I'm sure potions aren't meant to do that – Chapter 7

Summary - What happens when Draco and Harry are involved in a Potions accident, and end up with a baby to look after? Who is this baby and where did it come from? And more importantly, what are they going to do with it?

Disclaimer - Funnily enough, Harry Potter isn't mine.

Harry looked down at his plate once more, pushing the food around with his fork as Hermione sighed.

"Harry, you have to eat." She continued before he had a chance to speak. "I know you're nervous about the meeting tonight, but not eating isn't going to help anything." Harry shrugged and began to eat small mouthfuls to calm his stomach. What was he thinking? The houses of Gryffindor and Slytherin had been enemies for so long; how could he bring them together after all this time? He sighed and bolstered his nerve; Hermione had a plan and Hermione's plans always worked. He just had to keep calm and follow the plan.

He finished his meal and sat back, waiting for the others, watching Draco and the Slytherins leave the Great Hall. He didn't have to wait long, and soon Harry and his friends made their way to the Room of Requirements.

When they arrived the Slytherins were waiting inside, sat in comfy armchairs around a warm open fire and chatting easily to each other. The Gryffindor and Ravenclaw contingent sat opposite; in chairs and sofas the room provided on their entrance and looked slightly uneasily at each other.

"So, shall we get this started?" Luna began cheerfully, causing Blaise to snort softly.

"How do we go about resolving the issues between our houses?" Harry asked, looking between Draco and Hermione.

"I'm not entirely sure; this has never been done before to my knowledge, but I would imagine it's as simple as the two leaders agreeing to a truce and explaining it through to their respective houses. The houses will either follow suit or vote to re-elect a new leader." Hermione explained before Pansy took over.

"The Slytherins won't re-elect a new leader; the majority are firmly in Draco's court, which only leaves the Gryffindors."

"The Gryffindors will follow Harry." Ron stated firmly. "He's both the Chosen One and the Best Seeker we've had in years." He grinned at Harry who smirked back.

"Maybe it's time to use my fame to my advantage Ron."

"It may be worth talking to Hannah Abbott and Erik Langstrome to see whether the other two houses want in on the action, as I believe the muggles say." Luna said. "I know Erik was keen to foster a relationship between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor at the beginning of the year." Hermione hmm'ed and noted this down in a muggle notebook she had brought with her before looking between Neville and Luna.

"Luna, would you be willing to talk to Erik about this, and Neville I know you are good friends with Hannah, maybe you could talk to her." The both nodded and Harry noticed that Pansy looked somewhat annoyed that Neville would be talking to Hannah and smirked and her. His smirk grew as she blushed when she noticed his gaze.

"And while we're together and talking, I was thinking that we could invite Slytherin to the DA...although now that we know a little more about Dumbledore, I'm not sure the name DA is appropriate." Hermione said, looking at Harry who shrugged slightly to show his agreement.

"What is the DA?" Millie asked, speaking out for the first time, with a higher voice that any of the Gryffindors or Luna had expected.

"The DA is Dumbledore's Army. Harry teaches members Defence tactics and useful spells as well as supervising duels between us so we can practice." Hermione explained, and Draco laughed.

"I can see why you might need a new name. Anyone got any ideas?" He said. Surprisingly to most, it was Ron who spoke first.

"How about Legion? The Romans had Legions with highly structured hierarchies. We already have most of it set up in the DA, and we could train in a number of cohorts which make up the Legion."

"Train? You sound like we're getting ready for war rather than just re-naming a club Ron." Hermione argued.

"We're already at war Hermione. I'm a chess player; I can see the way it is going and we're not going to win with Dumbledore and Fudge in charge. We can't do much while we're still in school, but we should do what we can. Why stop at joining the houses, why not train students from all houses – the ones we know we can trust – so when the war reaches us we can be as ready as possible." Hermione's open mouth clicked shut as she evaluated Ron's speech.

"When did you get so smart Weasley?" Pansy asked, smirking at Ron's blush and stuttering.

"You're right Ron. We can just sit around in lessons while Voldemort is winning." Harry said as he stood up and paced a little. Draco was impressed at the way he took charge of the situation. "Ron and Hermione, can you two look at how we should re-organise the DA into the Legion. Luna and Neville, tell Hannah and Erik that we will want to talk about the Legion as well as a possible truce between houses, and Draco could you see whether the Slytherins would be interested in joining the DA...sorry, the Legion." Each person mentioned nodded their agreement and Harry sat back down with a grin. "We'll be ready."

They talked until curfew; it was strange to them, after each house hating the other for so long, how well they got along. Hermione mentioned that it was logical that they would; people were sorted by the hat into their respective houses because they possessed a trait the founders themselves prided themselves on having. The founders had famously been friends whose traits complimented each other, so, to Hermione, their houses working well together was no surprise.

Author's Note:

Ok...so I haven't updated for 5 years or so. KT-fic messaged me asking for me to update, and made me realise that people still read this story. So here I am...updating. It's gone in a different direction than I was originally expecting, but this chapter wrote itself, so blame the story not me :P

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