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When little 2-year old Ryoma and his family was returning home after visiting his great-grandfather who was now dying which made him a hundred times grumpier than he already is not to mention that in the will it was written that he will give Nanjiroh an old Japanese styled house which is obviously located in Japan that was the only thing that was written in the will that he will be giving to them...

Nanjiroh(muttering):"baka Oyaji" Unknown to the Samurai his son had heard what he has said.

Ryoma, after hearing an unknown word got curious and decided to ask his Okaa-san on what did the strange word mean. Walking into the kitchen he succeeded and found her...

Ryoma:"Okaa-san, what's a 'baka Oyaji'?"

Rinko:"Ryoma dear,it's a Japanese word"

Ryoma(still curious):"Well, what does it mean?"

Rinko:"Well I think it means 'stupid old man'"

Ryoma:"Dad is a stwupid old man"

Rinko(absentmindedly):"Yes, sometimes he is"

Little Ryoma strolled into the living room where his dad was reading some of his porn.

Ryoma:"Baka Oyaji"

Nanjiroh(a little pissed):"What did u call me Ryoma?"

Ryoma:"Baka, baka, baka Oyaji!"

Nanjiroh(twitching+almost pissed):"Why you little brat!"

He grabbed Ryoma's waist and lifted the little boy.

Ryoma:"Waah! Let go of me Oyaji!"

Nanjiroh:"Shut up brat!"

Ryoma:"Don't cwall me a bwat! My name is Ryoma!Baka Oyaji"

Nanjiroh:"And what if I keep calling you a brat? Huh what are you going to do? Brat"

Ryoma:"This" Pow! Ryoma had taken the advantage of being held up to get a chance to punch Nanjiroh's eyes and because of this he dropped Ryoma who luckily fell on a pillow while his Oyaji now had a black eye.

Nanjiroh(twitching):"That's it! Go practice your service brat!" he said as he pointed at the tennis courts.

Ryoma(muttering):" baka oyaji"

Then Rinko arrived in the picture...

Rinko:"That's funny, since when did you call Ryoma a 'brat'?"

Nanjiroh:"Since now"

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