"Almost there," Lavi assures, rounding a corner of the path and climbing the last of the hill it spans.

"Better be," Kanda grumbles. "I thought you said this place was a short ways away."

"It is, for us," he grins, sharp fangs glinting in the moonlight.

It is true, they had only been traveling for half an hour, but they had been running and the distance would have taken a human hours to traverse. It's worth it, Lavi knows, to get Kanda up here despite his complaints.

When they reach the summit, Lavi stops to let Kanda take in the scene. To the left is a fenced-in field of moldering gravestones, each adorned with a stylized Celtic cross and a faded name. To their right is a hulking stone fortress, traditionally Irish in the style of the land. Dilapidated, there are holes in the walls, the spires are crumbling, and the drawbridge is rotting, but it is more than its appearance. Inside is the centuries-old library where Lavi found what they've been searching for.

"Come on," Lavi invites and leads the way.

They tentatively cross the treacherous drawbridge and pick their way through the debris in the dark corridors until they reach the musty collection of aged texts. The high windows are framed by tattered velvet curtains parted to allow the shine of stars. In the center of the room is a wide marble table, whereupon sits a thick black tome. Lavi gestures to the book, already open to the appropriate page, and Kanda shoots him a dubious look before approaching to read.

After a moment, he stiffens. "This…!" Glancing back at a smiling Lavi, Kanda is too astonished for speech.

"It's what we've been looking for," Lavi confirms. "We can find her, Yuu. We can kill her."

Kanda closes his eyes and clenches his fists. Ever since the night he witnessed his sister's murder, he has dreamt of this. Attaining the means to find and kill the vampire responsible for her death had been his only reason to live. Now he had Lavi, but his desire for vengeance burned on. With the information written in this book, he could not only track her down whenever he wanted, but he could weaken her before she even saw them coming. It was everything they dared hope to find and more.

"This is what you were doing yesterday?" he simply asks.

"Well, yeah," Lavi answers, confused. "What did you think? That I was stalking that bar wench because I said her form was vivacious?"

Growling, Kanda grabs Lavi by the shirt and brings their faces close together. "I'm sick of sharing you with them."

"It's not like I enjoy sharing you with the humans, either, Yuu, but we both gotta eat, don't we?" Lavi fights a smirk. "Besides, it's not like we're screwing anyone but each other, so what's it matter?"

"It matters," Kanda hisses.

"Then, you know the solution, right?" Lavi purrs. "We kill the witch, become human, and then we never have to involve anyone in our lives ever again. Except Allen, Lenalee, Komui, Reever, Krory, Miranda, and anyone else we happen to make friends wi—" Lavi is cut off by his own yelp that turns into a moan when Kanda grips his upper arms and crushes his mouth in a wicked kiss. There was something to be said for Kanda's jealousy.

Lavi eagerly kisses back, provoking the searching tongue and instigating a brief but intense fight. Simultaneously, they begin to tug clothing out of the way. Without breaking contact, they strip each other in haste until there is no more hindering fabric between them. When they separate, Lavi shivers at the wild expression he has created.

Their mouths meet in a wet, forceful kiss as their hands grasp for firm holds. Lavi doesn't bother to hold back his sounds. Kanda presses their hips together and their twin groans echo through the dusty library. Soon sweat and moisture in the humid air ease the slide of smooth flesh and Kanda's expert rhythm.

"Like that, Yuu, just like that," Lavi avidly cheers, mouthing an earlobe.

Lavi twists his hips and Kanda's eyelids slide shut. In a fraction of a second, Lavi slams Kanda's shoulders to the chilled marble and gets a hiss for his trouble. Then Kanda doesn't care anymore because Lavi's hot mouth counters the cold slab nicely. Circling a nipple, Lavi nips and kisses his way down the trim abdomen and stops at his third favorite part of his lover. First and second being brain and eyes, of course.

As a painter and his masterpiece, Lavi deals out perfect strokes, painting the beautiful scene of Kanda's imminent release. With soft groans and whispered encouragement, Kanda approves of this endeavor. Before the project is complete, Lavi decides to go a different direction with his work. Agile tongue sliding home expertly, he caresses and teases open the stubborn little nub until he can fit a slick finger inside.

"Fuck, Lavi!" Kanda breathes when his button is pressed so gently.

"That's the idea," Lavi grins and devours him whole. His reward is the unabashed moan reverberating unrestrained from Kanda's mouth.

Before he is driven too far, Kanda digs demanding fingers into Lavi's soft red hair and pulls him up to growl against his lips, "Come on," and bites them. He allows a fang to puncture the soft tissue because he knows it will stoke the feral fires in Lavi's belly. He is not disappointed.

Lavi bares his teeth and pulls Kanda's head back to expose the tempting line of his throat. "You got it," he mutters.

"Ah!" Kanda gasps as Lavi pushes in. The trickle of blood patters onto the table near his ear and Kanda shudders against the nearly intolerable bliss of being drained and filled at the same time. Lavi deliberately spikes Kanda's blood with an extra-strength dose of the enzymes. Eyes rolling back and teeth aching, he finds a firm, delicious home for them in the hollow between Lavi's exposed collar bone and strong shoulder. His eyes flutter as the tingling elixir of their mutual lust swirls into his heart and out to his extremities. His appreciation rumbles through Lavi's flesh and tumbles down his spine.

When they pull apart, licking the blood from their lips, their eyes are glassy and their bodies radiate heat. Rocking to the imaginary beat of their dead hearts, Lavi drops filthy words and sweet, bloody kisses like warm rain over Kanda's skin. He drinks them in and decorates Lavi's back with thin, shallow lines of need. "More," he groans. Lavi complies, dipping his head to gently trace dangerous fangs over delicate skin as he redoubles the pace.

His veins burn with it and the deep look in Lavi's vivid green eye is enough to send him spiraling up and crashing down with a whole-body shudder and a choked shout of his name. Shattered, Kanda clings as Lavi moans a long, quiet, "Yuu…"

Their final kiss is as the sunrise: warm, hopeful, and full of strident light.


Shaking his head at Komui's usual ridiculousness, Allen squeezes Lenalee's hand to get her attention. He looks towards where Lavi and Kanda are returning from their little vacation.

"I wonder how Kanda took the news," Allen says.

"Well, if their disheveled appearances are any indication…" Reever lears.

"Don't say such lecherous things in front of Lenalee!" Komui demands, emphatically waving his arm in her direction.

"What? She's 19 now. It's not like she and Allen haven't—"

Allen interrupts by clearing his throat and loudly greeting their returning companions. "Welcome back! How was it?"

"Fun!" Lavi replies.

"And informative," Kanda soberly adds. "We know exactly where to go next."

"Great!" Lenalee smiles. "Where to?"

"Japan," Lavi answers.

"But you're not going," Kanda declares. "It's too—"

"Yeah, yeah, we know," Allen rolls his eyes. "It's too dangerous for us puny humans and you have to go by yourself because of some ingrained sense of honor or some such, right?" Kanda is humorously taken-aback. "Well, tough, okay? We're going."

"That's right," Lenalee agrees, with a firm nod for good measure.

"But Lenalee!" Komui cries.

"Oh, shut up, brother, you're coming, too," Lenalee huffs and Komui's eyes glaze with appreciative tears.

Laughing, Lavi says, "Well, that's settled, then. To Japan!"

Kanda sighs in defeat, but part of him is grateful. He won't have to do this alone. His friends will always be beside him.

Lavi's smile is bright and loving and Kanda believes he will never get used to this feeling.