Table – Terry Boot

Terry sat on his bed in his dorm room as Natalie Taylor, the only other Ravenclaw 7th year, fiddled with the dials of the radio. Terry had his wand pointed at the door in case someone tried to come in; after all radios were now banned in every house besides Slytherin since some Gryffindors were caught listening to Potterwatch by the Death Eater teachers.

"Hurry up Natalie." Terry hissed, "It's almost time for dinner, besides we've had that thing out way to long as is."

"I'm hurrying Terry." Natalie hissed back, "Let me check one more station then we'll go down and lead all the others to dinner alright."

Terry nodded, but kept his eyes on the door. Ever since the first day back, the 7th years had taken it upon themselves to protect the younger students in Ravenclaw house, and that included walking to and from meals as a house. Terry smiled as he remembered the first month back; the Ravenclaws had almost seemed intimidating as they made their way around the castle as a House. Terry shook his head though, that was then.

"I think I've found something." Natalie stated as she turned the volume up to barely louder then a whisper and pointed her wand at the door as well.

"…Gringotts was broken into and robbed by no other then Harry Potter. The supposed Chosen One was caught in the act of robbing one of the oldest wizarding families' vaults. Potter escaped capture by steeling a security dragon and flying it out of the bank. It is unknown how much gold was taken, and rather anyone was killed in the attempt to stop the famous thief. Anyone with infor…"

Terry reached over and turned the radio off then. "What do you think Potter took?"

Natalie only shrugged as she picked up the radio and began to place it back in its hiding place. "You don't think he really took gold though?"

Terry shook his head, "It had to of been about You-Know-Who. After all that was the Death Eaters Network, if they want information for where he is then it has to be about him doesn't it?"

Natalie nodded, "Potterwatch is on in a couple of more days, I'm sure they'll tell us what really happened."

"Let's go get the others, if we don't leave now those cows will know we're up to something." Terry told Natalie. Together they left the boys' dorm room and headed down to the Common Room to escort the Ravenclaws to dinner.

"Where's your precious Potter now?" Amycus Carrow sneered as he tortured the 4th year Gryffindor, Connor O'Brien, in front of the Great Hall.

Terry sat and watched as he tried to eat his dinner. Apparently Natalie and he were not the only ones to scan a radio before dinner, since the 4th year boy had been caught whispering about the escape to a friend.

The boys screams could be heard through out the Great Hall and Terry didn't know how much more of it he could take. Terry had talked to Connor on a few occasions, mostly the boy had searched Terry out since the 4th year was now the oldest in Gryffindor. Not that it was so surprising Terry thought, the Gryffindors were the most targeted house all year, and now the majority of them were in hiding.

Another scream filled the air and Terry couldn't take it any longer. He started to form a plan in his head, but didn't get further then drawing the attention away from the boy before another scream filled the air.

"Watch out for them." Terry whispered as silently as he could into Natalie's ear, but Natalie heard him since she gave a nod.

Before Terry even knew what he was doing he jumped onto the Ravenclaw table and drew his wand.

"All your talk about how powerful the Death Eaters are compared to Harry Potter is a lie!" Terry shouted, though his voice was trembling.

All eyes turned to Terry, including Amycus' which gave the Gryffindor the chance he needed to run from the Great Hall. Terry wanted to give Connor time to make it to safety so he started to march up and down the Ravenclaw table.

"That's right; your lot can't even stop a break in to Gringotts!" Terry shouted, "You've spent the entire year looking for him, and there he is right in front of you at Gringotts and you can't even capture him!"

Amycus and Alecto pointed their wands towards Terry, but Terry continued as he now made his way down to the end of the table closest to the door.

"Flew away on one of the security dragons didn't he? How hard is it to stop one of them? Harry made his way past one during his 4th year at school and a bunch of over aged rejects can't even stop a security dragon. Those are the tamest ones of all!" Terry continued to shout.

Terry dodged a couple of spells that were sent his way until he reached the end of the table. "LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER!" Terry shouted before jumping off the table and running as fast as he could.

He could hear the cheers from the Great Hall, but Terry didn't pay them any attention. He had to make it to the Room of Requirement and he had to make it fast, before the Carrows caught up to him and knew where he was going.

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