"Just to Touch Him..."

Chapter One: Lips Which Lie

By Digiboy-stew

Notes and warnings: This fanfiction depicts characters from the animated show, "Digimon" engaging in some behaviors which some may find inappropriate. Most noteworthy, it contains an in-depth scene of two underage boys having intercourse. It should also be noted that there is gratuitous mentioning of underwear and brief-styled swimwear in a highly sexual manor (yes, I do have a "thing" for undies). If you happen to find this unappealing or offensive, then I suggest maneuvering you eyes away from this page.

This work of fanfiction is used without the permission of any company affiliated with the creation of the "Digimon" cartoon.

The following story takes place four years after the conclusion of the second season of Digimon. Being that the main characters in this story were twelve years old at that time, they are now sixteen, and attending eleventh grade.

Stepping off the yellow bus, he gave Kari a hollow kiss, before they parted ways for another redundant day of eleventh grade. There was nothing particularly bad about this meeting of the lips. Every kiss that TK planted on his girlfriend was hollow, void of any sustenance. It was a microcosm of a relationship which TK found to be limp, and unfulfilling. How badly TK wanted to open up to Kari with the truth of how he felt about the two of them dating, but he couldn't bear to hurt her in such a manner. Thus the facade went on.

Years ago, TK did feel that he loved Kari. Being the only two Digidestined to actively partake in victory over Myotismon on two separate occasions, they developed an intricate comradery with each other. Following the group's D-3 powered moving of the final destiny stone, Kari and TK's future destinies seemed set in stone, when Azulongmon informed all six kids that the crests of light and hope were unique from the others, and worked in harmony together.

Fate seemed to have allotted TK and Kari to be united for life. And while Kari was in syncopation with the idea, TK felt a chronic despair since the two had started dating over three years ago.

To be fair, TK did have love for his girlfriend. Kari was one of the few people whom TK could divulge his innermost secrets to, knowing that she could comfort him with the same kind of sympathetic compassion that he used to obtain from his somewhat estranged older brother (constantly out of town, continuously touring the world with his rock gig). It wasn't until their fledgling relationship began to flutter, that TK came to the jagged realization that love is a versatile entity which takes on a wide variety of shapes. He loved Kari as a friend beyond all others he'd ever come across. She was closer to him than most brothers and sisters ever become. But, therein lay the problem. The love he had for Kari was in the same mold as the love he had for Matt, or Patamon, or his mom. It wasn't the phase of love one should feel towards a romantic companion.

None of this was Kari's fault. None of her actions warranted TK to abstain from sensually and sexually getting close to her. Wasn't Kari's fault at all. She just ended up on the wrong end of the chromosome lottery, being dealt XX, as opposed to XY.

For over a year, TK had acknowledged to himself the fierce lust he had for other boys, though it had been around much longer than that. Class periods in school were spent glancing at other boys causing his mind to wander into escapades of ecstasy. He'd envision himself under their desks, opening the flies of their khakis or jeans as the teacher continued on with the lecture. He wanted to suck them off so well they'd wish the dismissal bell would never ring, and school would be extended. That was one of his more tame fantasies. It was an absolute mystery to TK that he never failed to get straight A's while being bombarded with such daydreams.

Returning home, the fantasies would come to fruition with the aid of his left hand. Daydreaming aside however, it remained the only sexual companion he'd eloped with. His virginity was still intact.

Hints of girlish mannerisms were slowly surfacing as well. TK's room became an orphanage for a daunting stuffed animal collection (his favorites being vintage Care Bears and inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood). The decor and color scheme of the room had shifted as well, from plain white and dark green to a pastel ambiance of seafoam green, washed out banana yellow, and wisteria purple, like a hotel room one would see on Miami Vice.

TK's mother did have some concern over the idea that her youngest son could be a homosexual, but older brother Matt (protective of the younger sibling, as always) reasoned that TK had always been an introverted boy, and it was a healthy thing that he expressed himself anyway he wished. Matt, himself a bisexual, was pretty keen on picking up on his little brother's homosexuality, but never questioned him about it, instead sitting back and waiting for the boy to spill it out.

One aspect of TK's effeminate belongings his mother had yet to see was his clothing, as TK had opted to do his own laundry for quite a few years. While most other teen boys made the trendy conversion from shorter-than-short briefs to the cult of boxer shorts, TK strayed further into a skin-showing underwear realm. Bikini briefs became the new lounge for his boys, except when, once in a blue moon, he succumbed to raunchy urges and wedged into a thong.

As other teens walked sandy beaches like albino fugitives, their legs hidden under shin-long board shorts, TK's lanky legs seemed to be inviting the sun to permeate their skin. He would sport a pair of green speedos, obtaining V-shaped tanlines which lingered for days after. Kari had seen her boyfriend masquerading in his lycra swimwear for weeks at a time. For that matter, so did all the other digidestined, being that TK hit the beach wearing them during the annual digidestined summer vacation.

The other kids (especially outspoken Yolei) would tell TK how cool it was for him the flaunt such attire. All except for Kari, who, like TK's mother, was worried something might be askew with her boyfriend. On birthdays and holidays she'd express her opinions through passive-aggressive means.

Stuffed animals, crocheting yarn, new hats, and even hair products were bestowed upon TK by the other kids. Kari's gifts, however, consisted of things like board shorts, action movies, and even dumbbells. It was at these times that TK could feel the gap between the two opening ever wider. It felt like the two were on separate icebergs, perpetually drifting in opposing directions, with a dark ocean of deception, deceit, and despair stirring between. And as TK parted lips with his pseudo-girlfriend, he could feel the spray of surging dark waves ramming the glacier's jutting cliffside.

Even in first period gym class, swimming in a chlorinated, indoor pool, TK felt like he was being whipped around in a sea of loveless deceit.