Everybody (old team & new team) was in the conference room sitting around the glass table

Everybody (old team & new team) was in the conference room sitting around the glass table. It was raining cats and dogs outside; it seemed as if the sky was also crying for Amber's unfortunate death.

"She'd have survived if she hadn't taken those pills, she was a very strong woman" Kutner said. Nobody answered, all were silent, mourning. "Poor Wilson, they made a great couple" Kutner continued.

"Dr. Chase?" A nurse said approaching them. "Dr. House has woken up, he's stable"

"Thank you, Lydia" Chase said. Everybody breathed.

"Thank God!" 13 said

"Someone might need to go to House's home and bring him some clothes or something, he might be here for some days" Kutner talked again.

"I'm leaving" Chase said standing up. "I need a drink after this horrible day. Are you coming?"

"I'm coming" Kutner said standing up

"Hell, carpe diem. Coming too" 13 said

"Sorry guys, my wife is waiting for me" Taub said

"I'm coming too" Foreman said

"Cameron?" Chase asked.

"No, I'm going home. Had a long shift. Next time" Cameron said with a smile.

2 hours later...

Cameron was back at the hospital carrying a suitcase. She paged Dr. Cuddy and now she was waiting for her outside House's room.

"Dr. Cameron, I thought you were at home. Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, it's just... Kutner said that House might need some clothes and...Here" Cameron gave Cuddy his suitcase.

"He's stable, he's sleeping now, we've put him in morphine for the pain" Cuddy said and Cameron nodded.

"Good night, Dr. Cuddy" Cameron said and turned to leave

"Allison!" Cuddy said grabbing her arm. "Keep him company tonight"

"If I hadn't come, you would have stayed with him" Cameron replied

"No, I'd have assigned a nurse to keep him company. You know that's not the best option, we're talking about House"

"You are his friend"

"So are you"

"You are his doctor"

"Wilson worries me more than House. It's been a painful loss, you know better than anyone what is like" Cameron nodded at that. "Wilson would be all alone tonight, he needs someone there, I can't be in both places"

"Go then" Cameron said

"Thank you" Cuddy squeezed her hand. "I knew I could count on you"

"Really? Why?"

"Because even you deny it, I know you still care about House"

"People change"

"No, dear, they don't" Cuddy said with a little smile. "You wanna be here" And left.