Note: this is set in Season 2 inbetween Return of the Headmaster and Mission accomlpished


Wheeljack slowly stood up, his thoughts still cloudy from when the explosion near his feet had sent him into the air and he had landed on the ground hard.

"Ugh my head" the engineer said, holding his head in his hand, his mind replaying the last few minutes of his life in his head.

The Decepticons had raided another power plant to steal more energon, the Constructicons had already transported most of the energon cubes to the location of where the Decepticon space bridge was to appear at and the Autobots were trying to stop them.

"It's over Prime!" Megatron said, raising his fusion cannon to fire at the Autobot leader.

Optimus Prime dodged the blast and leaps at Megatron, "Not yet it is, Megatron!"

Wheeljack, Ironhide, Ratchet, Powerglide and Grimlock approached the space bridge, planning to remove as much of the energon cubes as they could before the space bridge fired up and transported it's cargo to the Decepticons on Cybertron. However Soundwave had spotted them and attacked with a select number of Decepticons.

Next thing Wheeljack knew, one of the piles of energon exploded as it was hit by a stray shot from Megatron's cannon.

"Wheeljack, are you alright?" Ratchet ask as he helped him up,

"I'm okay, but the space bridge has been damaged" Wheeljack said, pointing at the damaged part of the space bridge, "We've got to…" before he could finish, the space bridge's gate closed.

"Megatron" Ramjet yelled to the silver Decpticon tyrant, "The space bridge is activating!"

Then everything went white.

"The damaged part of the space bridge must have caused it to activate early, but instead of sending me to Cyberton, it transported me somewhere else. The question is where?" Wheeljack muttered to himself as his thoughts cleared, "The space bridge transports matter by distorting space, I could be on another planet, ended up on the other side of the universe"

Looking round, Wheeljack saw that the surrounding environment was the same as earth,

"Okay, so I know I'm on an organic planet, most likely with organic life, but that doesn't help get back."

Walking through the forest that the space bridge had landed him in, the autobot engineer eventually came upon a road.

"Well, wherever I am, I know it has life advance enough to have roads." Wheeljack said as he transformed and drove down the road.

Wheeljack watched through his sensors as he continued to drive down the main road main street of Detroit, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, but a news report from a TV sitting the window of an electronic shop confirmed that Wheeljack was still on Earth. The date how ever…

"The twenty seconded century! But that's almost a two hundred years in the future!" Wheeljack remained silent as he continued to drive, his mind swimming with the effort of trying to figure out what was happening.

The technology the city was using was far more advance then he seen before on earth. The Autobot engineer parked and watched as various robots went with their tasks.

Screams of terror soon drew Wheeljack's attention, snapping him out of fascination with the robots around him. Speeding towards the source of the screaming, the scene the autobot scientist discovered was one that shocked and baffled him.

Several large machines, law enforcement Wheeljack gathered by their appearance, were running amuck, terrorizing the citizens, but what really caught Wheeljack off guard was that there were two autobots he had never seen before.

This is getting stranger, Wheeljack thought, but I best stay hidden and not interfere in anyway until I find out what's going on.

The larger of the two autobots, a big green mech, lifted one of the police robots above his head and threw it into two others, destroying all three,

"Bulkhead! Behind you!" the black, ninja like mech yelled, noticing one of the out of control police droid about to attack the big green autobot from behind. In one swift movement the autobot ninja had drawn a shuriken like weapon and threw it at the sneaking police robot, severing one of its arms, Bulkhead then turned round and slammed a fist into the damaged droid.

"Somebody help us!!!"

Turning round at the scream, Wheeljack saw that one of the buildings were damaged during the fight and was about to collapse on top of two humans. Reacting by reflex, Wheeljack forgot about staying hidden and transformed, picking the humans up in his hands, narrowly missing the falling debris by seconds.

"You're safe now" Wheeljack said to the two humans, lowering them to the ground, "hurry and get out of here."

As the two humans ran off, wheeljack turned round to see the two autobots looking at him in surprise. The sudden appearance of Wheeljack had left the autobots off guard, allowing them to be caught unaware by the police bots.

The police robots began to close in on the stunned autobots, ready to finish them. Seeing fellow autobots in danger, even ones he has never seen before, Wheeljack lunch a system scrambler from his shoulder launcher on to the leading police drone.

As the spider like device landed on the robot, the police droid gave an electronic sheik and crashed in the others. Wheeljack's momentarily relief at the other two autobots safety was quickly replace with dread as he realised the last two robots have turned their attention on him and there was no time for him to dodge their attack.

Something suddenly swished past him and the next thing Wheeljack saw was an axe buried into the closest of the police robot, it was then Wheeljack saw them. Three other autobots had arrived and with in moments the remaining out of control robot was destroyed.

"Is that the last of them?" a red and blue bot, that looked familiar to Wheeljack, asked the others,

"Sure thing, boss bot," the one the others called Bulkhead said and held up a strange crystal like object, "it was another Allspark fragment."

"But a fragment in just one Police robot doesn't explain how a number of them ran out of control" the shortest of the group added.

The leader of the team nodded, "I think there might be more to this then meets the optic, but right now we have other concerns." The autobots looked over at Wheeljack,

"Does either of you know where this new bot came from?" a white and red mech asked Bulkhead and the black autobot.

"No idea," Bulkhead answered, "at first we thought he was just a normal car, and then suddenly he transformed and saved two humans."

After a moment the red and blue leader, shortly followed by the rest of his team, walked towards Wheeljack, "I don't know who you are, but you helped us out more then you could have imagined." He said and offered his head to the engineer, "My name is Optimus Prime."

Wheeljack's optics widened as he realises what he forgotten, that the space bridge works by distorts both space AND reality.

He was in another reality