his mouth. "Wait, you can't possibly…" Kanda takes one step closer, lifting a hand to brush Lavi's bangs from his visible eye. "But I'm not a maiden," Kanda raises an eyebrow, seeing that as an admission that he is a virgin. His hand slides through the silken strands to rest on the side of Lavi's head and Lavi loses his words. Kanda parts his lips and gives his most alluring 'kiss me' look before leaning in and brushing his lips against Lavi's.

Lavi makes a small sound of surprise but doesn't pull back. His eye is round and his face is red, but he likes this. He likes the attention and the way Kanda stares at him with those slanted grey eyes. He likes the answering heat in his body and the odd tightening in his gut. Most of all he likes the way he feels tipsy, even though he is perfectly sober.

Kanda pulls away, admiring the half-lidded wistfulness on the redhead's face. "Wake up," he whispers. Lavi only looks at him, then gives a tiny nod and closes his eye.

Lavi opens his eye and sees those same grey ones in front of his, but now the scenery is much different and he is lying down. Kanda sits up, watching for Lavi's reaction now that he has full control of his thoughts and feelings. Lavi sits up, staring at Kanda with his mouth open in disbelief.

"A Vampire?"

Kanda nods. Lavi smiles.

"Cool." Kanda is surprised once again, but this time he is absolutely pleased. He smirks, flashing one of his sharp fangs, and leans forward invitingly. Lavi's breath catches at the sight, but he is not afraid. He tries to control his erratic breathing but mostly fails. Kanda doesn't seem to mind. He simply leans forward and brushes his lips against Lavi's again, this time in reality. Lavi's eyelid droops and he feels a thrill run through him, a strange type of pleasure he has never known, but he wants more.

Lavi pushes forward, sealing his lips to Kanda's, whose animalistic side has him growling and pushing Lavi to the bed in response. Lavi groans as Kanda straddles his hips, a new and blissful sensation resulting from the contact. Kanda's tongue flicks and twists its way into Lavi's hot mouth, leaving him instantly breathless and even more enthusiastic. For a beginner, Lavi's tongue is doing a fantastic job keeping up with Kanda's, mirroring and complimenting in a sensuous yin-yang fashion. Kanda teases Lavi into frenzy with just his mouth, little moans and hums tickling his ears. Kanda's hand finds Lavi's nipple and lightly rubs, his other hand untying his cloak and dropping it off the side of the bed. That hand then joins the other on Lavi's lithe chest, a fingertip tracing around his belly button and down to the hem of his pants. Ever the expert multi-tasker, he continues to ravage the eager mouth below his while unbuttoning Lavi's pants and finding his way to the hot flesh within.

Lavi breaks the kiss to tilt his head back and gasp, eyes squeezing tightly shut as his breathing turns into ragged pants. Kanda has never gotten such a strong reaction before, and he is intrigued by Lavi's shaking form beneath him. He decides to step it up a notch and moves down, hands settling on strong hips, fingers curling over and pulling down pants and underwear. Lavi has about half a second to wonder what the hell is going on with his body before he chokes on a gasp that he immediately exhales as a shocked moan. Kanda's mouth is suddenly a melee of sensation on a very sensitive part of his body. Lavi is making all manner of sounds from moans to mewls to whimpers in no particular pattern, and Kanda is really good at whatever it is he's doing.

Lavi's hands search for some kind of anchor, landing on his pillow and holding on for dear life. Lavi cannot bring himself to open his eyes, much less focus them on Kanda, but he feels it all. It is hot and wet and sweet pressure deviates with slick strokes up and down his length. Kanda's tongue finds its way over every single sensitive spot and mercilessly exploits them all until Lavi's brain feels like it is going to melt. It is all he can do not to scream or bite his own lip off. In what seems like no time at all, Lavi feels a surge of lightning race up his spine and he's crying out, seeing white-hot sparks and writhing under the vampire's talented mouth.

Kanda hums contentedly and laps up any lingering residue before kissing his way up Lavi's trembling body. He always did have a thing for virgins. Lavi catches his breath, feeling a strong throb of pleasure with each beat of his heart, and looks up into Kanda's amused expression.

"W-what…what the hell was that?!" Lavi lets out a huff of laughter and claps a hand over his forehead. "That was…amazing!" Kanda just smirks, an expression that seems to promise much more to come. Kanda licks a bead of sweat from Lavi's neck and looks into his eyes.

"May I?" Lavi looks right back at Kanda, knowing exactly what is being asked here. He does not fear pain, and as unorthodox as it sounds, he somehow trusts Kanda not to endanger him by taking too much. Lavi gives a slight nod and closes his eyes, swallowing the anxiety he suddenly feels.

Kanda gives Lavi a slow, appreciative kiss before pressing his mouth against that elegant neck. He parts his lips and gently presses one razor-sharp fang above the artery, then with a quick, subtle movement he breaks the skin. With the initial tang of fresh blood, Kanda is lost. Such pleasure no human has ever known, topped only by a simultaneous orgasm and mutual blood-letting, although the latter he has yet to experience. He gives Lavi a small taste of this pleasure in the endorphins he releases directly into the bloodstream he feeds from. The affect is instantaneous. Lavi's eyes roll upward, his back arches high, and his deep groans mingle with Kanda's pleased hums.

As he continues to suck, Kanda's hips move of their own accord, undulating against Lavi to the thudding of his powerful heart. A crimson rivulet finds its way passed Kanda's fervent lips and drips once, twice, three times onto the sheets before his mouth shifts and the flow is halted.

Lavi has forgotten the pain of the puncture wound in lieu of the hot, dizzying rush of his blood burning through his body, making every cell tingle and pulse. He can feel that same tension building and knows it won't be long before he feels that blistering ecstasy once again. With a soft moan, he slides his hands down Kanda's back, up under the hem of his shirt and runs his fingers over his ribs. Kanda shifts and once again takes Lavi into his hand, squeezing and rubbing with all the dexterity years of working with one's hands will give. Lavi licks his lips, sweat-beaded brow creasing in anticipation, and starts thrusting into Kanda's hold.

Kanda laps at the wound, enzymes healing the cut quickly enough to see the cells replicating and filling the space. He watches it close, no trace of it remaining, and turns his full attention to getting Lavi off again. He doesn't have to wait long. With all the hormones he has just given to Lavi, the guy doesn't have a chance to last. Kanda takes an ear between his teeth, flicking it with his tongue and sucking lightly at it, then presses a spot below his erection that makes Lavi forget to breathe. One heartbeat later and he is coming hard, jaw clenched and hips thrusting. He manages a whisper of Kanda's name before losing all ability to speak or even think in sentences.

Several moments pass before Lavi can focus again. When he does, his eye finds a line of red just about to drip from Kanda's chin. Without thinking, Lavi leans up and licks the blood from Kanda's face. He looks into Kanda's eyes and shows a playful smile, dark pupil wide, green iris nearly engulfed. Kanda blinks, satiated eyes soft in the dusky moonlight. In that moment he feels something he never has 

before, and he does not know what it is. He looks down at the grin on his lover's face and feels his own lips forming something similar. He quashes the odd feeling of tightness in his chest and sweeps Lavi into a fierce kiss, letting him know their tryst is not yet over by any means.

Lavi responds with languid movements and fingers trailing up his spine. Kanda pulls off his shirt and is pleasantly surprised with Lavi's hands unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down his hips. Lavi's eyes are curious and lusty, trained on the bulge in Kanda's underwear. Kanda feels a prickle of something akin to nervousness that he immediately feels foolish for. He hasn't felt anything like this in decades, so why should he feel it now? He is distracted by being pushed to the mattress, Lavi's warm hands feigning confidence when his face bespeaks timidity. Lavi runs a hand through the cobalt hair spread over his pillow and nips Kanda's ear before moving downwards with quick kisses.

Kanda almost smiles at Lavi's audacity, but abruptly forgets any such thought. Lavi is imitating Kanda's earlier actions with unrelenting skill and grace, even adding some new things that even Kanda didn't think of. Lavi's mouth works with inherent expertise, one hand helping with what he cannot yet reach, and the other ghosting over hip bone, abdomen, inner thigh, anywhere he can think to extract subtle pleasure from his vampiric bedmate. Kanda has no need for breath, save for speaking, but if he did, the room would be graced with the sound of his sighs and quiet moans. Kanda can't remember the last time someone did this to him. He is usually the one doing the seducing, the one in complete control, so it comes as a shock when Lavi manages to make him come with only his hands and mouth, scrunching his nose at the taste but looking amused and pleased just the same.

"Shit…" is all Kanda can seem to say, eyes a little wider than usual. Lavi just grins, knowing he has made Kanda feel that same torturous rise and breathtaking fall that Kanda had just shown him.

Kanda's eyes meet Lavi's and they just look at each other, confusing, exhilarating thoughts and emotions swirling in their heads. Kanda leans up to kiss Lavi, pulling him down to lie beside him, and wrapping his arms around him to bring him closer. He doesn't think he has ever been this affectionate with his prey before, but he feels such intense attraction to this young man that he just doesn't want to stop touching him. Lavi is definitely not objecting. He is winding his arms around to stroke up Kanda's spine and run his fingers through his hair. When their kissing slows and finally stops, they gaze at each other again, this time with much sleepier expressions, and Lavi can't help but remember how tired he really was, and still is. Kanda sees this and reaches for the blanket that is now squished between the wall and his back, and pulls it up over them. Lavi smiles and closes his eyes, his fingers still sifting through the dark strands he has already grown so fond of.


Kanda's eyes drift open to a twilit cabin room. He looks at the sleeping redhead beside him, and then out the window that slowly lightens the room. The clock called the Sun is ticking down, and he must leave now or be trapped until it sets again. For once he wouldn't mind being trapped, save for the fact that Lavi's cabin is made to be bright and cheery during the day, and Kanda would burst into flames with the first direct ray of sunlight.

Quickly finding and putting on his clothes, Kanda takes one last look at the man who makes him feel what no one ever has before. He strides over to Lavi, leaning over to plant a chaste farewell kiss to his lips, and turns to leave before it is too late.


Oops. Kanda turns to see Lavi sitting up, a confused, sleepy look on his face. He takes three steps and pushes his fingers through that wild burgundy hair. "I must depart before the sun rises, but I will return."

"Depart? Why? The sun…oh. That's right, you're a vampire, huh? Where do you stay during the day?"

"I've rented a place near the edge of this town." Kanda tries not to show how anxious this delay is making him. He may not have enough time to get to safety if this goes on any longer, however much he wishes to stay. "I must go, Lavi, but I will see you again." Kanda kisses Lavi one last time, passionate and promising, before rushing out the door and through the trees faster than Lavi can blink.

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