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Summary: Eighteenth in the 'Parental Kakashi' series. "If they're having a meeting, then why is Sasuke-teme there?"

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Lunch with friends.

Haruno Sakura was not having a good day. It was one of the rare days that she had her team had off and, so, should have been a brillient day. But nothing ever goes to plan. Espeically since Sasuke had refused her suggestion of meeting up for a date.



Sakura groaned outloud, body stopping and hand coming up to her forehead. And now Naruto had found her. Was she really going to have to put up with him on her day off?! The blonde caught up with her, panting and grinning, scars stretching over his cheeks.

"Good morning, Sakura-chan!"

"It was." She muttered, starting up a walk again.

Naruto followed. "Hm, what was that?"

"I said 'It's not', morning I mean. It's almost one in the afternoon, for kami's sake."

Naruto ruffled the back of his hair. "Aha, yeah, I only just got up though." He had been training half the night and had frankly been lucky to make it back to his place before falling unconcious. Sakura sniffed and pulled an unimpressed look.

"I'll bet." Lazy idiot, she thought.

Naruto stuck his hands behind his head. "So I'm going to meet Iruka-sensei at the academy in a few hours, wanna come?"

Sakura hesitated. She would like to see her old Sensei, but she really didn't want to spend more time with Naruto than she had to. If Sasuke had been coming as well...

"Maybe," She answered slowly, wincing at how Naruto's face lit up.

"R-Really?! I mean, yeah, cool."

Sighing, Sakura looked away, praying for a distraction from the boy. From the corner of her eye, her wish was half granted as she spotted a familar head of slanted silver hair.

"Oh look, it's Kakashi-sensei." They stopped.

Naruto followed her gaze and did indeed see their teacher seated in a cosy looking resteraunt, his hair obvious through the curtained gaps of the doors. He was sitting at a large table with around ten or twelve place mats. And the table was very near full, too.

"Kakashi-sensei has friends?" Naruto said softly before he could stop himself. Sakura huffed but secretly agreed, they had never seen Kakashi with friends before.

"It's probably a meeting for teachers and such." She said smartly, turning from the scene.

Naruto didn't. "But, Sakura-chan, if they're having a meeting, then why is Sasuke-teme there?"

Sakura whirled around back to Naruto's side. Yes, there, on Kakashi's left side was the undeniable spikes of Sasuke's hair peeking from Kakashi's shoulder. In a wordless agreement, the two inched foreward carefully, trying to get a better veiw of Sasuke while not letting anyone form the table see them. When they were at a close enough position to see Sasuke, he was slurping noodles slowly into his mouth as a young woman with short hair and wearing not much else but a trench coat spoke, voice loud and a smirk on her face. She finished her story and the table all laughed heavily. To the spy's surprise, Sasuke grinned widely at the joke as he chewed his noodles. They couldn't catch his words, but the boy said something once he had swallowed, chopsticks pointed at the woman across from him. The table fell into laughter again.

Naruto and Sakura were left gaping at Sasuke interacting so casually and friendly with the adults, he never acted like that with them, after all.

As if he had heard them thinking about him, Sasuke suddenly stilled and tensed. He leant in to Kakashi's side, either murmuring something for just the man to hear or giving him a cuddle. Luckily for Sakura's heart - and Naruto's stomach - it was obviously the former as Kakashi then turned to where they were hiding and spoke out to them.

"Aren't you going to join us?"

Startled, the two came out from their hiding place, Sakura blushing furiously with her head bowed and Naruto smiling sheepishly. Silence fell on the table as they stood infront of Kakashi, who smiled under his mask - 'wait, how the hell was he eating?' Naruto and Sakura suddenly wondered - and Sasuke, who was ignoring them and pulling more food onto his plate. Kakashi motioned encourageingly to the spare seats.

"There's plenty here - and it's on us, don't worry."

Naruto visibly relaxed, Sasuke's eyes narrowed and followed him as he fell into a soft seat next to Raidou, who he didn't seem to recognise despite haveing being taught by him and Genma, the man on Raidou's other side, a few years before. Sakura was less relaxed and awkwardly sank into her own seat inbetween Naruto and Kurenai. There was silence for a little while, just the gentle sounds of someone chewing or shifting, before Asuma passed a bowl of rice over to Sakura.

"You're Haruno Sakura, yes?"

"I- yes." She took the bowl, not seeing the long look Asuma gave her. She passed it on to Naruto, once done and Anko spoke out as he took it.

"And you must be Uzumaki Naruto." She leant forewards, chin resting on her hand.

Naruto grinned at being recognised. "Uh-huh! And don't forget the name; you'll be hearing it alot more now I'm in training." Sasuke rolled his eyes, Uzumaki was practically preening under the attention.

Anko's smile widened. "I'm sure I will."

Naruto blinked, obviously confused over the agreement but didn't say anything as Kakashi cut in.

"This is Anko," He pointed to the woman with his chop sticks and then moved them to the mansitting next to her. "And Ibiki; they're Special Jounins. Genma, Raidou and Hayate are Chunnins," The sticks pointed to the men next in the circle, Genma squareing his shoulders and grinning while Raidou slurped his noodles, ignoring the conversation and Hayate gave a small twitch of his lips for a smile. Passing over Naruto and Sakura, Kurenai raised an eyebrow at the pointed sticks. "Kurenai is Team 8's Sensei." The woman smiled lightly as she crossed her legs under the table, brushing one against Asuma who was next for introductions. "Asuma is for Team 10." Asuma made no motion towards the two, except for a small frown that tugged at his lips as Sakura pointedly looked down at her plate. The chop sticks went over Sasuke, who was pulling the same face as Asuma at his team mates being there, and Kakashi himself, before landing on the last person at the table, who slammed his fist down in his own introduction.

"And I am Maito Gai!" Que the convenent beam of light falling through the curtains to land on his smiling and bared teeth. Sakura's eye twitched; Naruto dropped his chopsticks. "The youthful and wonderful rival to your Kakashi!" Sasuke narrowed his eyes - 'who's Kakashi?' - and the man laughed warmly, only faultering a little. "As Kakashi's other students I can only expect that you are as talented and gifted as young Sasuke here."

Sakura figited. She knew she was nowhere near Sasuke's league - maybe not even close to Naruto's either! Naruto laughed, pushing at his headband.

"Ha! I can beat Sasuke-teme here anyday!"

Eyebrows raised all around the table, the adults all thinking the same thing - Kuuybi versus Uchiha, now that would be a fight to behold. Sasuke scoffed, dark eyes narrowed but amused at the blonde.

"I accept your offer; we can spar tomorrow morning after training."

Naruto's smile fell into a toothy smirk. "I look foreward to it! Sakura-chan, you'll stay and watch me beat him into the ground, eh?"

"I'll watch someone be beaten into the ground, that's for sure."

Gai looked near to tears. "So youthful and eager! My dear rival, you have a most energetic team!"

Kakashi rubbed his forehead. "They're energetic all right." He said with a chuckle.

The table laughed lightly and fell into a small silence as they ate. Sasuke pushed his chicken and rice round his plate with a frown, before leaning right slightly and nabbing a peice of honeyed pork right off of Kakashi's plate. Sakura and Naruto stared at the blatant childness as Kakashi whined though his mask.

"'Suke, that was mine."

Asuma laughed hard. "You know what they say about Uchiha's, Hatake-"

"They're surprisingly cuddlely in bed after sex?" Anko pitched in and was promptly ignored by the table excluding Naruto, who was obviously confused by that mental image, Sakura, who was suddenly desperate to know Anko alot more, and Genma, who curiously leaned over to ask when the hell had she ever slept with an Uchiha.

"-they always get what they want, whether it's someone else's or not."

"Tell me about it." Kakashi groaned, rolling his eyes as Sasuke flexed his shoulders proudly.

Sasuke grabbed another peice, completely allowed depite Kakashi's protests. "You're done, anyway."

"So not the point."

Sakura watched the two bicker lightly, confused. While she had seen them a little like this before, after training or while shopping or something round town, it was odd to see it so obviously displayed infront of her. Sasuke was acting more like the twelve year old he was and Kakashi was genuinely content to be teased. Sasuke was relaxed here, though stiff at the shoulders as she and Naruto were there, with the adults he called his friends. Even before the incident with his clan, she could never really remember him acting like this with people they're own age. She wondered if he had ever been comfortable with his peers; why couldn't he be like that with them? Why not with her?

Naruto's own thoughts weren't far off Sakura's own. Like her, he couldn't remember Sasuke ever being so relaxed and comfortable with their classmates - but he never really paid attention to the Uchiha, honestly. Now that he thought about it, when had Sasuke ever even acknowlaged them outside of sparing class? Excluding Naruto, everyone else had their own group of friends. Well, Naruto occasionally got to hang out and talk with Kiba, Shikamaru and Chouji, but that was only when they were in detention. But Sasuke... Sasuke sat alone or practiced at break and lunch. He worked without partners in class. He never met up with friends after school, only ever Kakashi-sensei. Naruto wondered if Sasuke had ever had a friend his own age. He was taken from his thoughts as Raidou yelled in protest when Genma tried to take his last chicken ball.

"Shove off, Gen!"

"Not fair; I don't complain when you have my prawns!"

"You don't like prawns!"

Genma pouted. "Still not fair. I demand compensation for my prawns."

Naruto gasped suddenly, pointing a finger practically in Raidou's face. "Hold on! I know you two! You covered for Iruka-sensei before!"

Genma and Raidou laughed, amused and Sasuke rolled his eyes a few seats down, turning back to his rice. He raised an eyebrow as three bits of pork were dropped onto his plate but when he looked up, Kakashi was watching Naruto and Sakura talk with an equally excited Genma and Raidou. Shaking his head, Sasuke picked up the pork and popped it into his moth with a smile.

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