This is just a random oneshot that I HAD to write. So enjoy.

Voldemort's skull-white figure seemed to fill the night even as it split it apart. His white head seemed almost to glow against the dark sky behind him, his black robes blending in with the backdrop. He raised his wand, pointed it at the scruffy-looking teenager standing a mere five yards away.

"This is the end for you, Harry Potter!" he cried.

"Guess again, Voldemort!"

Voldemort laughed. "What do you have that could possibly defeat me? You're wandless. You're weak. You should've been dead already, if it weren't for that stunt you pulled back in the forest--"

"You mean coming back to life? That was your fault, actually."

"My fault?! How was that--" He stopped, then laughed again. "You're a sneaky one, Harry Potter, keeping me talking until your friends arrive. But you should know better than anyone that they won't find us here on the highway."

Harry grinned. "Wrong again!"

Before Voldemort could fire back a sharp retort, the scream of a truck horn split the night. He turned back and, sure enough, two headlights were coming at him faster than anything he'd ever seen before. He turned back to Harry, open-mouthed, but Harry was gone.

There wasn't time to jump, or even to scream, before...


The semi squealed to a stop, but continued running, the steady hum of its engine the only sound in the silence that followed. Harry sat up in the roadside ditch, met the eyes of the truck driver.

"Nice one, Hermione."

Hermione grinned. "See, Ron? I told you getting a driver's licence was a good idea!"

Ron rolled his eyes and continued fiddling with the radio. "Oh, shut up and help me find a decent station!"

Hermione couldn't stop grinning. "Come on, Harry. Let's go home."