It was a perfectly rainy day when L sat in his comfortably awkward position, staring at the computer screen, searching for more information.

He sat and waited.

He waited and searched.

Munching on bon-bons for energy, he stared blankly at the computer screen. He knew Light was the Kira, but he didn't have enough factual, sense-making information to prove it. He hated Light for being Kira, his enemy, but, in a way, Light was a friend. L hated his friend, and knew that with enough evidence, he could kill his beloved foe.

Misa, too, was a darling rival. Innocent and cute on the outside, but a false empty being, an imposter, a betrayer on the inside. As she was the second Kira, she would have to be taken care of as Light would be handled, eventually. But what could he find out that would further push the accusation of being Kira to Light?

He could easily do anything to Light because he was the Kira, but lacking proof, it could very well be a suspicion. He didn't want to be all mouth and no trousers, so he was cornered into searching for more clues that would point to Light.

For the first time in all of his life, he closed his eyes and willingly turned form the screen. Did he need research, or did he need to simply piece together information that he already had? Did he need to find more information in order to piece the data together?

He then chuckled at all of the thought he just put into the case, at his interest in it, at himself. He had a million lives on his shoulders, as did the Kira, and they both had the power to save or to kill any and every one of those existences. Somehow, he was a god, having so many lives in the palms of his bony hands. Somehow, he was a troll, crouched in darkness, busy at work, never sleeping, never laughing. Somehow, everyone loved him for being so smart and determined with the case. Somehow, nobody cared for him, as he was, compared to the Kira's killing rate, fast to conclude suspicions and slow to finish the case itself.

Still smiling, L returned to the screen and searched.