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She found him in the back corner of the bar. He was next to three empty bottles of vodka; there was no glass. His cigar was smoldering in an ashtray and he was staring intently at the past. She put her hand on his shoulder and jumped slightly when he spun to face her, his claws extended and a hair's breadth from her throat. "What?" he demanded.

"You need to come back with me."


"You know where. Have you paid?" She ignored the deadly claws and gestured towards the empty bottles. She held his eyes with her own, finally he pulled back his claws and answered.


"All right then. Let's go." She turned and without checking to see if he was behind her she left the bar. He grabbed his cigar and followed her. "Not in my car." He glared at her but she refused to relent, he glared at her but put it out and tucked it in his pocket.

He got in the backseat and laid down while she started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. They were driving for only ten minutes before he felt the car come to a stop and he was jarred from his stupor to find he was sobering up. He was struggling to sit up and swearing.

"Logan." She said tentatively. He stopped to look at her, she wasn't the tentative type anymore, hadn't been since her mutation had returned. "How much did you drink?"

"Three and a half bottles I think." He wasn't exactly sure, it usually took that much alcohol to overtake his healing abilities and get him good and drunk. He drank vodka because it was the least offensive to his sense of smell, at least, on the way in.

"How long does it last?" He had no idea what she was getting at.

"Couple hours maybe, I usually try to be asleep before it wears off." She had interrupted him before he'd gotten to his last two bottles so he was only just drunk, not very drunk.

"I think I can make it last longer." She told him, turning to see his face. He just stared at her for a long time before answering.


"Do you trust me?" He nodded after a very brief moment. "Not here, back at the mansion." He sighed and nodded. She re-started the car and in ten more minutes they were at their destination. She led the way and went straight to his room. He followed much more steadily than anyone else would have in such a state.

She sat on the bed and he sat next to her, she took his face in her hands and he closed his eyes, not exactly sure what was coming but also sure he wasn't going to enjoy it. He was right.

He felt the pull of her powers but it was different than the other times, it wasn't a full blast rush but a directed flow. She let go and he felt drained, then the alcohol overtook his healing abilities and he felt very drunk. So drunk he barely noticed the girl stagger to her feet and leave.

In the morning he felt slightly hung-over, something he hadn't felt in years. Not since the last time Rogue had drained him. He went looking for her. He found her in her bedroom, still asleep, he knocked but went right in.

"Leave me alone." She mumbled from under her pillow.

"Did you have anything to drink last night?" He asked her, he could smell the stale alcohol on her.

"No, you did."

"You got my hang-over?"

"Yes, now fuck off." He frowned at her language but didn't reply. He went to the kitchen for a bottle of Powerade, which he placed just inside her door before looking for breakfast.