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Rage and Snow

Passersby quickly parted like the Red Sea as an angry Kaoru stomped away from campus, clutching tightly onto a jacket that clearly belonged to a man. Despite it being mid-January and the falling snow, she was not dressed for the weather. In fact, she was only in a yellow t-shirt and a pair of fleece pajama bottoms.

People stared at her as if she just escaped from a mental institute but she didn't care, she was too angry to care. Not even the cold could bother her. Rage was all the warmth she needed.

Kaoru did not need a good-for-nothing, red headed boyfriend to keep her warm. She did not need a violet-eyed fool with a worship-worthy body. No she did not need him. And she will be damned if she did!

Upon arriving at the park close to her dorm, Kaoru threw the jacket onto the snow covered ground and stomped on it like a mad woman. She cursed and she stomped relentlessly. Her hands flailed about and her voice came in whispers to shouts to mutters. If the jacket had been a live person, he or she would have died over a dozen times—if not crippled.

With one missed stomp, she nearly lost her balance and waved her arms like flapping a pair of wings, hoping this would go unnoticed but the heavens were not lenient. A suppressed chuckle was heard from behind.

"You know, abusing the jacket wouldn't do anything but harm your feet", spoke a deep, husky voice, trying to mask his amusement.

Kaoru did not need to turn around to see the annoying stranger; she would recognize that voice anywhere. "Who says I'm abusing the jacket? I'm trying to kill an annoying bug, but no matter how hard I try, it just won't freaking' die! It's as stubborn as a cockroach!" Her voice was calm but the rage and annoyance was evident in her tone.

"It must have been a very special bug to survive under such conditions and to have you so worked up that you're practically glowing", he commented with a smirk adorning his handsome face.

Snarling, Kaoru turned to face her annoying stranger with her arms crossed against her chest. Fire warmed her once clear, blue eyes as she stuck up her nose in defiance. Compared to her, he was probably all warm and snug in his blue sweater and scarf. An unexpected cold wind brushed by, causing Kaoru to shiver slightly as she sat down on the crumpled jacket, watching him slowly make his way towards her.

His flaming red hair stuck out like a sore thumb but dear God, she wished she was close enough to run her hand through its silky meshes.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to go back to killing that bug", sneered Kaoru, glaring daggers at the man who was too damn sexy for his own good. She mentally kicked herself for praising him when she' should be stomping on him like she did the jacket earlier.

"Need any help? I'd love to offer my services for free", he teased with a grin. Kaoru inhaled sharply, not wanting to look further into the innuendo and the gaze he was sending her.

"You can help by kindly throwing yourself upon an incoming car", she replied almost too cheerfully. The sadistic smile she wore didn't help the goose bumps from appearing on his arms.

Never aggravate a woman, especially one with midnight tresses and a pair of sapphire eyes by the name Kamiya Kaoru. That piece of information was safely filed away in his head for future references.

"That's not very nice", he cooed, "May I ask why you are so peeved? You're rage is practically melting the snow".

Subtly glancing at the snow around her, Kaoru frowned and turned to face her pest. "You can't expect a girl to be all nice when her stupid boyfriend would rather she freeze to death than to disappoint his obnoxious fan club". She scoffed in irritation, stopping him in his track.

He laughed lightly and scratched the back of his neck, finally understand the woman's irritation. "He sounds like the biggest jerk in the world." Kaoru nodded her head in agreement and waited for him to continue the 'bashing'. "But I'm sure he would rather you punish him than for you to run off."

Kaoru narrowed her eyes at him, a frown still on her face. She knew that what 'punish' meant to her, did not mean the same for him. She abruptly turned away, muttering something about perverts and boyfriends.

"Pigs must have flown for him to carelessly leave you unprotected. You do know how easy of a target you are in that garb, do you not?" He asked as he watched her with a predatorily gaze.

"My boyfriend may be the biggest jerk in the world but he does not appreciate strange men talking to his girlfriend like a predator to a prey." She saw the glint in his eyes and shivered inwardly. If the cold didn't get to her, it would be his gaze and that aggravating smirk she would love to kiss away. Kaoru immediately killed that thought.

"Is that so? He really is a jerk, not to mention a total idiot to leave his precious girlfriend out in the cold." With that, he tackled her to the ground, one arm supporting her head and the other wrapped around her shivering body. He rested his forehead against hers and held her close to share his warmth.

Kaoru glanced into his violet eyes with a smug look and continued, "He especially does not like men tackling his girlfriend. If he knew, or worse, saw, you would definitely be in the hospital with countless broken bones". She tugged at his bangs to give her space but instead he buried his face in her hair, inhaling her jasmine scent that sent him on edge.

"That's reassuring to know", he chuckled, not bothering to move from their compromising position.

He pulled her against his chest, almost smothering her with his arms.

"Kenshin, I can't breathe!" shouted Kaoru as she tried to push him off, but the man was too damn stubborn and too damn strong. She huffed in annoyance before a mischievous smile lit up on her face. "You're not letting me go aren't you?" Her only answer was a shake of his head and a tickle on her neck.

Laughing maniacally in her mind, Kaoru grabbed a handful of snow and allowed her hands to seductively wrap around Kenshin's neck. He thought she was giving in but he was completely wrong. In one swift move, Kaoru stuffed the handful of snow down his shirt and almost immediately he jumped up with a yelp, hopelessly trying to get the snow out.

Amidst his plight, Kaoru was bursting with laughter, clutching onto her side as she sat up and wiped away the happy tears. Successfully getting the snow out, Kenshin glared at her, only to be met with the smile and sound he treasured most within his heart.

"You're too cruel, Kaoru", he said with a frown.

"I'm still mad at you, Kenshin", she mimicked with a smirk. The light tease in her tone did not go unnoticed.

With a sigh, he crouched down beside her and took off his scarf and gently wrapped it around her neck, not wanting her to be any colder with what she was currently wearing. She just sat there with a pout and scrunched her nose when he gave it a light tap.

Tugging at the ends of the scarf, he pulled her closer to him and scorned, "Dear God Kaoru! Don't you dare run off on me again. You nearly gave me a heart attack."

"Serves you right for neglecting me and……mphhh…" he silenced her with a searing kiss that started off rough and passionate to soft and sweet.

Kaoru clutched onto Kenshin's sweater as they once again fell back onto the snow. His hands roamed around her body, warming the skin he expertly caressed while his lips ravished hers, pilfering her much needed air. As his hands settled at her hips, he began planting butterfly kisses on her neck and whispering sweet nothings meant only for her.

"You're still not forgiven", Kaoru managed to breathe out.

Kenshin looked up from his kisses and grinned, "You are a very difficult woman to please." With a triumphant smile, she held out her hand as he pulled her onto her feet. "But I love you all the same".

"I'm not that difficult, you're just using the wrong methods", she stated nonchalantly as he raised a brow in question.

Lightly shaking his head at her childish behaviour, he picked up his well-beaten jacket and dusted away the snow before draping it over her shoulders and pulling her closer to him in a warm embrace. "I'm sorry; I will never make you wait again after kendo, even if I have to get harassed by a sea of fans." He kissed her forehead and held her hand in an attempt to warm them. "Now let's get back to your place for some hot cocoa".

"No." Her voice was short and curt. "I want ice-cream".

Not at all surprised by her answer he mentioned, "But it's winter". The glare she threw had him chuckling as he pulled her closer and began walking towards her dorm. "Ice-cream it is my little panda."

Blushing profusely, Kaoru pinched Kenshin's side, hoping he would wince but he laughed even more to aggravate her.

"And Kaoru, you are never allowed to go out dressed in your pajamas ever again! Especially not in this weather", he lightly reprimanded.

"And whose fault do you think it is?" Her eyes were accusing, attempting to dig her nails in him through his thick sweater.

Heaving a heavy sigh of defeat he said, "Ice-cream sounds good right about now".

No matter what, he could never win when up against her. It's either she's just too good or he's too afraid of what she'd do to him with her bokken she always have on stand by. It was probably the latter, but that's for him to know and for her to never find out.

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