There was no room for pity in the Decepticon forces. This, Starscream was constantly reminded. After every failure and screw up, there came pleas and begs for mercy. None of which were ever answered with pity- only rage and sadistic satisfaction.

Tonight, Megatron seemed to be feeling extra generous. He threw the air commander onto the metallic floor, recieving an almost inaudible whimper. Starscream always tried to mask his pain through the beatings; trying his hardest not to give his almighty leader the pleasure of hearing him scream. This, however, only increased Megatron's bloodlust.

The larger bot bent down and hauled Starscream up by his wings, leaving dents on either side. The flier gritted his teeth in an attempt to muffle the groan aching in his throat. A ghost of a smile played upon Megatron's lip components, seeing his second squirm.

They had just gotten off duty; both caked with dirt and dried energon from some unnamed Autobots that had been so unlucky as to cross their path. It had been a quick kill, not enough to quench Megatron's thirst for screams. And then Starscream had said something. Megatron couldn't even remember if it was more less than helpful critisism or just some sarcastic remark, but the deed had been done. That shrill voice had spiked his intrest and before the second could even file the encounter away in his memory banks, Megatron had his jugular in his grasp. The deathly grip tightened, the more Starscream struggled against its hold.

Of course, Megatron had released him just in time and ordered him to get repaired. He always disliked playing with already broken toys.

But now, Starcream was damaged not by the hands of some wondering Autobots, but by Megatron himself. And that made all the diffrence.

"Speak," commanded the Decepticon Lord, forcing Starscream against the wall. The flier's feet dangled as his master lifted him higher by his scruff, "Speak!"

With no answer, Megatron struck, ripping and shredding the wires connecting to the his shoulder. Bolts popped, metal bended, and Starscream's energon sprayed across Megatron's silver casing. The sound of Starscream's arm clanging to the floor was soon accompanied by a blood-curdling scream. There was no holding back now, as Starscream's whole body was consumed in agony. Megatron threw him to the side and watched as the seeker doubled over in pain.

Oh, how he sang! Those screams echoed through his audios, pleasing him as he basked in his second's cries. He stood over him, looking on as Starscream rocked back and forth, running his vocals dry.

But all good things must come to an end, as Megatron had learned from all their past experiances. When Starscream's pain had died down into numbness, and the cries and screams reduced into whimpers and sobs; Megatron was left wanting more. This is when he would realize that his thirst for the screams would never be satisfied.

Oh well, there was always next time.


Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers, if I did Optimus Prime would've shot Hot Rod with Megatron.