"There we go," the two Ratchets stepped back as they finished their work. Prime sat up and raised himself off of the medical table.

"How do you feel?" the old medic asked, putting away some of his tools,

"Better," Prime said, "Thanks for the repair job Ratchet… and Ratchet."

The two medic bots gave a small nod of approval, satisfied with the work and went to put their equipment away. It was then that Optimus entered the medbay and approached Prime.

"I see you're back on your feet." the one younger Prime said with a slight smile on his lips. Prime smiled back behind the faceplate and asked, "Is everything okay here?"

"We don't know for sure, yet." Optimus said, "Prowl and Bumblebee are checking as we speak, but I thought it was best to see how you were doing after your encounter with Blackarachina."

Prime looked at Optimus then glanced round towards the Ratchets. Understanding that the older Prime wanted to talk in private, Optimus looked over to the medics and spoke up, "Could you two leave the room so we can talk in private for awhile?"

The two medics paused for a moment before giving the young Prime a nod of agreement and left the room.

As soon as the door closed behind the two Ratchets, Optimus spoke up, "What do you want to talk to me about?"

"That femme," Prime said, "Blackarachina, she's Elita-1 isn't she?"

At first Optimus' optics widened in shock at the other Prime knowing Blackarachina's former name, but then he realized that there must be a Elita-1 in Prime's reality as well, and with a pang of guilt, realized that Prime and his Elita were no doubt as close as he and his Elita were.

With a sigh, Optimus answered, "Yes. That was her…",

Prime stayed silent as he listened to Optimus tell his tale about what had happened back on the spider planet and what had happened to Elita.

"I see," Prime said at last, after hearing the tale, "That certainly was an interesting tale you've just told."

Optimus nodded and looked down at his feet in shame, "I'm afraid it's all true. It's because of those events, that Elita has become what she is. And it's my fault."

For a moment, Prime didn't move, but then he reached a hand out and placed it on Optimus' shoulder such as he did the last time he raised the young Autobot leader's morale.

"Don't give in to grief just yet," Prime said, "It's like I said before. We all make mistakes

, as long as we learn from them, we can move on to do great things. What ever happened to her all those stellar cycles ago, Blackarachina was an Autobot. Somewhere in her is some goodness still and I am sure it will come out someday.

Optimus nodded and smiled slightly, feeling relieved that Prime was not too distressed about Elita-1 being a Decepticon, "So… what's the Elita from your world like?" he asked the older Prime.

Prime smiled behind his faceplate and nodded as he began to tell Optimus about his Elita.


"It's about time you returned." Starscream said, glancing over his shoulder at his other worldly counterpart.

"Well sorry," Air commander Starscream retorted, walking up to the Decepticon renegade, "But your "glorious leader" insisted on having his troops watching my every movement while work on the space bridge continues. I only just managed to give them the slip to get here."

Starscream narrowed his optics and spoke, "We have to act soon. What's the progress of the space bridge?"

"Long Haul is working on creating the parts needed for our half of space bridge design, but he believes that we will complete the space bridge within the next solar cycle and then be ready to use the bridge to invade Cybertron."

"But before that, we will lure Megatron away from his followers and into our trap, then I will become leader of the Decepticons!"

"Don't you mean we?" the red and white air commander asked.

"Err, of course." Starscream corrected, "Of course I meant we will be leaders of the Decepticons."

The two seekers smirked towards each other, already making plans on how to betray the other.


"Well look what the scrap heap dragged in." Sentinel Prime said as he watched the approaching forms of the Autobots. As soon as Ultra Magnus had heard of the attack on Sumdac Tower, he had ordered Sentinel Prime to investigate as a show of good faith to the humans. The blue Autobot watched as the gathered collection of what he thought as losers and freaks stopped before him and transformed.

"Sentinel," Optimus said, stepping forward, "we headed over as soon as we heard about the attack here. What have you found out so far?"

"The organics that own this place say that a bunch of what they think were Decepticons broke in and stole a large amount of equipment and threatened the life of the chairman and owner of the company before leaving." Sentinel said with a hint of his arrogant tone, "Personally I think this is just a big waste of time, these organics couldn't tell the difference between a Decepticon and a service droid. I say we just leave and get on with our own mission."

"You can't be serious!" Powerglide said in shock,

"What about the humans?" Hound spoke up, "They may need help."

"Forget the humans!" Sentinel snapped angrily, "They're just a bunch of filthy organics! We got more important things to do than helping a bunch of filthy, disgusting, foul…" Sentinel was cut off as a blue fist made contact with his large chin, sending him off his feet and on to the ground.

"Prime!" Ironhide said, as the large mech in question rubbed some life back into his fist.

There were several gasps from both Autobots and humans in surprise as Prime walked over to Sentinel Prime and picked the blue bot up and lifted him up off the ground.

"You dare call yourself a prime?" Prime said, glaring into Sentinel's optics, "You dare wear the badge of the Autobots and then spit over everything that symbol stands? You are a disgrace to everything the Autobots stand for and to the name of the great mech that beared the same name as you in my world."

At first, Sentinel's optics widened in shock, but they quickly narrowed in anger as he glared back at Prime, "How dare you talk like that to me!" he spoke back, "I'm second in command of the Elite Guard, I'm in charge here!" the blue Autobot pushed himself away from Prime and turned to face the Autobots, "You're all to return to base now! Any bot who stays will be disobeying a direct order and will be charged with treason!"

For a brief moment, the Autobots looked at each other to see if anyone was going to move, before facing Sentinel, remaining rooted to the spot.

Sentinel's optics narrowed dangerously, "I gave you an order."

"And we're not obeying it." Bumblebee said,

"That's right," Bulkhead added, "Optimus said to help the humans and that's what we're going to do."

"And if you don't like it, you'll have to deal with all of us." Ironhide said.

"See that?" Prime said to Sentinel, "This is what it means to be a leader. People don't follow their orders because they're told to, but because they respect them. Something you'll never know."

Sentinel's fists clenched as he looked at the defiant Autobots, then turned to Prime and Optimus, "Don't think I'm going to let you two get away with this. Once I report this to Ultra Magnus, I'll have you busted down to protoform!" with that, the large chinned prime transformed then drove off, leaving to return back to Steel Haven.

Prime turned to face the gathered bots from two worlds and began to speak, "Autobots you have my thanks for staying."

"And mine as well." Optimus added. "Now let's stop those Decepticons"


"Lugnut!" Megatron called the purple behemoth, "What is the status of the new space bridge?"

"Oh glorious Megatron, the Constructicon has finished examining the materials and has begun constructing the parts we need to complete construction of the space bridge."

Megatron leaned back in his throne and thought to himself for a moment before looking over to the small cage nearby.

"Professor Sumdac, I trust that you will still be of use with the new space bridge."

Sumdac looked frightened for a moment before quickly nodding, "Y-yes, I've read plans that Soundwave and Long Haul provided, it should make completion of the space bridge much quicker."

Megatron smirked, "Excellent, soon we will use the space bridge to destroy the Autobots and claim Cybertron as ours!"

"A noble cause that I can agree on, but I don't believe you'll be able to do it."

Everyone spun round to the entrance of the throne room, to where the new voice came from, and looked in shock as, entering the room followed by Soundwave, was another Megatron.

Lugnut was the first to react, charging at the new Megatron, the Kaon Krusher prepared to strike with his Punch of Kill Everything and destroy the new arrival. The other Megatron was unimpressed, however, and hit Lugnut head on with his fusion cannon, sending the purple giant flying back. Megatron stood up, glaring at the new arrival.

The two Megatrons walked towards each other with a determined look in their optics till they stood face to face.

The other world Megatron smiled, "Let us talk."

to be continued