Rosette Christopher was a 22 year old girl

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Rosette Christopher was a 22 year old girl. She had honey blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. For a long time she had been on a look for a new apartment. It should be near town and near her work.

It seemed luck was on her side. Soon she found the perfect place to live and it seemed that the neighbourhood was nice too. An old lady that lived in a house on the opposite side of the street, came over with a pie, as a welcome gift and Rosette had thanked her for the attention "It's nice to have some young ones here. Do look over when you need anything" the old lady that had the name Margarita said "Thank you very much. I surely will" Rosette said and then Margarita said goodbye.

The blonde had a lot to unpack, so she started with it as soon as Margarita was gone. Rosette gave up after a few hours, it was just too much for her alone, it would take days to unpack everything. She was tired and as she looked at her watch, it was almost 11 in the evening "It's too late to unpack more, I better just go to bed" she sighed and found her sleeping-bag. She had to sleep on the floor; she had no bed yet, only her mattress.

Her night in the new apartment was quiet and in the morning she woke up with a smile and a very sore neck. She frowned when her neck gave a small knack when she stretched. It was about nine ó clock; she would be late when she didn't get up now. She walked into the bathroom, the shower looked very inviting. She took some time in there, and when she had dried and dressed, she wanted to have breakfast. Only… she had no food "Maybe I can get some bread and jelly from the neighbour" she thought. She decided it was better than to go hungry to work.

She opened the apartment door and looked outside into the corridor. There was no one there. She walked over to the door in front of hers and knocked. After some time with no response to her knocking, she tried again. Still there was no answer though. A little sign shoved the name of the owner of the apartment "Aha… his name is Chrono Oni huh?" (Oni means Devil in Japanese. I couldn't find a better name DX) suddenly she heard a voice behind her "Oh, good morning dear" it was Margarita "Good morning" Rosette answered with a smile "Are you visiting Chrono? He isn't at home, he will first be here tomorrow evening" she explained "Oh really? Well… could I ask a favour of you then?" "Sure you can dear, what do you need?"

After a very good breakfast at Margarita's place (The old lady had insisted that Rosette ate at her place) Rosette could go to work. The young girl worked as a waitress at a café and she had done that in a couple of month's now, together with some other girls. Their boss was not a very friendly person; he let them work a lot for little money, but it was the only thing Rosette had at the moment to keep her going.

"I would like a cup of coffee and a piece of strawberry pie please" an elderly man with white thin hair and goggles on his eyes ordered "Yes sir, it will be in a minute" the young blonde waitress answered him with a forced smile. The man eyed her with a lusty look "Don't even think about it" she warned him in a threatening manner with a fist clenched and held up for him to see "Or do you want another lump on that half bald skull of yours?" The old man chuckled "But Rosette, how can you treat an old man like this? I didn't do anything… yet" she gave him another blue eyed glare, before she disappeared behind the counter to get his order.

Elder was a regular customer and appeared at the same time every day. The head reason for that though was the young blonde that worked there. He had from the first day she started working there, got a liking on her. She couldn't stand that old geezer. She couldn't turn her back on him for only a second before he would play a perverted prank on her. Every time he did something though, Rosette paid him back with a big lump on his head. Only that seemed to make him like her even more though and it didn't help that her uniform was a white button up blouse with a dark blue, knee long skirt.

She came back with a tray "Here's your stuff and might you choke on a strawberry you perv!" He grinned "Friendly as ever huh Rosey? But if I do choke, would you then give me CPR?" he asked expectantly, she snorted, counted mentally till ten and childishly stuck her tongue out at him, then turned to clean of one of the other tables. Elder looked down on his order, and started to eat the pie. Rosette was relieved when the Elder at last went home "That man is going to make me insane some time soon" she sighed.

A bit time later, the door to the cafeteria opened again and in came a young girl with long silver/purple hair and a pair of almost red eyes "Hello Rosette" she greeted, the blonde turned around with a genuine smile "Hello Azmaria, how are you?" The small girl answered her with a smile of her own "I'm fine thanks, how about you?" Rosette sighed "That old man is so going to get it once" Azmaria laughed, she heard the same story from Rosette, about that old man from her every time she asked.

"How long are you going to be here today?" asked Azmaria "A couple of hours still, why you ask?"

"Oh, nothing… I am just a little bored that's all" the small girl answered "Do you have to work here tomorrow too?" "Yup… my "dear" boss has given me an extra workday" "Poor you" "Yeah… poor me" Azmaria stayed for a little and helped Rosette "Hi Rose, sup?" another waitress yelled as she came through the door "Hey Anna, not much" After Anna had come, Azmaria had to go and waved goodbye.

When Rosette came home that evening, she was full out exhausted. It had been hard work "I really need a new job soon" she sighed. After a long day at work, she used to take a long hot shower and that's where she was going now. The hot water always felt relaxing on her skin and she could also get rid of the smoke stench that clung to her hair and clothes "Why is it allowed to smoke there?" she grumbled. After her shower, she would make her some food and sit in front of the TV in her pajamas and with a blanket draped over her shoulders "Ahh, that's how I like it" she smiled, and watched a movie about some pirates (One of them a very funny one) and a squid man, but it wasn't exactly a children's movie (You know what movie it is? Yes it's POTC) Later that evening, she became so tired, that she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer and decided to go to bed. She had at last made her bed ready for use, but she still needed a whole lot of other stuff.

The next morning, she woke by a knocking on her door. She groaned "Who is up that early?" she asked herself irritated and stood up "Who is it?" she asked loudly as she had walked out to the door "It's me dear, I have brought you some food if you want it" Rosette lighted up into a smile and opened the door "Oh did I wake you up dear?" "No no, it's jake, I just had a long day yesterday, don't worry" Rosette assured the old lady and thanked her for the circumstances "Nothing to talk about" She smiled, and said goodbye "My son and his wife are visiting me today, goodbye dear" "Bye" Rosette waved and went back inside "Now let's see what she has brought us" Margarita was a very kind old lady thought Rosette.

Suddenly she heard a door close from out on the corridor "Oh, my neighbour must have arrived. I greet him later, first a good breakfast" she said and went into the kitchen. She took out a plaid and sat down on her sofa that stood in the middle of the living room. She was about to take a bite from her bread with jelly, when a big sound from the corridor stopped her. It sounded like a giant drum or something and she jumped at the loud sound it made "What the heck was that?" she called out loud.

She opened her front door and discovered the origin of the terrible sound, it came from her neighbour. She walked back inside to dress. After that she approached the opposite door, and knocked. There was no answer from inside, but this time Rosette was sure that he was at home. She knocked one more time "Hello? Open the door please" She called. The "Music" from inside suddenly stopped and she heard footsteps approaching the door. The door was opened, and in the door opening stood a young man in about her age. He had long purple hair that he had pulled back into a ponytail, and his eyes were the colour of rubies "Wauw…" thought Rosette, but after a few small seconds she shook her head, to rid it of the thoughts that appeared in her mind "Who are you?" the young man asked, as she just seemed to stare at him

"Uhm… sorry, but I… would you mind to turn the volume a little down? I would appreciate if you did" she stuttered involuntarily blushing when she felt his gaze on her. He was a bit bigger than she was, so she had to look up at him "Oh really?" he asked, Rosette nodded "Yes I have just moved in, and I… don't wanna loose my hearing" the young man shifted as his one foot became tired "Well we can't have that, can we?" he said with a smirk "Here I give you a good advice-" he began and Rosette leaned in a bit to hear what he had to say "If you don't like my music, you can either buy some earplugs or you can move away, that's as easy as it is okay?" "WHAT?" she felt her blood start to boil, how could that guy just… just… Grrrrrr "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU CAN'T JUST –" She was stopped midsentence "Well, If you don't like any of that, you just have to live with it" he said with a smile "Bye" then he closed the door again, and let her stand alone on the stairway. "Grrrrrr… what a jerk" she said to herself and felt how she slowly turned red from anger. She returned back into her own apartment "I shall show that impudent arse what it means to challenge me" she grumbled. Chrono now had a biiiiig storm coming.

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