Snowpaw opened her eyes and blinked at the sun in her eyes. "Good morning Snowpaw!" said Sunpaw. "I brought you some fresh-kill." "Thanks." Said Snowpaw as she chowed down on the plump mouse.

"Hi guys!" said Rosekit bouncing up to the apprentices. "Toadkit and I are going to become Thunderclan apprentices!" she finished proudly.

"Wow! You are really growing fast!" said Icepaw as she came out of the den stretching. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highledge." Called Firestar. "Come on Foxpaw!" said Icepaw to her brother. Snowpaw the apprentices padded together in a group and sat down in front of Highledge. Hollytail and Lionheart sat next to them. "Today is an important day for Thunderclan, when two kits are to become apprentices." began Firestar. "Toadkit, from now on, you will be known as Toadpaw." Toadpaw gleamed with pleasure. "Lionheart, you are young, though you are a great fighter. I know that you will teach Toadpaw everything you learned from Ashfur." Toadpaw and Lionheart touched noses. "Rosekit, from this day, you will be called Rosepaw." "Oh thankyou soooooooo much

Firestar!!" interrupted Rosepaw bouncing up and down. "I was waiting so long for this day!" "Ahem… Brightheart, when times are hard, you never give up. I know you will teach little Rosepaw well." Blossompaw touched noses with her new mentor- well, rather ran into it than touched. "Toadpaw, Rosepaw!" Chanted the clan. Brightheart and Lionheart brought their apprentices out of the camp to show them around. "I'm so proud!" said Daisy to Spiderleg. "So am I." he said.

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