Hi everyone! I have started a new Vampire Knight story and deleted the old one, cause it hit rock bottom. This one is much better than the old one, I think, I hope.

Yuuki, Zero and the chairman, Kaien, are moving into a castle. One of Kaien´s relatives has died and given everything that they own to Kaien, including this castle. What they don´t know is that there is already a vampire living there and he seems very interested in Yuuki. Kaname x Yuuki 4ever!

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Haunted Castle

Chapter 1

"We´re finally here!" their foster father said and pointed to the top of the hill.

"Do we have to walk all the way up there?!" Yuuki asked in shock.

"This is going to be a long day." Zero said and sighed.


"We...made..it." Yuuki panted and fell from exhaustion once they reached the top.

"C´mon, my lovely son and daughter! Let´s take a look inside our new house!" Kaien said with a big smile.

Both Yuuki and Kaien could feel glares coming from a very angry Zero at the back of their necks.

"You´re not my father." Zero said through his teeth.

"You pay to much attention to little details. Now, let´s take a look around our new house!" Kaien said again.

"Chairman..." Yuuki started.

"No more chairman. Call me D-A-D-D-Y. Kaien interrupted her.

"Da-Daddy, our new house is a...castle." Yuuki said and couldnt believe her eyes. It was huge!

"Oh, did I forget to mention that?" Kaien said innocently.

"Whatever. Let´s go inside." Zero said and opened the gates. The garden was full of beautiful red roses. Who ever took care of this garden did a very good job. When they pushed the front door open, it made this creepy sound that made Yuuki´s hair stand straight up. Everything inside was so neat and pretty. It was almost like somebody already lived here.

"Let´s find the bedrooms. I want to get some rest before Zero starts dinner." Kaien said and went up the stairs.

"Wait! Why should I make dinner?" Zero asked and followed him.

"Because the maid wont be here until tomorrow and I like the food you make." Kaien explained.

"Well, forget it. I´m not doing it." Zero said in a final way.

"I´ll give you my blood in return." Kaien teased.

"Shut up!" Zero yelled and hit him.

Soon the voices started to fade away and Yuuki couldnt hear them anymore as they disappeared upstairs. Yuuki stayed behind because she had this feeling that someone was watching her, but no matter how hard she looked around, she couldnt see anyone.

"Is anyone there?" she asked.

"Yuuki." a voice said. It turned out to be Zero. "Are you coming?"

"Yes." Yuuki answered and went upstairs after Zero and her father.


"Yuuki, can you see if Zero is done with dinner?" Kaien asked his lovely daughter.

"Sure." Yuuki said and rushed downstairs but stopped at the last step. She got this feeling that someone was watching her again. "Is anyone there?"

Suddenly she heard a thud coming from the next room. "Zero is that you?"

She slowly made her way to the door and opened it. On the floor she saw a picture that had fallen of a desk. She picked it up a saw that is was a picture of a very handsome man. He was laying in the rose garden, wearing a half-unbuttoned black shirt and black pants. His smooth black hair went perfectly with his clothing. He also had these dark piercing eyes. Who is this?

"Yuuki!" she heard Zero call.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Dinners ready." he said.


Yuuki was siting on her bed looking at the photo she found earlier. She didn't know why she kept it but for some reason she felt drawn to it. There was something special about the man on this picture.

"I really should unpack." Yuuki told herself as she looked around the room and saw all the untouched boxes.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Time to go to bed my sweet daughter!" her father said from the other side of the door.

I guess I´ll unpack tomorrow she thought and got ready for bed.

Yuuki was in the middle of a peaceful sleep when she felt a soft breathing on her lips. She opened her eyes only to see a beautiful pair of dark eyes staring back at her. Normally her first instinct is to scream but this time it was different. Something told her nor to be afraid of this man. She felt his fingers gently brush against her cheek, which made her blush. There was something familiar about him and then it hit her, it was the man from the picture that she found earlier.

End of chapter

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