Simple Harmony.
The last few boxes, they got them in themselves. His dad had helped, and so had Sakura and she had gotten her brat to carry on stuff, too. Tomoyo had helped with the kitchen and the plushie had been an annoying source of questions for when he should visit, but by six o' clock, they had gone and Touya was so very, very glad about that because as much as he loved his family – sans the brat – there were other things much more important.

Like their new place and the boxes and the fact that they still had to buy a lot of furniture so Yuki was laying down on his back between the boxes. As Touya put the last box down, he went towards where Yukito was and laid down perpendicular to him, his head on Yukito's stomach, and one of Yukito's hands moved to his hair, rubbing his scalp slowly, carefully.

"We have a lot to clean," Yukito said after a while, with the sun still creeping lower and yellow over the empty white walls.

Touya rolled to his side and hummed in agreement, smiling when Yukito talked again and it sounded deep and different, with one ear pressed to his tummy.

"Should we order pizza?"

"In a few," Touya smiled. He didn't want to move right then, not just to get the phone. He did move, however, to be side by side with Yukito, his head against his chest, listening to his heart, his arm loosely wrapped around his waist.

Then he smiled, right against Yukito's shoulder. He doubted that Yukito could feel it through his shirt, but it sounded as if he was smiling back, anyway when Yukito asked what he was smiling about.

"Oh, you know," Touya answered, calm and soft and peaceful. Very peaceful. And chances were that he was going to remain peaceful without screaming matches or nothing. He felt his smile spread into a grin. "We've got a whole place to ourselves. No monsters. No plushies. No brats."

That made Yukito laugh, amused and warm and happy and Touya didn't even care much about all the boxes they still had to open, of all the stuff they still had to buy and take care off and fix at their place, or even that half of that laughter was because Yukito was laughing at him.
Since it was at their place, it was okay.