Disclaimer: This will be the closest I would ever get to own Goong and all its characters. This was a result of the resurrection of my addiction the series just about a month ago. I have watched the whole series twice and watched my favourite scenes countless number of times. I have however, never read the manga before. Therefore, this entire fan-fiction will be based solely on what had happened in the Goong TV Series and nothing else. I merely needed an avenue to release all the pent up frustration with the lack of a second season as well as my obsession with Shin-goon. ; ) Also, just so that you guys don't have any kind of expectations, I do not have a particular penchant for excessive drama, so I doubt you would see any re-enactment of the drama over Hyorin or Yul in this series. I'm a sucker for happy endings and absolutely hate people who ruin couples. The couple will, however, face challenges of an entirely different type. ; )

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This takes place just right after their 'marriage' in Macau and Chae-Kyung has just shown signs of nausea, leading to Grandmother's inference that she may be pregnant.

Uhm, I wasn't sure what term to use for the King's mother, so I'll just refer to her as Grandmother.

"Is it – Baby?" Grandmother asked hopefully. Her face lighted up.

Shin and Chae-kyung exchanged incredulous looks. A thousand possible scenarios ran through their minds as they thought of the various events through which the conception of this imaginary baby could have occurred. Maybe they had come close to it once or twice especially when they had just made up after the horrific divorce scandal they had went through. Even then, what resulted was just a passionate kiss and the further they went to undressing was well, removing Shin's coat. They could never have gone on to do 'it' since Chae-kyung would put a curb to Shin's testosterone-driven desires – with the intake of tonic or not – with her excessive strength.

"No, no of course not. It must have been the… "

"We have to get you back to Korea as soon as possible so that you can get the best care available from the Royal Physician!"

Grandmother interjected Chae-Kyung's attempt at explaining that the nausea was really a result of the excessive amounts of egg tarts she had consumed earlier in the morning. She was obviously overwhelmed by the mere thought of being able to carry her great-grandchild in hand, regardless of whether or not the pregnancy really existed. Shin's typical calm and cool manner of attempting to clear things up was hastily brushed off by Grandmother as she went on to make a few calls back to the palace, spreading the news already.

Before the newly re-married couple knew it, they were shooed off into the car and driven back to the Princess's apartment to begin her packing up.

"What about my studies?"

"Oh don't worry, you're royalty. The University will be willing to make a special exception for you. You'll just have to complete your degree from Korea. Besides, you should be worrying about your baby, not your degree!"

"The people of Korea hate me! I'm supposed to be exiled remember?"

"You're pregnant with a descendant. That, my dear child, can erase a thousand sins."

"But I'm not even…"

"Okay no more words from you Princess! Please do get some rest! Oh dear oh dear, I hope there will be a flight back for you today."

Chae-Kyung's attempts at pulling her dear Grandmother back to reality were clearly in vain. Even Unni was beginning to suspect that Chae-Kyung's pregnancy was a mere figment of Grandmother's imagination as she looked at her uneasily.

Shin had a look of perplex mixed with amusement. As usual, nothing seemed to faze him at all. Either the problem really did not seem that large or he already had a solution in mind. Chae-Kyung tried to catch his attention and get some help, but he merely threw her his most winsome smile as he drove the car to a stop at the entrance of the hotel where Grandmother was residing.

She got off most reluctantly, but not before stealing a second glance at Chae Kyung to ensure that she was definitely still in one piece.

"Please drive safely, Prince! You've got two lives at sake! Or even three!" Grandmother giggled to herself as she silently calculated the possibilities of Chae Kyung expecting twins instead.

"What on earth were you thinking? You didn't even bother to help me! You know very well that there could no possibility of me being pregnant at all. All you could do was sit there and smile? What is wrong with you? She's honestly going to think that I'm pregnant with some non-existent child in my stomach right now. This could be a disaster you know? A TOTAL DISASTER! Shin-goon! Are you listening or not?"

He merely chuckled to himself as he stared back at her big-eyes. He resisted a desire to kiss her there and then as Unni attempted to calm the frantic Princess.

"We'll talk about this when we get back. Don't worry, I'll deal with it."

Chae Kyung saw it as a cue to shut up even though she still could not help but worry. It was her body that would have to be subjected to examination by the Royal Physician after all. It was her life that would be interrupted by the greater calling of being royalty, once again.

She sighed and pondered about all the different terrible consequences that could possibly result.