Well, starting off on something new

Well, starting off on something new. This is number one of my 100 drabble challenge for POTC. I'm very excited.

I own nothing.

Sorry if this is a bit vague, but I want it that way. Interpret it as you wish. The italicized 'him' indicates that it's a different person than previously.


Drabble #1 Freedom

Freedom: It was what she desired, what she didn't have. She would escape, but fleetingly, always still trapped.

Freedom: It was what she saw in his eyes. He was dripping with it. Could he give a little?

Freedom: It was what she wanted. It was what he had.

Freedom: It was what she didn't see in him. He was enslaved, and was ecstatic. Tied down, tied to her. He didn't care. Could she be happy with him?

Freedom: It was the power to choose. Everyone expected her to choose him. But that isn't really choosing.

Freedom: It was constantly taunting her, touching her then disappearing. She had a glimpse, never completely hers.

Freedom: Does she really want it?


I went a little over 100 words. I spent like 10 minutes cutting down as much as I can. So I apologize to all you sticklers. Wow, this drabble thing isn't really starting off on a good foot… BUT IT'S 18 WORDS!! C'MON!!

And again, I'm sorry about the ambiguity. And this is NOT supporting Sparrabeth (no offence to sparrabethers… but I am a devout Willabether)!! This is seriously how she feels. Er, well, how I think she feels. Because to me… why else would she want Jack so badly? But the thing is, she and Jack are too alike. Opposites attract, right? And she and Will are POLAR opposites. (Again, no offence to Sparrabethers, I just REALLY don't agree with you.)

Always look on the bright side of life! (I'm also seeing if I can think of 100 catch phrases)

;) Arnold