...I'm not quite... sure where exactly I went with this or why. I sorta just... dreamed it while I was half asleep on the couch waiting for my turn online again.

This is the story of a narrator who was mistaken for a princess and the prince who chased the wrong girl.

Mello always knew he looked like a girl.

He hated it with all of his being, but he knew it was true. Matt used to tell him so when Mello got too serious for his liking. Mello would punch him, laugh and stop studying for a few hours to play Mario Kart instead.

Matt kissed him once and Mello kissed back. Near slid away from the door crack without a word and didn't look back.

And a Queen who kept her mirror in her eyes for fear others would see her vanity.

Misa was never truly an idiot. But Light thought she was, and if it would please him, Misa would play the idiot.

And it wasn't like she had a reputation for being smart anyway.

These are the lies of a mirror who swore to never lie.

L was a liar but that was just fine with him. Light knew he was lying, but he didn't say anything and it wouldn't have bothered L if he had.

Justice wasn't always truthful.

This is the life of a wolf in sheep's clothing and the sheep he preyed upon.

Light knew Ryuuk wasn't evil but he wasn't good either, and that made him just as dangerous. A bored god was never a good thing.

This is the tale of the poisoned apple that felled Snow White and the spindle that bled Briar Rose dry.

The Death Note itself was nothing but a tool. Evil as evil could be, but in the end, just a madman's tool for twisted justice.

It was no wonder Ryuuk laughed.

And this is the record of a fairytale gone wrong; a world of madness with no once upon a time and no happily ever after.

This is death.