"Edward," I whispered , my breathing loud and steady as I lay there- perfectly content - waiting for him to bite me. " I love you; but please hurry up, the suspense is killing me." Edward muttered something along the lines of 'Soon it wont be the suspense that's killing you.' But I didn't care, even Edwards heart shattering remarks about killing me and taking my soul couldn't dampen my spirits today. Edward had to change me; it was part of the compromise. And I was ready.

I felt Edward moving beside me - it was midday in the clearing now, Edward's skin was shimmering in the few streaks of sunlight that we slipping through the clouds, needless to say, he looked more like a statue made of diamond than a husband. My husband. I smiled, looking first at Edward, and then the delicate gold ring that sat on the 3rd finger of my left hand. Where I knew it would remain for the rest of eternity.

I was snapped out of my daze by Edwards lips, softly pressing against mine for the last time in my human life.

"Bella," he breathed, his lips hovering millimetres from mine. "Calm down, im not going to change my mind, but please be patient. I love you, and im so so very sorry for doing this to you."

Pain flashed across his butterscotch eyes as his lips travelled slowly down the contours of my face, pausing at my neck.

I felt him bite into my skin, the sharp pain making me wince but Edward continued to linger there, putting as much venom into me as possible. I bite down on my bottom lip, resisting the urge to scream. I knew it was the last thing Edward would want to hear at the moment.

Finally, Edward pulled away. I knew it was a matter of seconds before the burning would start and I struggled back my screams.

"E..Ed..Edward," I said, wincing after each sound only increase the pain. "stay with me." Suddenly I began to feel the unpleasant burning sensation fill my veins. I cried out, unable to keep Edward from hearing my pain. I was clinging to the edge of consciousness as I looked round desperately for his face.

But before I could find it, the pain overcame me, and everything went black.