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Anyway, the main character of the story is actually an original, Soji Ikara. Although, multiple characters from the actual manga/anime will enter the story soon, such as those whom were listed in the "Character" category of the summary headlines. Anyway, there isn't much left for me to say about the story(right now, at least.) other than: I hope you enjoy reading, and remember, reviews are always welcome. ;)

Note: Pictures for all original characters/main unoriginal characters will be posted in Chapter 3.("Rules of the Life Note" does not count as Chapter 2.)


Kazahana, Japan.

This was the town. Unlike other cities in Japan, this was a town always mobilizied. You'd be hard pressed to find a time in this city where excitement and action wasn't around every corner you took. It was a lively town, one that hosted some the most powerful nobles and filthy scum in all of Japan. In a sense, you could think of it as Japan's very own Vegas: What happens in Kazahana, stays in Kazahana.

One thing that Kazahana was best known for, though, was its sense of danger. Crimes occured so rapidly that most news stations fail to keep up with the pace. And it didn't even matter who were potential victims, from the sweetest of old ladies to the cutest of young kids, if you lived in the city of Kazahana, you were in danger. Although, something was soon to befall the people of Kazahana. This danger was one whom's power would arise from the bowels of hell. A beam of hope would arises from the ashes of the danger, although. With a power such as this, though, the danger is sure to be coupled by a savior.

A savior whom, in his hands, will soon hold power from god himself.


"Yo man! The group's still on for tomorrow, right?"

Another thing that Kazahana is known for is entertainment. At one of its most popular spots for entertainment, Shibara Cinemas, a large group of men and women all in their late 20's. Walking away from the group was a man of the age of 28, probably the oldest of the group. He somewhat didn't fit in, seeming a tad bit less reckless than his companions. This man's name was Soji Ikara.

"Hmm?" he said, turning around to the man who spoke to him.

"We're still on, right? That new Hiashi Himari movie is comin' out tomorrow, and you know how much you love her!" the man said, patting Soji on the back.

"Damn...looks like I'm gonna miss out pretty bad, huh?" Soji said, backing away from him. "Sorry, but you know my job. It's going to keep me pretty busy tomorrow, so...another time, I guess?"

The group looked to him, murmurs spreading throughout the lot. "Um, yeah, whatever. Later." The group headed off in the opposite direction of Soji.

All he could really do was stare, feeling somewhat guilty for walking out on his friends like that. Not like I have a choice or anything...what am I to do? And with that, he was on his way, not wasting another thought on the subject. As he walked through the dark, damp alleyways on the street, all Soji could think about is what his job would bring him tomorrow.

You see, although he may not look like it from first appearances, Soji Ikara is actually a very important man to Japan. He works for the government as a detective on the multiple crimes that happen in this city daily, and has close ties with some of the nations' most powerful people. It was because of his stature in Japan that he couldn't simply let loose like his friends often did. Behind this mask of superiority and organization rested a wild, burning spirit. Regardless of how hard his looks tried to fool people of his true self, his personality always seemed to shine through. He was young compared to all of the other men and women he worked with, so the situation was weird enough. But to counteract with his wild spirit, to somewhat balance his ruthlessness, he was smart.

Very smart.

He was much smarter than any of the people whom he worked with. Outside of those whom worked as private investigators, he was probably one of the smartest men in Japan. "If only he could keep a lock on that attitude, he'd reach true success." That's what people say about him often, behind his back. But he was what he was, and that was never going to change.


It was his cellphone.

"Hello?" Soji said after ransacking his pockets for the darn thing.

'Soji, it's Amara.' Takashi Amara, a man whom Soji works with in the government. He's probably the oldest of all the members of their division, and one of the wisest. 'Listen, Soji, where are you right now?'

"About a block or two from Shibara Cinemas...what's the deal, Takashi?"

'Ok, good. I need you to come to the G-D office as quickly as possible. And before you open your mouth to ask questions, don't. There's some serious things going and we need everyone here, right this minute.'

Soji knew that whatever was going had to be of some kind of importance. Takashi Amara was not one to talk so hastily or to give orders so...rudely. "Yeah, I'll be right there." Before Soji even took the time to replace his phone is pocket, he was off, dashing down the sidewalk.

It was a few minutes into his dash that he tripped on something and ate a face full of sidewalk. "Fuckin'...just my luck, I guess...hmm?" He takes time to look back on what he had tripped on, suprised to see it was simply some ragged old notebook. "A notebook..." Seeing that the reason he was called to the office was so urgent, odds are he would have to take a few notes. He patted himself down to check for one, and failing that, he quickly snatched the notebook up. "Eh, nobody'll miss it."

Before taking off again, Soji took a quick glance at the notebook. The words "Life Note" were written in a large Harrington font on the front. "D' hell?" His mind, regardless of its urge to look inside, knew that time would only be wasted that way. Once again, he was off toward the Government Detective Office.


Dashing through the halls of the office, Soji was watched by all bystanders. A few guards yelled stop, but that was only before realizing who it was, exactly. On a large double door, the letters "SF" were printed on a luminescent golden plate. Soji barged through the door, panting and gaining the attention of all those whom resided in it.

"A-alright! I'm here! What's the deal?!"

"Soji..." Takashi said, walking over to the boy. "Take a seat. Everyone, take their seats, I've recieved information from our fellow countires of tragic occurances." The group all quickly make it to their seats.

Somethin' is up...somethin' serious...

Takashi stood at the head of the large table the group conversed at, clearing his throat. "Tonight, the worlds' countries' all suffer a severe loss. It has been reported that today, a worldwide crisis has occured. The leaders of nearly all the most important countries have been killed by heart attacks as of tonight."

A quick moment of silence followed murmurs of concern and shock trailed closely after Takashi's words.

"The President of the United States, Prime Minister of Europe, Austraila, Queen of England, and many more...even our very own Prime Minister Kantei. They've all been reported dead."

"B-but that's simply impossible! For all of the world's main leaders to just choke out of nowhere..." A man of the force yelled toward Takashi.

"And to all die so suddenly...of heart attacks? It sounds so familiar...could it be another Kira?"

"Don't jump to conclusions like that so suddenly!" Soji yelled to the woman whom spoke of Kira.

"Well, what else can it be?! There's never been another power such as that in history, other than that of Kira!"

Before the argument evolved into something greater, Takashi intervened. "Quiet! We are not here today to deeply discuss this manner! We all know that Kira was wiped off this earth 2 entire years ago, it's highly unprobable that your assumption is correct. Now, all of you, I did not bring you all here today to begin an investigation on this! The nations of the world whom have succumbed to this loss, including our own, have begun setting meetings with all forces with their nations. In 2 days, Japan will hold a nationwide meeting do discuss this case. As for now, though, there's nothing we can do to counteract this. Go home, all of you." It was clear that Takashi was attempting to wear a mask of bravery before his comrades, but was just as frightened by the occurance as anyone else.

Soji was the first to walk out of the room, heeding Takashi's orders. It seemed like his life...it was soon to get a lot more complicated, to say the least.


Soji's home.

He arrived there at around 11:00 PM. Being single, he lived in an apartment in the Shibara Complex. Shibara Inc. seemed to own everything in this god forsaken town, once when he thought about it.

When he reached his room, he sat at his desk and layed his head down, contemplating what exactly had happened. With the thoughts rushing through his head, it was hard for him to use his exceptional brains to think of explanations for the conflict. He layed the notebook on the table, and as he did, took another glance at the name.

"Life Note..." Staying calm, hoping that it would possibly give him enough time to clear his thoughts, Soji opened the notebook. Inside the book rested a golden halo. "W-what the hell?"

Attempting to grab the halo result in failure, as his hand seemed to not phase it at all. "A hologram?" Hologram would be the logical explanation for this, but little Soji know that logics did not apply in this situation.

Just as he was second thinking reading the notebook, the halo began to rise into the air. And not only that. Under the halo, an angelic figure appeared, exiting the notebook and rising to the ceiling of the room.

Soji was calm under most situations, so, keeping his cool compared to what others might do, he slowly stepped back, staring at the sight in wonderment. "Oh my...god..."

The figure began to open its' eyes. It store upon Soji with a soft, welcoming look. "...Soji Ikara..."

"W-what?" He had lost control of his senses. He was still in a state of utter shock, but his body seemed to respond all on its' own.

The being takes a look down at the book. "Hmm...the Life Note remains empty...you've just found it, I suppose?"

"Life Note?"

"You can read, correct? That's the name of this book that rests upon your wooden...structure."

Soji, still as hesitant as ever, takes a step back toward his desk. "Life Note..." he grabs the book and quickly moves away from the figure, looking at the front of the book. "W-what is the deal with this book? And...what's the deal with you?!"

"It's a note of Life. Ironic, isn't it?" The being swoops down toward Soji until the two of them are face to face. "And I...am an angel."


"The book that you hold in your hands at this moment is titled the Life Note. With that, you've been given power similiar to god himself...with it, you have the ability to revive those whom have long ago left the world of the living."

Soji knew that he had to draw a line somewhere. He pointed toward the 'angel,' glaring. "That's impossible! You...your shittin' me!"

"Please, do not use profanity when around a being of heaven. I thought even you would know that much."

"Hell, I'll say whatever I want! N-now get out of my room!"

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can do that. Well...not at the moment."

"What do you mean?" His nerves were reaching a dangerous level.

"I could simply wait around...explain this ordeal to you. Or...you could open the notebook and find out yourself. Open...the Life Note.

Soji had no words to say. His body was once again acting upon instincts...and his instincts told him to obey the creature.

So he opened it. The first page...of both the book, and a new chapter of his life, were now open.