Taichi + Rei: Moonlit Waltz

By: Sonfaro

He can't dance. He can't two-step. He can't jive. He's never seen a heel-toe. He thinks the Cha-Cha is a kind of curry. The thought of a gentle twirl should seem as foreign to him. Yet here he is, arms wrapped around this fragile girl, the only thing giving her any support is what little muscle mass he's built up from various adventures. He knows he's hurting her, and yet he can't stop. She asked for this, consented to this. And though he knows the tears rolling down her rosy cheeks are not from joy, he holds her tighter still; for fear that she might leap away from him, off into the night sky. But she will not. Her figure is against his; her warmth is melting his soul. And, in his own way, he loves her.

She can't dance. She hasn't been able to do much of anything for several months. Afflicted as she is with a severely fractured spine. She's lucky to even be alive. The thought of a moonlit waltz beneath the eastern stars should be far-fetched to her. Yet here she is, her arms desperately clinging to the boys broad shoulders, giving her all to him, knowing that he can't give nearly as much back. But she's satisfied with this still rocking, and that is a very precious thing. For, in her own way, she loves him.

They can't dance. For one reason or another, expression through movement has always eluded them. Holding each other, rocking back and forth to the soft piano of one Wada Kouji. The image is almost sad should a passerby see them. A wheelchair bound girl being held up poorly by a tanned boy, her feet limply set upon his own.

And yet…

Here they are, survivors of tragedies children their age shouldn't bare to see, holding each other for support. For love. And there is more beauty in that than in the entire world. For, in her way, she loves him. And in his way, he loves her. And love in any form is stronger than a car accident, a one-hundred percent combination… stronger even than life and death. They dance, these tamers of victory. Taichi Yagami and Rei Saiba. Far from public scrutiny, otherworldly monsters, and overprotective psychopathic siblings. And so, the waltz plays on. And if only for one night, they are content.

And to think. I wrote this in ten minutes. Enjoy a V-Tamer's sad-fluff fic.