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Hidden in the obscurity of the night, a lone carriage led by two dark stallions silently made its way down the mountain path. Fresh powdered snow muffled out the noises of the creaky wheels and stubborn hooves. The horses neighed in the wind and the carriage stopped.

Gentle fingers brushed softly against his bangs, tenderly grazing over the cuts and bruises on his face. As the fingers retreated, her blue eyes met his amber ones.

"The Green Stone Bridge is just ahead, so I must take my leave." She spoke softly, hesitant to obey the commands of her burdened mind.

His eyes hardened; a bitter curve marked his lips, "Why free me if you can't free yourself?"

She looked away as the faint moonlight streamed through the small window of the carriage. Light snow gradually covered their tracks; even the wind shifted their scent to the opposite direction.

"We're different…too different." Ignoring his admonishing gaze she said, "You don't belong here."

"Neither do you."

She laughed lightly as her blue eyes glittered with dark humor. "And yet I am more than well."

He closed his eyes for a short moment, his body plagued with fatigue. "Being condemned isn't well."

"You'll be fine once you cross the bridge; I can't even take one step without torture. Take care," she whispered as she turned away.

"Kaoru," he called faintly, halting her momentarily.

She shook her head dejectedly and made way to leave the carriage.

His hand swiftly latched onto her wrist with an iron grip, yet she could feel the tenderness in the way he held on—afraid to hurt her. The tips of his fingers tingled with a wavering warmth, a fire that was struggling to explode.

Delicate brows furrowed as the carriage shifted slightly. She needed to leave.

"Don't go."

Her heart fluttered despite the commanding tone in his voice. No matter what situation he was in, he displayed no signs of weakness—no one in the three realms was as proud as he. The wind howled as dark clouds drifted pass the moon.

"Kenshin—", she began but was cut off when he pulled her down to collapse on his wounded body. Bandaged arms wound around her, trapping her to his chest as he buried his face in her jasmine scented hair.

"Leave with me."

Unable to deny him verbally Kaoru shook her head with a sigh, watching her warm breath mingle with his. "It's impossible." Despite her words, she indulged in his warmth and snuggled against his chest.

Kenshin growled slightly, unappeased by her answer, "How do you expect me to leave you in this god forbidden place?"

"Don't worry about me." Smiling sadly as her gaze lingered on his wounds; she felt an onslaught of needles attack at her fragile heart. "These wounds would be gone as if they were never there once you cross the bridge—all would be forgotten."

"Foolish woman," he rebuked gently. "I'll resent you for believing such silly thoughts."

Ding Ling. Ding Ling.

Their eyes turned to the ornamental bells on her ankle as her face turned as pale as the snow.

Wind beat at their faces when a strong hand parted the curtains. "Kaoru, the winds are shifting", spoke the elderly man as she nodded quickly, noting the urgency in his voice.

Kaoru stared at Kenshin and commanded, "You must leave now."

Kenshin looked back at her, amber eyes stained with violet. He didn't want to leave her but what could he do? His eyes flickered as he made up his mind. With one tug he lowered his head and whispered against her lips.

"Wait for me."

He kissed her and she smiled.

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