"It was a time of conflict, of unstinting tyranny and tragic loss. And heroes…"

- Fleetmaster Vtan 'Arume, "Reflections on the Crassus Campaign - A History."

Fifty years later, Horizon is left barren, a monument to those who had fallen. The streets no longer ring with the sound of gunfire, or the screams of the dying.

A statue, carved by the renowned artist Sarah Jennings herself, commemorates the heroes who took a stand and made the ultimate sacrifice. The statute is of a Sangheili, a long-running scar running across his face, a spear in his hand. His feet are planted astride the ruins of the Northern Gate, where so many had given their lives. His head, tilted upward in defiance, is confident in his own immortality. His hand beckons up towards the stars, as though daring all would-be tyrants and killers to come, and try their hands again.

Inscribed on the base of the plinth is a message, carved in the script of the Sangheili people.

A translation is provided underneath.

It reads:

"Go, passer-by, and tell the universe

That we perished in the cause,

Faithful to our orders."

After the conflict:

Flight Officer David Perry left the Navy service soon after Earth-based hostilities ended, where he went on to set up his own shipping company, the now famous Zuka Express. He eventually married Elaina "Strongarm" Santos, and had two children, both of whom later enlisted in UNSC the Navy.

Administrator Amanda Jennings became a notable politician, and a representative for the Displaced Persons Alliance, a prominent political faction in the aftermath of the war. A keen humanitarian and a vocal spokesperson for Human-Sangheili cooperation, some of her speeches on the subject are popular among political-science students, even to this day.

Sarah Jennings, famous across the galaxy for her vivid paintings, children's stories and detailed histories in equal measure, went on to publish a number of illustrated accounts of the Human-Covenant War, including "Spartans: Turning the Tide", "Mgalekgolo and Me: An Illustrated Fable", and "The Crassus Campaign - A History", upon which the majority of this account is based. All of these works are available at your local library.

Staff Sergeant Brendan Murphy was decorated with the UNSC Medal of Honour in recognition for his actions in the defence of the colony, and continued to serve in the armed forces until his retirement in 2586. A highly decorated officer, he and his fire team fought in a number of notable conflicts after the Crassus Campaign, including the notorious incident involving Project ARROWHEAD, the details of which remain strictly classified, pending ONI approval [FURTHER INFO REDACTED BY REQUEST].

Major Gregor Abelev collapsed soon after rescue arrived for the people of Crassus, his constitution having been irreparably damaged through an unprecedented intake of combat stimulants. Confined to a hospital bed for much of his declining years, he continued to play an active role in military affairs, lecturing extensively on his war-time experiences.

After his death in 2571, Senator Jennings and the Horizon Veteran's Committee had a plaque dedicated to his memory. It, along with his shotgun, Old Reliable, is on display in the Interstellar War Museum in Melbourne, Australia.

Bralterakus became a ruthless warlord for one of the ascending Hierarchs, the Prophet of Succession. His war fleets and daring raids continued to plague mankind for many years, leading well into the late 2550's and culminating in the Battle of Orion VI.

As for Vtan 'Arume and his surviving Elites, well, that's another tale entirely…