This chapter will be in Italics.

Four Years Ago:

Amadahy Uzumati was on her father's boat with Ziva David when he blew the boat up. He had tried to kill her & Ziva. But Ziva was quicker then most people. She jumped off the boat, into the water. But when she realized Amadahy hadn't jumped off, she went back to the boat, climbed on & grabbed the girl, then jumped back off the boat. It was then that she saw the bullet hole in the girls' shoulder and the bump on her head.

Ziva David swam for shore & was picked up by the Coast Guard. Both were taken to the hospital. After a thorough examination, Ziva was released from the hospital. But Amadahy was kept a couple more days for observation. For the next couple weeks, Ziva kept in contact with Amadahy, but then the girl dropped off the radar after being sent into Foster Care.

Ziva went on with her life. She became an Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigation Services & forgot about Amadahy.