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Previously in I Am Not A Failure: Haley and Lucas get busted by a very weird photographer and Brooke and Nathan decide that their relationship needs a lot of changes.

'Second Chance'

'I can't even get out of my place without people asking me what is going on between Lucas and me.' Haley whined for what seemed like the hundredth time today.

To Brooke anyways.

The story had leaked about a week ago and Haley was still talking about it. Brooke kind of understood, it had affected her whole life .People were curious, they wanted to know where and how? And when and why? Haley wasn't ready to tell them anything yet because she herself didn't know what Lucas and she were.

Yeah they had to see more of each other now because of what their agents had decided, but he made it clear that all wasn't forgiven. And there was Lindsay; she had taken it horribly but apparently not horribly enough to leave Lucas.

She had even said in an interview that she knew that Lucas and Haley's wedding had been a teenage mistake. And that had pissed off Haley so much. How could that girl dare say something like that when she knew nothing about Haley or what her wedding with Lucas had been?

But Brooke listened and never complained because Haley was her friend and she needed her right now. Haley was probably the last person she had on this Earth. Gosh she missed Nathan…

Brooke could have said that Haley was acting selfish but no. She kept quiet because in a way Haley's problems made her not think about her own. In the past week she had become the shadow of herself and somehow Haley hadn't noticed.

She was wrong.

Haley had noticed everything: that Brooke barely picked at her food , or that Brooke was currently squatting her apartment and cried herself to sleep every night. But she felt like it wasn't time to bring it up just yet so she talked. Mostly about herself and Lucas and how this and that…

To get her friend's mind off what had happened that day with Nathan. She was dying to know. She really really really wanted to know but she wanted to give her friend time.

But after seeing Brooke zone out like she had done so many times this past week, she decided she could no longer wait.

'Brooke… Are you okay?' she tried.

Brooke quickly plastered a fake smile on which didn't go unnoticed by Haley.

'Tutor -Wife! Yeah I am fine.' She said cheerily.

Haley shook her head half wanting to shake her friend.

-' You're NOT fine; you haven't been this whole week. And it's about time you tell me why.' Haley said sternly.

Brooke stared at Haley in shock. So Haley had noticed after she tell her? She had to. She needed to share this with someone.

'Nathan and I … We are not like you and Lucas, he doesn't love me like I would want him to' Brooke said quickly trying not to cry.

Haley shook her head confused.

-' You guys talked right? I mean you guys were… Gosh you're Brooke and Nathan. He loves you!'

-' Haley we talked and it didn't work, relationships are about trust… Haley it wasn't only with Peyton that he was, they were more girls…'Brooke said finally.

Haley gasped. She was going to kill Nathan as soon as she saw him. How could he? How? Poor Brooke but she also knew this wasn't the end of the story.

'Did he tell you that? '

'Not exactly but he eluded to it, he said that he hadn't been the most faithful boyfriend and I don't know what it means but I know it means there is more right?' Brooke said quickly.' He was great and I love him but he threw away my trust and you know how hard it is for me to trust people completely, I don't want to get hurt Haley .'

'Brooke honey, of course you have to be with someone that you trust but you also have to learn to forgive. Everyone deserves a second chance. You love Nathan and he loves you. He cheated with Peyton and possibly with other girls or not, but will you ever find someone in this world that you will love this much .Don't mess it up, I know I did and I am still paying for it.' Haley said softly.

Brooke sighed . Haley was right. She loved Nathan so much that even tough she knew he had cheated with one of her friends, he was still all she thought about and she still worried about him. But she wasn't ready yet to let him in again.

'I don't know , I need to think about it. Thanks Hales, I knew there was a reason why I came to your house.' Brooke said, standing up to hug her friend.

'Yeah I give really good speeches! 'Haley said smiling trying to make her friend smile.

It worked. Brooke half-smiled.

'Yeah you smiled, I missed your smile.' Haley continued.

' I mean it Tutor-Wife, thank you.' Brooke said smiling. It felt great and yeah maybe her and Nathan were done or maybe they weren't. But she knew there was someone she could count on forever that would never leave her and that was her best friend. Haley James-Scott.

'Anytime , now how about we shop till we drop'. Haley joked.

'Hales … Never say that again. About shopping tough I am not very keen on facing the crowd outside your building but how about we bring the shops to us.'

Haley smiled watching her friend check out the Harrods store online.

She wasn't going to lie. Having the whole world know she was married to Lucas didn't bother her at all. She was proud of it. She just wanted Lucas to be proud too. She wanted him to take her back and just… She loved him. He had to understand. Everyone deserved a second chance…

But she knew that if she didn't get that second chance she already had something great. A best friend. Brooke Davis.

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