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Chapter 16

Yuuki got startled when she heard the microwave ding. Her elbow hit the cup that was holding the flour and spilled everything over the edge of the counter.


"Watch your language, young lady." Kaien said has he entered the kitchen. His mind was somewhere else entirely as he reached into the refrigerator to grab two bottles of water. One for him and one for his friend.

To boost her spirits Yuuki had asked, or more likely demanded, that she hold a sleepover at their new home. They had lived her for awhile now and none of her friends had so much as stepped foot in the place. Meeting new people had never been her strong point, so she figured that she had to do something to bring her popularity bar up another inch.

When she was younger she didn't really play with other children as much as she would have liked to. Even then they lived in an more isolated area apart from the rest of the community. Kaien had explained to her that he liked his privacy and even though they had never officially been labeled as outcasts, they never really fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Yuuki was determent to change that. Both for her sake, and for Zero's. He had been the only one to keep her company as a child, and vice-versa.

"I'm going to meet up with my associate," He had failed to mention who this associate was. "and I will be gone until late tomorrow."

It wasn't until he had reached the door again that he noticed the strange smell in the air. Something was burning.

"Is everything okay in here?"

Yuuki just remembered that she had left the melted chocolate for her cookies in the microwave and rushed over to open the small door, and let out a small cry of anguish. Somehow she had managed to burn the chocolate.

Kaien smiled a bit and patted her gently on the shoulder. "Have you tried to melt it over a water bath?"

"I already tried it, but it was to hard." Some of the boiling water had spilled and she had burnt herself that time. She rolled up her sleeve to show him the blister on the side of her arm. "I got hurt."

"Come here." He drooped his briefcase to the floor and pulled her over to the sink. Twisting the cold water knob and holding her arm steadily under the flow of water, he examined the mess in the kitchen. His kitchen.

Sugar, flour, and other clumps of ingredient had gathered in groups all over the kitchen counter. Dirty dishes lay all over the place and surprisingly only one bowl of chocolate candy and peanut butter cookies. The way the kitchen was decorated he had expected something more. Like maybe she had fought off an army using kitchen appliances.

"Perhaps you should have asked for Zero's help." There was even flour smeared on her jeans. "He's pretty good with all this baking stuff."

"Though you'd never know looking at him." Yuuki muttered, with just a hint of resentment and jealousy in her voice. "Besides he doesn't like to do these kind of things."

"Too time consuming."

Kaien sighed. "It's not like you have anything better to do. Unless brooding counts."

They both turned to see a barefoot Zero standing by the kitchen doorway. His light hair still wet from the shower he had taken earlier. Droplets dripped down and stained his white shirt that had a stark contrast to the white of his skin.

But what caught Yuuki's eye was the holstered gun attached to a chain to his hip.

"I'll be in my room for the entire evening. If you need anything, just knock on my door."

Once he had left the room and they could no longer hear his footsteps as he walked up the stairs, Yuuki turned towards her father with a worried expression. "What does he need that for?"

Kaien closed his eyes and turned away for a moment. He hated to see the face that she was making. If it were up to him, she would never had to be dragged in to all of this. Never need to know the truth about her own family.

"He never goes anywhere without it."

"But why does he need it?"

Kaien smiled and tried to make light of the situation. "You know how your brother is. He's a worrywart. He really needs to learn how to relax."

Yuuki didn't take the bait.

"You really don't have to worry about him. He's basically a good kid. He knows what he's doing, most of the time, and other then he's social life there is no cause for alarm."

She nodded. "If you say so." Yuuki was still far from reassured, but there was nothing that she could do for him now. At least not until she knew more about Zero and about his past. "Shouldn't you go. You will be late for your meeting."

Kaien gave her a peck on the cheek before leaving her alone to hold her slumber party. She rarely went out with friends so he was always excited whenever she took an initiative to get closer to other people. Zero was not the only one who had some social skills to improve.

It was still daylight outside, but the sky was soft gray and a light layer of fog had developed. Yuuki had a nagging suspicion that it would rain and hoped that it wouldn't be the case.

All the snacks and cookies she had prepared were neatly placed on the coffee table in front of the big screen TV and the movie that she had rented was lying next to the DVD on the floor. Parts of the place was still wildly unfurnished and there were still many rooms which only reason for existence was to collect dust. There were probably still places of the building that she yet hadn't explored.

A painful memory bubbled to life along white a fear that they weren't they only people that lived here. Apart from Kaname she had seen many people that night. Whatever had happened in the tunnels was still a mystery to her, and it was a mystery that she was still to scared to look to closely into.

A thought occurred to her.

Did her father know about all of this before they moved in? Did Zero?

Something banged against the window and on reflex Yuuki dived behind the couch. A tree branch close to the house was swinging with the wind and was loudly knocking on the glass.

There is nothing to be afraid of, She tried to convince herself. "When had it become so dark?"

The sky had gone from a dull gray to a dark cloudy blue. One glance to the watch on the wall told her that her friends would be here soon and when they did arrive, she didn't wish to be hiding like a small animal.

There is nothing to be afraid of, She told herself again. Zero was only a shout away and he was armed.

Yuuki pulled back the curtains a bit to see if someone had arrived, and tripped of something. She pulled the curtain back in place before bending down to pick up the offending item.

It was a pair of muddy shoes. She didn't recognize the pair, but the size of them was enormous so she guessed that they had to Zero's. He had the biggest feet in the house. But he was usually organized so she didn't understand why he would just leave them around.

She opened the closet door to put them away when she noticed a heavy trench coat on one of the hangers, that didn't belong to either Zero or Kaien.

Maybe someone had left it.

For no particular reason she stuck her hand in the pockets to see what she would find and pulled out a lighter.

Odd. Neither Zero or Kaien smoked.

Someone knocked on the door before her head could conjure up all kinds of scenarios. Although she had a strong suspicion that Zero might have his own guest over.

My bloody Valentine was an excellent movie if you asked her. David Boreanaz was an amazing actor, and easy on the eyes. However there were several others around the table that didn't agree with her.

"This movie goes automatically to my "OMG-Do-Not-Even-Bother-Because-This-Sucks-So-Bad" pile." Souma said as he reached for the last chocolate cookie on the plate. He took a huge chunk before continuing to talk with his mouth full, spraying crumbs everywhere. "I can't believe that you choose this one Yuuki."

"It got excellent reviews and you just have bad taste."

"I like it." Yuri agreed, even though she had barely paid attention to the screen. Her head seemed to be elsewhere.

"Next time you can choose what movie we should watch. I doubt that you will come with a better suggestion." Yuuki adored the sour cream & onion chips, but what she hated was the long aftertaste. She knew that she would both be tasting them and smelling them until morning unless she throughly brushed her teeth, which she tended to forget.

"I am the master of films, baby. I know everything!" Souma said with confidence.

"Really?" Kate asked. She had also been relatively quiet during most of the movie. Yuuki had met her in math class and they and they had struck up a conversation or two with each other, but only because they had been seated together..

The truth was that she had invited the girl more out of politeness then actually wanting her here. Kate didn't always give off the hang with me vibe and Yuuki had been more then a little surprised that she had actually accepted her invitation.

"Yeah. Really."

"Care to put it to the challenge?" One side of her mouth went up into a sort of half smile. "What's the name of the infamous killer in Halloween?"

"Micheal Meyers."


The phone rang and disturbed their little moment.

Getting up to answer it turned up to be a bit more difficult then Yuuki had expected. Her foot was half a sleep and it was so comfortable under the thick, soft blanket. Yuuki had every desire to ignore the ringing and let them leave a message, but someone was persistent.

She hurriedly limped over into the kitchen where the noise from the TV wasn't so loud and where she could be offered some privacy.


"Come upstairs."

"Huh?" She instantly recognized the voice, but she couldn't comprehend why he would be calling her over the phone. "What? Why?"

"I'm in you room." And then the line went dead.

Yuuki stood there for a minute just listening to the horrible beeping sound on the other end. He is here? He is in the house?!,

Her guest were still in the other room completely oblivious to the fact that there was a vampire in the house with them. She didn't fear that he would hurt them, but Zero was in another room just a few doors down the hall. If the knew that Kaname was that close to him then he might end up doing something stupid.

Yuuki thought of the gun she had seen earlier. By the size of it she guessed that you could blow someone's head of.

As casually and as calmly as she could, Yuuki walked past her friends on the couch and made her way to the giant staircase. She was halfway up before someone noticed her.

"Where are you going?"

"I-I left something in my room." She took the rest of the stairs in a near sprint. It hadn't been a complete lie, but she would rather that they didn't ask anymore questions of the subject.

"Got a lighter?" The man felt around in his back pocket, but couldn't find what he was searching for. He must have left the item downstairs with his coat.

His sock covered feet took him over to the bed with the dull blue colors. He lightly touched the fabric with his fingertips before planting his butt on the edge.

"And an ashtray?"

Zero looked around his desk and found a box of matched. He tossed them over to his friend. "Here. Use the bowl that held my cereal. It's mostly empty."

"Thanks, kid." With one swift movement the man lit up the cigarette between his lips and moved towards the open window where the smoke wouldn't bother anyone. "You still haven't told me the reason to why I'm here. It's about the girl, isn't it?"

Zero said nothing.

"And that thing that keeps visiting her." The words weren't said with any resentment, but more with a cold indifference. Like the person, or thing, had no meaning to him.

"I don't think that she fully understands what he is." Zero said. Or what I am, "And from what I've heard about this Kaname Kuran, he doesn't seem like the type that goes away easily."

"Do you know why he's here in the first place?"

"No." Not exactly,

The man slightly leaned out of the window and blew out another puff of smoke. From his line of vision he could tell that the pool could use a good cleaning and that their bushes needed to be trimmed. "Either way she is safe now, right? There are others in the house with here. I don't see why the both of us need to be on guard duty."

Zero shrugged and leaned on the edge of his desk. "Better safe then sorry."

The man reached up and touched the eye patch that was overing his right eye. "If you say so."

Suddenly both their heads sharply turned towards the door that led out into the hallway.

"Do you feel that?" He asked.

Zero was already reaching for his gun. "He's here."

It was unusually quiet. She couldn't even hear breathing on the other side of the wooden door. Did vampires even breath? Did they eat? Other stuff then blood, then. Did they even sleep? Or go to the bathroom like normal people? How come she had never wondered about these kind of things before.

So many questions. About them, about her family and she had none of the answers. Why would they feel the need to keep her in the dark? Did they believe that she wasn't strong enough to handle the truth. She thought thought that she had handled their secrets pretty well compared to how bad it could have gone. Or was there some other reason for their silence.

The more she thought about it the more her head hurt.

"Come inside."

The voice scared her. She hadn't realized that she had been standing there with her hand over the doorknob.

In one swift movement she turned her hand, crossed the threshold and walked straight into the arms of another.

"For a moment I thought that you might be scared of me."

"No." His scent calmed her. And his touch felt cold.

He closed the door behind her and then put some distance between them. "Did you enjoy the movie?"

Yuuki gave him a weird look and moved over to the window, putting even more distance between them. "How long have you been up here?"

One shoulder rose in a half shrug. "Not long."

It was easy to look at him and get lost in yourself. He was the picture of perfection. Tall, strong arms, dark hair that feel bellow his shoulders in a stylishly messy way. And his eyes...

Yuuki turned her head and payed more attention to one of the potted plants. Her thumb and forefinger played with one of the leaves. "My father and Zero says that you aren't welcome here. They told me to come find them if you showed your face again."

He didn't seem one bit worried. "I know of the blood guards distaste of me. And himself."

Her eyes flew open ins shock. "You knew?!"

A simple nod answered her.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Why didn't anyone tell me?,

"At the time it wasn't relevant. And I figured that you wouldn't believe me."

She was both annoyed and hurt that people would keep so many secrets from her. "Is there something else that I should know?"

Only silence met her. At least he didn't outright lie.

"Is there-"

The door behind them burst open and Zero stormed in with a man she had never met.

His Gun was pointed at Kaname.

To be continued...