Dear All

Dear All

Apologies for the delay in this fandom.

Although I am in my 30s, my health is rather fragile, and I am currently recuperating from an operation. My RL is all the wrong ways.

Unfortunately, fan fiction is suffering. I started it as a hobby from my other writing because there were no editorial deadlines and no pressure.

Unfortunately, I am struggling to get back into my groove or reclaim the mojo or whatever.

I won't let fanfic writing become a chore instead of 'fun', and I also don't want to churn out pages of rubbish just to produce some word-count - my readers deserve better and so do the shows I write about, whether past (The Sentinel) or the present (Atlantis & Supernatural).

Everyone from the cast to the crew to the writers on these shows works very hard to bring something great to the viewing public and I believe that every fan-fiction writer whatever their "genre" owes due respect and consideration to the show and characters we write about – we exist because they do, not the other way around.

Likewise, even those who read fan-fiction but don't write it deserve respect and commitment from me. Because of Real Life and health issues my fan-fic reading has often been patchy over the last few years and it makes me realise again just how much time reading anything from a newspaper to a novel can take – if I want readers to give me an hour of their time that they'll never get back and that they could have spent with their partner, or their parents, or their children, or doing something else, I owe them my very best effort, not a fob-off attempt to keep people quiet.

I have lots of ideas, but I just can't maintain the energy or the physical writing time for very long. At the moment I'm too tired to be very motivated. I hope as my health improves the old smoking fingers will come back.

It's very encouraging that people are still interested in my writing and I will try and get back in the saddle asap. It's very frustrating for me as I have lots of part-finished stories in various fandoms on my computer just waiting for that old magic to return. As I recuperate more, hopefully that should happen.

The Cat

I would personally recommend any fan-fiction writer to go to Wolfpup's Den (a The Sentinel fan fiction archive that can also be accessed via Cascade Library) and under fan fiction read Linda Stoops New Kid in Town, which is not so much a story as a salutary lesson to all writers about the necessities of showing due respect and giving your writing the commitment it deserves – because Linda never got the chance. Her few stories were fresh, witty, enthusiastic and energetic (much like her), but there were so many wonderful stories (including an entire AU series) she never got to write; she died of ovarian cancer in 2007 in her early 40s. I hope people understand when I say that I love writing fan-fic, but I will not risk my health for it, particularly as I am my family's primary financial support.

My personal website will be down for the foreseeable future but I am hoping to get it back up again before the end of the year, when a lot of my The Sentinel, Supernatural, Angel, Stargate stories, etc., should be restored.