Sam shivered in the cold, shuffling from foot to foot. Damn Dean and his strange quest to try to get laid in every new town they came to. He was supposed to be picked up an hour ago when the library closed, and yet here he was, shivering, cursing, and wondering just how long it would be before Dean came. He had left after dinner that night with a blonde, Leyla or Leia or some ultra-feminine name that made Dean's head spin, so there was really no telling when his brother would appear.

Deciding that the three mile walk to the motel was better than hanging around the deserted library, Sam grudgingly started to move. He trudged through the snow, grumbling to himself about the frigid northern weather, and whipped out his phone. Surprise surprise, Dean still hadn't called. Pushing the button to call his brother, Sam started to walk quicker. The first flakes of a fresh wave of snow were starting to fall.

"Hey Dean," Of course his brother wouldn't answer, so now he was talking to his voice mail. It had been a less than enchanting experience to talk to their father's voicemail for the months so long ago when he had been missing, and now it was even less enticing. Sam even thought that his voice sounded exasperated, and much the better. Dean deserved to know how pissed he was about this. "The library has been closed for hours…" Well, more accurately ONE hour, but Sam's younger brother whining tendencies tended to come out when he was angry. "Where are you?"

He was quiet on the line for a moment as he noticed a man approaching. It was too dark for him to see the demon-dark eyes of the homeless man, but there was something about him that made Sam uneasy.

"Got any change, kid?" The man asked, his face mostly obscured by his thick dark beard and the cap pulled low over his face. Though Sam normally wasn't one to hand over their cash (as it was far more hard to replenish than the credit cards that kept coming on a regular basis, he didn't want to argue with this particular man, so he reached into his pocket and pulled out a crinkled one, which was the only small bill he had at the moment. "That all ya got? Your Mama really should have taught you to be a bit more generous with strangers, boy…"

Sam gasped as the stranger looked up at him, his dark eyes evident for the first time, and groped blindly in his pocket for the flask of holy water, but it was too late. One moment of careless grumbling on the phone to his brother was going to cost him dearly now.


Dean chuckled, nuzzling first closer to the brunette, then the blonde. Twins. Leia and Leyla, or something like that. As far as Dean was concerned, the names were so closely related to 'laid' that it didn't matter anyway. Yes, good old Sammy didn't know what he was missing out on, cooped up in that dusty old library all night. Dean might have been generous enough to give Sam one of the twins, had his brother been thinking like any other red-blooded male and not some scholastic freak.

"Want more, naughty boy?" Dean practically beamed at the blonde and nodded enthusiastically. He rolled back over onto her, kissing and nipping at her soft tan skin.

"What's this?" The brunette held up his ringing phone, a look of almost childlike wonder on her face. "Sammy's calling? Why didn't you bring him to play?" God love the twins, Dean thought, it seemed the blonde was actually somehow the more intelligent of the two. Not that Dean was complaining—but it was still odd. He winced at her too chipper voice. "You have one new voicemail."

Flashing her a devilish grin, he ignored her and continued kissing her sister. Sammy could wait a bit, right now Dean was hardly in the mood to play chauffer, and it wouldn't hurt Sam to wait at the library for a bit. Interested by his phone, and pouting that she was not the one getting kissed, the brunette started to play with it, giggling as she looked through his contacts and saw so many women's names there, and she was even brazen enough to start listening to his voicemail.

"Dean," She practically squealed as she heard Sam's voice on the message. "Your brother sounds hoooot," Dean waved her away and started ravishing the blonde's neck more thoroughly. He wasn't watching the brunette twin as her eyes went wide when she heard the other voice, but when she heard the sounds of the scuffle and let out a surprised yelp, Dean's attention was on her fairly quickly.

"What is it?" he asked, sitting up away from the now pouting blonde to study the dark headed girl. She looked shaken to the core, and didn't answer. Instead she pushed the phone to him.

"Hey Dean, the library has been closed for hours…Where are you?" Dean rolled his eyes at the pissed off tone to Sammy's voice. This was going to be a fun night, trying to explain to his nose-stuck-in-the-books brother why a date with hot twins totally beat playing taxi cab with his brother. He expected to hear Sam go on, but there was silence for a moment and then an unfamiliar voice.

"Got any change kid?" Dean frowned, not liking that some bum was asking Sam for change when he was out alone after dark. "That all ya got? Your Mama really should have taught you to be a bit more generous with strangers, boy." Something in Dean snapped, panicking already, and he was out of bed in a bolt, the phone still pressed to his ear as he hastily put on his clothing. He froze when he heard the sound of the scuffle and Sam's cry of pain, and then the message was dead.

You have no new messages. First skipped message…

Dean slammed the phone shut, ramming his feet down into his shoes. He was furious at himself, for forgetting to pick Sam up, for ignoring his call. God knew where his kid brother was, what had happened, and if he didn't find him he'd never forgive himself.


No, he couldn't think like that. He had to find him, there was no other acceptable alternative.

"Aren't you going to play?" The blonde pouted up at him prettily, making a stark contrast to her still shaken sister. "We want you to stay and play."

"Not now." Dean said briskly, grabbing his keys out of his pocket and heading to the door. Dean might think with his lower brain 90 percent of the time, but when his brother was in danger he didn't think at all. He reacted. He found Sam and fixed his problems and then and only then did he get to be carefree Dean again. Tonight would be no different. His fists clenched as he slid the key into the ignition and fired the Impala to life. He was going to find that bastard who had hurt his brother and he would pay.

Speeding his car down the highway to the library, Dean tried to call Sam, and cursed vehemently when the endless ringing led straight to voicemail.

Payback was a bitch.