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It started out so simple. Just a normal hunt. A few demons wanted some virgin blood and they were going to stop them. Lauren, Sam and Dean. Easy as pie. But that's not how it turned out. It turned into the worst nightmare any of them have ever had to go through.

They entered the temple where the demons were keeping the two girls they had, armed and ready to go. The girls were tethered to the wall, scared out of their wits. They were Sam's job. Get the girls and get them safe. Lauren and Dean would distract the demons and deal with them accordingly. Simple enough...right? They thougth so too.

"Well well well what do we have here?" The "head" demon asked as they entered. "The two Winchesters. Oh and you brought a friend." He said in a mock-sweet voice.

"In the flesh." Dean said. "We thought we'd stop by and send you and your goons back to hell." Lauren cocked her gun.

"I think that's a great idea." She said. "What do you think Sam?" She smirked.

"I think it's the best idea Dean's ever had." He said, jaw set. The "head" demon laughed.

"Oh that's lovely, you think you're going to kill us? I think not. You see we were expecting you." He grinned. They heard movement behind them and turned. About ten demons were behind them, smiling maliciously. "Sick 'em boys." The demons tackled them, knocking their guns away. It took five of them to get Dean and he was still kicking ther ass.

"Get...the hell...off me!" He yelled, punching the nearest demon. Lauren was thrown across the room, cutting her head. She got back and charged at the same demon, who punched her and knocked her down.

"You bastard!" Dean yelled.

Sam was on the ground, a demon sitting on his back and holding his hands, another gripping his hair.

Two grabbed Dean's arms and held him fast. Another came up and punched his stomach several times, knocking the wind out of him. He looked over at Sam, who was struggling against his captors, his hands were bound behind his back. "Get the hell away from my brother!" Dean yelled. The demon punched him, cutting his cheek.

Lauren was thrown against another wall, crying out as she did so. Dean's arms were forced behind his back and tied together. He struggled to stand up but the demon forced him down again.

"Let go of me ASSHOLE!" He bellowed. The "head" demon smirked and they were all forced against a wall. Dean's lip was bleeding and he cast a hateful glance toward the demons. Sam's nose was dripping red, he tried desperately to free himself from the wall. Lauren's head was bleeding and she seemed more hurt than the rest of them.

"I've waited a long time to test the strength of the Winchesters." Head demon said. "And now I have my chance. I'm going to take my time with breaking you two." He turned to Lauren. "And then there's you my psychic friend." He said, grabbing her face. "You will suffer in a different way I assure you that." He grinned coldly. Lauren jerked her head away from the demon.

"Shut up bitch." She spat. The demon grabbed her face again. Dean fought against the barrier holding him to the wall, desperate to reach Lsuren.

"You will pay for that." He said. He let her go and walked over to Sam and Dean. "You two are in for hell. And I do mean that." The boys fell off the wall, Lauren stayed. "Say goodbye to each other, this is the last time you'll ever see each other...well...at least for some." He grinned. Lauren looked in Dean's eyes, a silent I love you passing between them.

"Let me go asshole!" Sam bellowed to the demon holding him. Head demon kicked him in the stomach.

"HEY!" Dean yelled.

"Goodbye Lauren." Head demon smiled coldly.

"Dean!" Lauren yelled, before her head flew into the wall behind her sending her into darkness.

"LAUREN!" Dean screamed. "LAUREN!"

Lauren woke hours later on the stone floor of the temple. Her whole body hurt, blood trickled down her forehead. The place was completely empty, Dean and Sam nowhere in sight.

"Dammit." She groaned. Fear jumping into her throat. She dug her phone out of her pocket. "Maggs." She said into the reciever.

"Lauren what's wrong?" Maggie asked, sensing her friends worry.

"It's Sam, and Dean. They're gone."

"What happened?" Lauren told her as fast as she could. "Oh my god." Maggie said.

"Maggs they're in for hell. And there's nothing I can do to stop it."

"Lauren calm down where are you?" Lauren rattled off the address trying to hide the physical distress she was in. "Hang on I'm comin to get you."

Sam opened his eyes and immediately wished he hadn't. He was freezing, it was dark, and he wasn't alone. Dean was chained to the wall opposite him, his arms above his head and passed out. Sam's arm were above his head as well.

Why is it so cold? He wondered, still groggy. He looked down at himself and got his answer, he and hsi brother were both naked. He pulled at the shackles above his wrists, trying to free himself, he found the act impossible.

"Mnn," Dean moaned, lifting his head. "I feel like I got hit by a bus." He said. He looked up and squinted. "Sammy?"

"Yeah Dean." Sam said. Dean's head fell.

"Great." He said. They heard a door open and squinted against the sudden light.

"Hello boys." It was the head demon from the temple. "Comfortable I hope." He said, chuckling. Dean scowled.

"Shut up bitch." He said. The demon smirked.

"Actually my name is Edward and I would just like to say, welcome to hell boys."

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