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Summary:Nine year old Sasuke hates history. Angst, one shot, bad-ass Sasuke.

Warnings: Shika says the F-word. Sasuke says the S-word and is badass.




Skimming over the 'why'.

Of all the subjects at Kohona Acadamy, Uchiha Sasuke hates the subject History of Kohona the most. He had always hated having to memorise dates and names but now he had a new reason to despise the subject.

His family was in it.

Sitting at the back, elbows on his desk and hand joined together in front of his face, Sasuke glared at the writing on the board at the front of the room. 'Recent events.' Great. He wanted to shift, feeling uncomfortable, but stopped himself. Uchiha's did not fidget. Sasuke might have indulged himself, had he been alone, but with a class room full of is peers, there was no chance.

Especially with the man stood in the corner watching his every move.

Dark eyes shot the silver haired man a glare, the man's one visible eye curving upwards in what Sasuke had learned was a smile. Ever since he had been allowed out of hospital five months ago, ex-ANBU Hatake Kakashi had been assigned to baby-sit him for 'his own safety'. Bull shit. Even at this age, Sasuke knew that they were keeping tabs on him only to make sure that he wasn't as crazy as his brother.

Sasuke faced forwards again as the teacher, Umino Iruka, entered and all the students scrambled to their seats. Iruka scowled at Kakashi - who waved back happily while Sasuke watched with mild interest and a new found fondness for his teacher - before pointedly ignoring the man and starting with his lesson, which consisted of the room discussing the biggest events over the last five years.

As soon as he heard the words 'just a few months back' he stiffened. Fighting down the urge to send a begging glance to his teacher - who was watching him worriedly - Sasuke took a deep breath to recompose himself, ignoring the feel of Kakashi's stare on the back of his head.

Thankfully, Iruka told the story nonchalantly and with subtle carefulness. He skimmed over the why and how, never going into the details about any member of the clan. He didn't mention anything about Sasuke fleeing or crying or even being there. He drew as little attention to the young boy as possible and, to Sasuke's relief, he never said the word 'brother'.

A small hand flew up. Yamanaka Ino's pony-tail bobbed as she spoke. "Did he get away?" Iurka gave a sharp nod and one of the girls next to Ino gasped.

"The Uchiha compound isn't far from my family's land." Her voice shook, eyes wide. Iruka jumped in to sooth her worries.

"Uchiha Itachi is no long within the village." He stated confidently. "No need to worry."

One of the boys on the second row hummed, glancing back at Sasuke. The Uchiha glared back, making the boy's head snap forewards again.

"Why'd he do it?" The glare intensified. Sasuke dug in his head for the boys name but came up a blank. Stupid unknown boy.

Iruka hesitated only slightly. "Unknown." He stated. This caused a conversation.

"Ma mama says it's 'cause 'e was tol' ta." Sasuke's eye twitched.

"My uncle is one of the elders! He say that he was touched in the head." A boy stated proudly; Sasuke added him to his List.

"My dad says the clans been messed up for ages..." The girl who was scared before whispered. Sasuke growled low in his throat and Kakashi stiffened, ready.

Nara Shikamaru scoffed from where he was slumped on his desk lazily. "My dad tells me to mind my own fucking buisness."


"Sorry, Iruka-sensei..."

The annoying boy from before piped up again. "So what? He just killed his clan and fled? With no reason? What a son of a bit-"

A kunai flew passed his face and sunk deep into his desk, right between his fingers, cutting him off. The class gasped, twisting round to stare at a standing Sasuke, one hand leaning on his desk and the other poised with another kunai. In the corner, Kakashi tensed and at the front of the room, Iruka scowled.

"Careful how you finish that sentence." Sasuke's voice was controlled. "That's my mother you'd be insulting." And my brother. But Sasuke didn't say that aloud. He tightened his hold on the kunai. "I don't miss twice."


The voice stilled the class. Sasuke's eyes flew to Kakashi, who was suddenly behind him, and he narrowed them dangerously. Frown in place, he swiftly put the weapon away and sat gracefully back down.


The boy forced himself to breath normally. His hear was hammoring and, to his horror, he felt a prickling at his eyes. 'Damn it. I will not cry. Uchiha's do not cry. This all your fault. God damn you, Nee-san.' Mentally wincing, he corrected himself. 'Itachi. Not Nee-san. Not Aniki. Not brother. Itachi. Bastard. Traitor. Itachi. Killer. Murderer. Itachi.'


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