Italics will be Arena's hazy thoughts

Italics will be Arena's hazy thoughts.

The Hospital:

Arena could hear the doctors talking, but for some reason, they are talking among themselves. She can barely feel her legs, let alone say anything. She remembers little of what happened. She can barely breathe. Her eyes are blurry & she can't move her legs. Her memory keeps going back to the warm house she'd been in only an hour before. Or was it more than an hour? She feels someone step on her hand & moans. Then all of a sudden, someone is screaming something in an accent. She's being lifted onto something soft, her neck is being supported. She knows nothing more until she wakes up in the hospital.

Someone is looking down at her, asking her a question. Her mouth is dry as she tries to answer. Nothing, she licks her lips & tries again. Still nothing; she's given some water & it helps a little. The question is repeated.

"Can you tell us your name, honey?" the doctor is asking.

"My name is Arena. Where am I?"

"You're at County General. Do you know what happened?"

"I just got done doing my extra credit for school. The football game just ended. My dad was drunk. I don't remember anything after he came after me with his belt. But I do remember somebody stepping on my hand."

"Sorry, that was me. You were buried under a pile of snow, I didn't see you. How are you feeling?" Dr. Kovac asked.

"My legs hurt & my arm is killing me. Who are you?"

"My name is Dr. Kovac and this is Dr. Weaver. Can you tell us where you live so we can contact your folks?"

"Didn't you just hear me? My dad did this to me."

"And he'll be arrested for it. But what about your mum?" Dr. Kovac asked.

"My mom's in Alaska until tomorrow. She left early this morning to visit her sister. She won't be back until tonight sometime. How long was I out there, in the snow?"

"We were wondering if you could tell us that. Get some rest; we'll be back in later to check on you. Chuni, get me or Luca if anything changes." Dr. Weaver stated.