Suddenly, Cameron opened her eyes and House jumped a little but said nothing

Suddenly, Cameron opened her eyes and House jumped a little but said nothing. They just looked at each other.

"I will if you let me" Cameron whispered, her voice a bit sleepy.

"Oh, no, how much have you heard?" House said a bit embarrassed.

"Um, I've been awake when I felt someone covering my body with a blanket"

"Damn it!!" House said. "Couldn't you just open the eyes at that moment so I wouldn't be so exposed right now?"

"What about you? You've been awake when I was talking to you!!" Cameron said and slapped his hands playfully.

"Hey! What is it with the hitting? I already have enough with my limp and a terrible headache" House said with a little smile and Cameron started to chuckle. "Don't laugh at me, I'm serious"

"So I am" Cameron said really seriously.

"Seriously?" House quirked an eyebrow.

"Do I have to slap you again?" Cameron said as she entwined her hand with his and he squeezed it.

"I'd like a repeat" Cameron was about to do it but House caught her other hand. "I was talking about a repeat of that kiss we had in my office"

"You only want to love life?"

"That's the plan"

"With me?"

"You want me to say it, don't you?" Cameron said. "I've already said it"

"I was asleep" Cameron said smirking

"You were not so sleeping"

"No speech, no kiss" House sighed.

"All right, I, Gregory House, I want you Allison Cameron to keep me company forever and ever because I just wanna love life, because you are my actual and future purpose because you make me happy and because I heart you. How about that?" House closed his eyes. "That sounded so so sappy!"

"Just shut up" Cameron said and leaned closer to give him the sweetest and loving kiss he really deserved. "I do. You wanna keep me company forever and ever?"

"I do"

"I heart you, Greg" Cameron said with a smile

"I heart you too, Ally" House said with a smile.

"Have some rest now" Cameron said caressing his scruffy beard.

"I will if you join me in my bed"

"It's too small for both of us"

"I'll make you room, come on" Cameron joined him and he quickly put his arms around her and she put her head on his chest.

"Do I crush you with my head here?"

"Not at all" House could feel her smile and he couldn't avoid not smiling too.

"Good night, Greg" Cameron kissed his chest

"Good night, Ally" And House kissed her head.

The following day, Cuddy went to check House and she was welcome with a very tender image of House and Cameron sleeping peacefully together entwined one another. Cuddy smiled at their image and allow them to sleep some more. Things will take a more positive direction for everybody; that was something Cuddy was totally certain and so did they.