The Robber in The Den

The Robber in The Den

Gaara is an author of Japan's greatest mystery and horror stories. One of his top fans is a robber named Naruto Uzumachi. Naruto needs some cash to bail his best friend Sasuke Uchiha out of jail, so where will he find 1000 dollars lying around? Gaara Sabaku's house that's where...

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The sound of sirens was heard threw Naruto's head as he ran out the back door, which he came in, threw. He carried the sack of cash and jewels in his left hand and held his right in front of him as he took off towards the forest just behind the fence, of the large three-story building. "Did they catch Sasuke?" he wondered as he ran taking off his mask and throwing back his hood and jumped into a small black sports car. No one would have seen if they were just walking by it was hidden behind a dark building that hid it very well. He climbed in and waited for Sasuke to catch up, for an hour he sat in the car waiting. Nothing. No Sasuke. Where was he why didn't he catch up like he usually did? They caught him was all he thought as he sat there tapping on the stirring wheel. Tap, tap, tap was all he heard as he waited; another hour passed it was eleven o'clock at night. No Sasuke, not five minutes later his phone went off RIIIINNNGGG!! He jumped out of his skin almost. He didn't recognize the number, but something told him to answer. "Hello?" he answered.

"N-Naruto I-I I'm in jail they caught me robbing the house that I was robbing... I-I I need you to pick me up and b-b-bail me out of here... please Naruto I need your help today please." said the scared voice of Sasuke.

"I-I-I was so scared about what happened to you tonight and that you might get hurt. I'll see what I can do. Do you want me to come over there now? I can if you really need to see me right now," said Naruto.

"N-n-no I think I can wait until tomorrow, but First thing in the morning," said Sasuke.

"I'll be there as soon as I can tomorrow what time is best and where is it??" asked Naruto anxiously. /

"It's the Konoha jail I-I I don't know Naruto, I guess not to early but around noon," said Sasuke.

"Alright I'll see you tomorrow, you're sure you don't want just to see me and talk to me tonight I can stop by. It's not to hard for me to get there," said Naruto.

"No, no, no you are probably tired and want to rest. I can wait, so seriously tomorrow." said Sasuke.

"Alright g'bye then." He said.

"G'bye Naruto I hope you are fine I'll make it threw the night at least." said Sasuke.

"Alright I love you Sasuke I hope you are ok when I see you tomorrow." Said Naruto.

"Alright, yeah you to. G'bye" click finished Sasuke in a hurried voice.

Naruto closed his phone, sighed and drove home. "Sasuke will never admit that the problem is as big as it really is." thought Naruto sitting at a stop light. He looked around in the car next to him and saw it was a sleek Portia.

He saw into the window was a guy he had the window rolled down with a cigarette in his hand and was taking a long drag. Naruto didn't relised it was his favorite author sitting in the drivers seat with the cigarette in-between his lips.

"I need a joint..." he thought just watching him drag just on a cigarette gave him the urge to smoke. He closed his eyes then opened and hit the accelerator and off the brake and finished his way home.

He walked threw the door and began to search Sasuke's room for any weed any amount which he knew he had he always did. Naruto smoked every now and then, he usually always had some hidden somewhere, either behind the top of his speaker or in the freezer, but right now he knew he was out, nothing there was for him to do.

"JACKPOT!" He said, with a smile. He rolled a nice sized one and lit it up in his room. He lie on his bed and sighed he was high, soaring'. He usually got high after he robbed a house it made him feel like a criminal and made him not think about what he did. When he finished he grinned a goofy grin and said "Yup I better get rid of this." The butt of the joint was out and still in his hand, and he was out of this world asleep.

Two Hours Later

Naruto woke up with his head throbbing a bit he didn't mind right now. Right now the only thing one his mind was to get rid of any evidence there was ever any sort of drugs in side that house. Since just before then he had used the rest of Sasuke's weed he cleaned all the butts of joints in both him and Sasuke's room. He was smart and threw them in the neighibors trashcan. Since it was one in the morning he knew they wouldn't mind.

A total of two hours had past and the house was completely empty of weed, pot, whatever you want to call it, it was gone. The house usually smelt of it slightly, but now it smelt of lemon because of the Oust (R) he had used in the house. He had done the small amount of laundry he owned that smelt of it and made it smell of detergent and the whole house smelt fresh and looked as though a couple of harmless kids lived there.

No druggies, no robbers lived in the house. The bag from earlier was thrown in one of his drawers and emptied so it looked as though all of the stuff had belonged there. There were a total of maybe one hundred dollars and not too much more. He had stolen maybe five gold chain necklace and two gold rings and a third that was a fake. This would get him maybe five hundred if he went to the right pawnshop. He needed most likely one thousand dollars just to get Sasuke out of jail. He needed to pay the few bills he hadn't played, that would take the five hundred right there, and working at an Ice Cream shop didn't pay to well...

He passed out asleep right after he finished everything. His alarm on his phone went off at eight thirty in the morning it vibrated in his phone and he jumped off the couch. "AHHHH, I didn't do it!!" he shouted. As he jumped off the couch. He looked around then pulled his phone out of his pocket looked at the clock. 8:31 am, "Oh wow, it's early," he said yawning. He walked to his room and went to find some clothes. He walked in to his closet and grabbed a pair of neon orange baggy cargo style pants that were fitted only at the waist and the rest was really baggy. Dropping the pants he had been wearing before on the floor. Then he pulled them up buttoned and zipped them up and went back to the closet and looked for the right shirt. With these pants he needed something with fishnets. He looked and found his favorite black beater and a long sleeve fishnet top to match. "Well let's see how big the mess is with Sasuke." He said as he applied the jet-black eyeliner and mascara.

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