The Hospital Part 1:

At The House:

"Get the paramedics in here now!" Gibbs yelled.

Mr. Palmer was downstairs within a matter of seconds yelling for the paramedics. Ziva helped Ducky roll Lazzlo onto her back.

"My God, what did they do to her?" McGee asked.

"She must have been hiding in her room when her family was murdered. We'll know more once the doctors have been able to look her over. Let's let the paramedics take over now." Gibbs stated.

"Take her to Bethesda Naval hospital. We'll be able to check in on her there." Ducky said.

"That's where we were going to take her anyways. Her uncles a Lt. in the Navy, he's the one that called it in. him and his family came over to take the girl out to dinner and noticed the front door open. Her uncle came in, saw what had happened and called it in. Specifically asked that NCIS take the case, seeing as it involved family," one of the paramedics stated.

"Well that's always nice to know." Tony said.


Lazzlo was taken to Bethesda's Naval Hospital and immediately to surgery. She was in surgery for ten hours before anyone knew anything. But by then the NCIS team had figured out that her uncle really wasn't her uncle, but a family friend. Ziva and Tony were stationed at the hospital and were to call Gibbs and Director Shepard when Lazzlo woke up. Lazzlo's belongings: her backpack with her laptop and camera inside and her IPod were with Ziva. Once Lazzlo woke up, they would be given back to her. Ziva had volunteered staying at the hospital until Lazzlo woke up, not telling her team why she wanted to stay. Tony and the rest of the team had seen the resemblance between Lazzlo and Ziva but had said nothing about it.

Two hours later, while in the recovery room, Lazzlo woke up, in pain, but confused. The last thing she had remembered was her brothers' desperate plea for her to run for help. She had blacked out seconds after her bedroom door had been opened. A nurse came over to see how she was doing and gave her some water, then went to get the doctor…