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Rosette and Chrono were restless; Aion had been in there for a half an hour now "Do you think he'll make it through?" Rosette asked and was pulled closer by Chrono "I'm sure" he whispered and kissed her cheek.

A nurse appeared in the door and wanted to go by the couple, but Chrono stopped her "How is he?" he asked nervously and the nurse gave them a sad look "It's very critical at the moment, we fear that if it goes on like this, he'll not make it" she told them "But the doctors are doing their best, I promise you" then she left and disappeared through another door.

"Critical?" Rosette whispered fearful and held him closer. Chrono whispering sweetly in her ear, even though he was as fearful as her.

Another nurse came towards them "Miss, Sir, the operation will take some time, how about you went down into the cafeteria and got something to eat and drink?" she offered.

Chrono looked at Rosette "I'm kinda hungry love" he said "Let's eat something and get back here" (Yea… I just got me a muffin cause I was hungry heheh -.-)

She nodded "Okay" making him smile "That's my girl" he said and got up. They walked down the hallway and into a big room where people could order food and something to drink; they found a table where they sat down.

Chrono walked up and ordered some sandwiches, then sat back down beside Rosette "Here love, I brought you something" he said with a smile "And I got you some desert as well" he added, his smile turning into a smirk.

"Desert? Where is the desert?" she asked and looked at the food he had got, there was no desert there though "The desert is right here" he said and leaned in and kissed her. She pulled away "I thought desert comes after the real food"

"Not this time love" he grinned and started eating. They sat and ate for a while, but then thought it was about time to get back up to the OP room.

Chrono pulled her closer again as soon as they had sat down "Sooo… no double portion desert?" he asked playfully "No, first when we arrive home and Aion got over the operation" Rosette told him and snuggled further into his arms "I'll remember that then" he smirked.

Even though they both acted as if they were in a good mood, they were still worried deep down. Rosette waited frantically for the next nurse to ask about Aion's condition.

Rosette got up from her seat, not able to keep sitting down anymore, she sighed "This is taking so long" she murmured, making Chrono chuckle "It really is" he replied and got up as well "But we have to be patient"

"I know…"

Suddenly she was rambled into by a little blonde boy, and she ended on the floor "Ouch dammit" she cursed and looked at the person who had run into her. The little boy sat on the floor as well; rubbing his head "Sorry Miss" he said and got to his feet "Don't you know it's forbidden to run around in a hospital?" she scolded.

But all of a sudden, the boy had run behind her, hiding from a nurse coming their way.

"Joshua… Joshua where are you?" the nurse called, but the little boy pulled Rosette in front of him, hiding further.

Chrono was pulled in front of him too "Please don't tell her where I am" the little boy pleaded and made the couple blink at him "Okay" whispered Chrono with a wink.

"Excuse me Miss, did you see a little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes run in your direction?" the nurse asked, irritation audible in her voice, but before Rosette could answer her, Chrono broke in and said "No, I'm sorry we can't help you"

Rosette threw him a glare, but he only kissed her on the lips. The nurse continuing her search, calling the boys name.

"Chrono… we should tell the nurse he is here, he is obviously a patient as well" Rosette scolded, but that just earned her another kiss "Eww" Chrono heard the little boy, whose name obviously was Joshua say.

"It's not that gross when you've got used to it, am I right love?" Chrono smirked, but the only answer he became from her was a slap.

She looked down at the boy and asked him why he had run away from the nurse "She wants to give me the needle" he said "I hate needles"

Chrono laughed "Yea, I know what you mean" but shut up when Rosette glared at him, he cleared his throat "Uhm… I mean… that's ridiculous, needles aren't as bad as people think, I have gotten them thousands of times and I never could even feel it"

"R-Really?" Joshua asked amazed "Really" Chrono smiled, then leaned down and whispered "And when you get bigger, you'll find out that kissing isn't that bad either, okay?"

Joshua grinned "Really?"

"Really" Chrono smiled even more, when the little boy walked over to Rosette and looked up at her "Hey Miss?" he called and made Rosette look at him "Yes?" she said and waited for Joshua to speak "The man told me kissing is good, could you let me try?"

"Let… you… try?" Rosette squeaked and threw another glare in Chrono's direction "Why you…" she growled to him, but he just laughed at her expression.

The little boy blinked "Is something wrong?" he asked, Rosette shook her head "Uhm… no… nothing is wrong… but promise me one thing, if I give you a kiss, you'll go back to the nurse, okay"

Joshua nodded. Rosette wasn't going to kiss him on the lips though, so she just leaned down and gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

"Hmm… maybe I'll get used to it sometimes" Joshua said, then smiled and ran off "Bye bye" he called back to them and disappeared the way he came.

When he was gone, Rosette went over to the still laughing Chrono and gave him a hard slap on his arm "Ouch, what was that for again?" Chrono asked pouting, but Rosette glared at him "For making a little boy think about kissing… he is far too young for that, maybe he'll grow up as a pervert now"

"Come on, tomorrow he'll have forgotten it all" Chrono defended himself "Grrr…"

Their little quarrel was interrupted by another nurse though coming out from the OP room "Uhm… excuse me?" she called and made the couple stop arguing "I have news about Mr. Aion Oni…-" she began.

Rosette coming closer to her "W-What news?" she asked, the nervousness returning full force, together with her fear.

"The young nurse looked at them and answered "The operation has been very critical, and we lost him there for a few minutes… we were able to revive him though-" Rosette and Chrono sighed relieved "But… he won't be able to use his legs for a while though, and we have to keep him here for another few weeks, he is very weak"

"Will he get fully healed?" asked Chrono and laid a hand on Rosette's shoulder

"I'm going to be honest with you… we're not sure about that, the operation prevented it to get worse, but we don't know if he was admitted too late to the hospital… the sickness could spread very fast and maybe it will spread even more even though he has been through the operation"

"What do you mean?" Rosette felt Chrono tighten his grip on her shoulder

"Well, it was a serious illness and we are not sure if the illness will get better now, or worse… we can't do anything else than watch him carefully from now on"

Chrono nodded "The real thing now is he survived the operation, now he just has to survive the next few weeks" a single tear flowed down his cheek.

Rosette pulled him into a hug "C-Can we go and see him?" she asked the nurse, but she shook her head "He is sleeping for now, let him rest till tomorrow"

They both nodded and then headed towards the entrance "I'm happy he is still alive" Rosette whispered "Me too" Chrono whispered back.

They both got into the bus and drove home. Rosette was invited to eat at Chrono's place. They both sat on the couch, each with a cup placed in front of them on the table. They didn't say anything, but suddenly Chrono remembered something.

He turned a smirk towards the blonde "What are you up to?" she asked when she saw his expression.

"I just remembered something very important" Chrono said, his smirk widening

"And what was that?" she asked

"Well…" he leaned closer to her "There was the thing before we went off to the hospital you know?"

"What was before that?"

Chrono's smirk widened even more "Do the words "Snuggle later" make you remember?" he leaned even closer "And do the words "Double portion when we come home" make you remember?"

"Oh no you don't, we don't have time for that… what about dinner?" his face moved slowly closer to hers though "Dinner can wait" he closed the last centimetres between them and locked her lips in a passionate kiss. She wanted to pull away, but this time Chrono wouldn't let her though, she was not allowed to escape this time.

The days afterwards went good, they visited Aion.

Aion was feeling better though and the doctors said it was a good sign. Rosette was happy that his illness developed in the good way, she was sure he would be all healed soon.

Chrono had been happier since then too, he often talked with Aion in the telephone after Aion had left the hospital.

Rosette and Chrono moved into one apartment, even though Rosette wasn't that happy at first "I will get used to him…" she thought and sighed once.

But after all was over, nothing much happened, except for, they were now much happier than they were before.

"Snuggle" Chrono pleaded once more and Rosette just sighed "Sometimes I'll get used to him…maybe in a week, a month or maybe a year"

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