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Miroku worked the box knife through the thick tape at the seam carefully, Reino beside him with his arms crossed and a bland expression on his face, and the other three peering over their shoulders curiously.

"What is it?" came an eager inquiry from behind. Miroku lifted the lid, and they all looked in.

Inside the long box were five stuffed toys. Beagle puppies. The strange thing was that each of them, though otherwise identical, had wigs sewn onto their heads, done in colours and styles identical to the Vie Ghoul band members' own. They all blinked. Reino picked up the Reino Beagle, eyed it flatly, then gave it a squeeze.

"Woof, woof!" it barked cheerfully. The tone was incredibly annoying.

"What kind of weird fan would send…?"

"Um, you guys…look at the tag on the collars…"

Each dog had a leather collar with metal tags. The tags were engraved. Reino stared at the inscription expressionlessly for a while, then scowled deeply, throwing the stuffed toy to the floor and stalking out of the room wearing the face of a man who had been thwarted and then mocked.

The tags all said, 'Love, Sho'.