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"Hey, Aang have you seen Katara?" Sokka asked.

"Uhmm, no last time I saw her she was still kinda mad at you from breakfast and said she was going for a walk," Aang rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well, I can't find her and I asked Teo, Haru, and The Duke, they all said the same "no"," Sokka sighed. Iroh walked up to the two boys

"Have you two seen my nephew?"

"Zuko is missing too?" Aang asked. Iroh nodded his head

"I believe he was a little upset about breakfast,"

"Oh, come on all I said was Katara should learn some dance moves from Zuko," Sokka said irritated. Even after Zuko had showed them the dragon dance awhile back, Sokka had to tease him at least once a week about it.

"Whatcha doing?" Toph asked, joining the little group around the fire.

"Hey, Toph have you seen Katara or Zuko?" Aang asked back.

"Nope but I can tell you this they aren't anywhere close,"

"What do you mean? Can you still feel them?" Sokka said a little shocked.

"No," Toph answered in a straight forward manner.

Sokka groaned "Where can she be?"

"Don't worry Sokka they'll be back. I know no matter how mad Katara gets she always comes back," Aang tried to cheer up Sokka.

Sokka was a wreck and Aang was getting pretty worried himself. The moon was almost raising and Katara and Zuko weren't back yet. Aang, Toph, and Iroh sat around the fire. Sokka was pacing, he couldn't keep still. The others had gone off to bed. Iroh and Toph were having a quiet discussion about different teas, when Toph suddenly went still. "My dear is something wrong?" Iroh noticed his young friend freeze for a moment.

"No, Katara and Zuko are back," Toph answered in a nonchalant way.

Sokka stopped pacing "Where are they?"

"Calm down Snoozles they're coming this way," Toph replied. Katara and Zuko walked into camp arm and arm, smiling and laughing. They stopped when they saw the others.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!" Sokka roared not noticing that Zuko's arm went around Katara's waist protectively. The first then Iroh noticed was his nephew's face. It was full of love and happiness when his eyes rested on Katara but it was gone when he looked at her brother.

"None of your business," Zuko growled. Their closeness didn't go unnoticed by Aang and Toph. When Aang saw Katara laughing and smiling at Zuko, his heart stopped. He knew then he would never have her heart like Zuko did.

"It is my business! She's my sister!" Sokka yelled.

"Oh, shut up Sokka just leave us alone," Katara said annoyed at her brother for being such an idiot.

"US?!" Sokka shouted. Sokka now noticed where Zuko's arm was but comprehension hadn't dawned on him. Toph kicked back with a smile on her face. Oh this is getting good, thought Toph. Katara and Zuko glanced at each other with a sly smile on their faces. Katara faced her brother and grinned at him

"Yes, now please leave me and my husband alone," Sokka fainted, Aang's mouth dropped and Iroh was overcome with joy

"CONGRATULATIONS!" running over to them and giving them a big hug.