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Night – Leanne

It was late at night, and Leanne was sitting in a chair in the Common Room unable to sleep. She sat, holding a letter in her hands and staring blankly at the fire. Every now and then she would glance down at the letter, but as of yet couldn't bring herself to read it incase it held bad news.

Two weeks ago, Leanne had watched as her best friend was sent to St. Mungo's. With the exception of a short scribbled, "Still Alive" from one of the Weasley twins, she hadn't heard anything else on how Katie was doing.

So day after day Leanne would blame herself, she should have insisted on going to the Loo with Katie; she shouldn't have grabbed for the package. Leanne didn't know what she would do if Katie didn't survive, mostly because it would be her fault if she didn't. No one seemed to correct Leanne, except for Hermione Granger who had seen the incident as well, because it seemed the whole school thought that Leanne had cursed Katie.

At first Leanne tried to sleep, but her dreams were full of imagines of Katie screaming and raising into the air. Now, Leanne just didn't sleep. What was the point if she would just wake up over and over after watching the scene over and over? So at night, Leanne would sit in the Common Room and worry about Katie.

Leanne looked back down at the note in her hands. Sighing she opened it up and read.


How are things back at Hogwarts? Miss me much? The shop is doing wonderful these days, George and I are actually looking into buying a branch in Hogsmeade. But I'm sure you don't really want to know about that right now do you? In fact how much am I bugging you by not telling you what you want to know? Well, I'll just get to it then shall I.

Katie woke up this afternoon! Her and George are actually sitting here right now talking about cheese. She's extremely weak but she told me to write you and tell you not to blame herself, that she doesn't remember anything other then leaving your table and heading to the loo. She's certain that you didn't do anything and that you're blaming yourself.

We don't know when she'll be released yet, but Katie wants me to find a way to get you over to St. Mungo's so you can visit. Therefore early Saturday morning I want you waiting in the Common Room. I'll come by and get you, so don't over sleep!


P.S. GET SOME BLOODY SLEEP! And if anyone is stupid enough to believe that you would curse Katie, send me a name and I'll take care of it.

Leanne couldn't stop smiling when she was done reading Fred's letter. Katie was alive and all right. Not only that in three days she was going to be able to go and visit her. Leanne headed back up to her dorm room, and for the first time in many nights, she fell sound asleep without any nightmares.