Disclaimer: I don't own spiderman or Avatar: The Last Airbender. I know, you're all sooo disappointed.

I don't even like spiderman...

Avatar-man (A Spiderman Theme song parody)

Avatar, Avatar
is where ever the benders are
He's learning all the elements
to face whatever Ozai presents
Look out!
Here comes the Avatar!

Is he cute? Listen bud,
the Kyoshi girls think he's a stud!
His friends can fly over head,
except whenever Appa sheds.
Hey, there,
There goes the Avatar!

In the Earth Kingdom
and Northern Water tribe
training to become
like what Roku described.

Avatar, Avatar
master of all elements, Avatar
Wealth and fame, he's a monk!
He has none and can't get drunk.

He wants to stop the Fire Nation
and go on a vacation.
It's tiring being the Avataaar!