"Who are you?" asked Snowpaw affrightedly.

"I am Yellowfang. I know that you and your sister have seen Cinderpelt's dream."

Snowpaw nodded. "You mustn't tell anyone about it, because now Cinderfur leads a normal warrior life, and she is enjoying it.

If you tell someone, she won't live normally, I can guarantee that."

Snowpaw said. "Okay then, I'll tell Sunpaw." But the starry figure was already fading, replaced by a new cat.

She was gray and had a crippled hind leg. Cinderpelt?! But I thought she was Cinderfur! Snowpaw's mind was spinning.

"Who are you?" Snowpaw asked in wonder.

"I am Cinderpelt, the side of Cinderfur that she left behind when she was reborn. Specifically speaking, I am called the starry pelt of renaissance.

When Cinderpelt was reborn to Sorreltail, we had to erase the memories of her past life, so I am the Cinderpelt who wasn't reborn. The former medicine cat."

Snowpaw took some time to think about this.

Cinderkit was born, memories erased that combined into one Starclan cat, who is really the old Cinderpelt. She shook her head. "Little one, get some rest, and remember, this is a secret!"

Then, she fell asleep.